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ASC Nano AttackWall Starter - Desktop Acoustic Environment
ASC Nano AttackWall Starter - Desktop Acoustic Environment

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PRICE: $2,095.00

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ASC Nano AttackWall Starter - Desktop Acoustic Environment

A portable, modular, mini AttackWall acoustic environment that easily recreates world-class studio acoustics on your desktop.

The ASC Nano AttackWall Desktop Acoustic Environment takes all the features of the world-famous ASC AttackWall and shrinks it down into a portable desktop package. The Nano AttackWall Starter Kit includes six custom-designed, desktop NanoTraps and provides a solid studio acoustics platform for mixing and mastering audio. Experience the acoustic benefits of Vertical Mode Control, Early Side/Front Reflection Control, and Acoustic Soffit Loading for Nearfield Monitors with this popular Nano AttackWall configuration.

The Nano AttackWall consistently produces the most amazingly clear sonic space you'll ever work in. It produces a reliable, repeatable, and accurate sonic space in which to track, mix, and master, regardless of room or speaker system. The best part is that it's extremely portable, and requires no construction or nailing into the wall, so you can take it with you when you move or work in another studio.

Available in a variety of custom colors to match your studios decor.

For even more acoustic isolation, the Nano AttackWall can be paired with isoAcoustic monitor stands or isoAcoustics ISO-PUCKS.

ASC Nano AttackWall Standard Kit Features

  • Includes (6) NanoTraps
  • Small footprint, desktop acoustic environment
  • Any Room, Any Studio, Perfect Repeatability
  • Portable and Convenient World Class Control Room
  • Infinite Setup Possibilities, get as many or as few tubes as you need
  • Acoustic Soffit Loading for Nearfield Monitors, Just Like a Downtown Studio
  • Engineered for Performance by Art Noxon and Sam Lynn

ASC Nano AttackWall Specs

  • 6.125" Diameter and 20" Tall
  • Weight: 52oz
  • DC Flow Resistance: 460 Rayls mks
  • DC Resistivity: 2300 Ohms (acoustic)

NanoTrap Construction

The NanoTrap like all TubeTraps, is a fiber sealed sound trap, but it's tall and narrow so it's easy to setup without taking up too much space on your desktop. It sits on a wide soft-rubber ring and steel counter weight for increased stability, making sure it stays where you put it. The NanoTrap is 6" in diameter and 20" tall. A chamber in the top adds wide band resonant absoption in the octave of middle C. Its shell is double wall welded diamond perf stainless steel inside of which is an acoustically transparent low flow resistance folded seal. The assembly is sonically dead all the way around.

The Repeatable Mixing Environment

The Nano AttackWall is made up of custom desktop NanoTraps, a versatile acoustic tool created by ASC specifically for the recording studio. The NanoTrap is designed to be treble and bass range absorptive, which creates a perfect acoustic environment around the mix position, eliminating reflections, buildup or any other sounds of the room.

Portable and Powerful

By wrapping NanoTraps tightly around the edges of the workstation desk, the Nano AttackWall control booth is formed. In the treble range, this Nano AttackWall booth eliminates undesirable early reflections. In the bass range, the drivers become wall loaded and decoupled from the room modes. Engineers love the level of detail and specifically the imaging they can get within the Nano AttackWall. They hear sounds that couldn’t be heard before, even in some of the world’s biggest studios.

Record Anywhere, with Big Studio Results

The Nano AttackWall loads bass just like the built-in mains found in a downtown studio. NanoTraps fit tight to the sides of the speaker to create a corner-loading short horn. This increases the efficiency of the speaker and projects the bass. The Nano AttackWall setup results in a bass loading horn that is lined with treble range absorption. This type of horn loading is designed to be strong in the horizontal plane but weak in the vertical direction. The horn is vented above and below AttackWall just before the expanding bass wave hits the floor or ceiling. This gives a soft bounce effect as the bass wave wraps around the Wall and expands into the rest of the room.

Find out more and see who's using the ASC AttackWall.

Experience the perfect acoustic clarity and imaging of the ASC Nano AttackWall on your desktop. Call or chat with an RSPE representative for more in-depth information, or assistance configuring an AttackWall for your studio.

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