Azusa Pacific University

Avid S6 M10-16-5

“The first benefit of the S6 is its compatibility and seamless integration with ProTools. At APU we have a post production lab with 15-20 ProTools rigs. In our Sound Design class we break up the sound workload (foley, ADR, Dialog Editing, SFX, etc) of our advanced film projects, and student groups create stems that go to the dub stage. Sometimes we are pushing 80-100 tracks, which is pretty significant for an undergraduate program. We created a 7.1 surround template within the ProTools session that is connected to the S6. This allows us to quickly bring in all the stems (saving premix, EQ, Dynamics settings etc.) and start mixing within minutes. Another benefit of the S6 is how elegantly it handles 7.1. Surround locating and panning tools are very well thought out and students are surprised how quickly they become confident in the surround environment."

-Jesse Negron, Assistant Professor, Post Production School of Visual and Performing Arts