ATC Loudspeakers SCM20ASL Pro MK2 - Active Studio Monitor Speakers
ATC SCM20ASL Pro MK2 2-Way Compact Active Studio Monitor Speakers

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ATC Loudspeakers SCM20ASL Pro MK2 - 2-Way Compact Active Studio Monitor Speakers (Pair)

The ATC SCM20A Studio Monitors brings the quality of the ATC 3-Way monitor systems (like the SCM50 and SCM150) to a much smaller footprint!

The ATC Loudspeakers SCM20ASL Pro MKII is a compact 2-way active studio monitor that bring ATC's legendary loudspeaker performance to a small footprint. The SCM20ASL Pro maintains the strict performance criteria of ATC reference monitors, and offers project and home studios the dynamic range and pristine imaging ATC is known for worldwide.

Designed to fit within the company's highly-regarded line of speakers, the ATC "Active 20" features the same ATC built woofer and tweeter as the passive (SCM20PSL) version of the speaker. The SCM20SL MKII actives are housed in a conventional "pro-black" box for easy placement on any meter bridge.

The SCM20SL Actives feature a built in two-way amplifier with frequency,gain and phase correction which has been individually optimized at the ATC manufacturing facility. Adjustment of input sensitivity and bass boost is available to the user via controls on the amp rear panel.

The SCM20SL Active low-frequency section is a hybrid design incorporating a 150mm bass cone with a grafted 75mm soft dome for mid-range assist. The woofer magnet assembly utilizes ATC's unique "SL" technology to greatly reduce third harmonic distortion and reveal mistakes and details. The tweeters are ATCs new dual suspension high powered tweeters. They do not use ferro fluid for cooling so will last a lifetime. A newly redesigned crossover ensures a smooth transition across all frequencies. All ATC drivers are manufactured in-house to exacting tolerances and are legendary for their many design innovations.

SCM20ASL Pro Specifications

  • Drive unit - Low Frequency (LF) 6.5”/150mm Super Linear with 75mm/3" voice coil (SB75-150SL 8 Ohm)
  • Drive unit - High Frequency (HF) 1”/25mm dual suspension Soft Dome (SH25-76S 6 Ohm)
  • Amplitude linearity 80Hz - 20kHz (+/-2dB)
  • Cut-off frequencies 55Hz - 25kHz (-6dB freestanding)
  • Horizontal dispersion +/-80° coherent
  • Vertical dispersion +/-10° coherent
  • Maximum continuous SPL 108dB (per pair @ 1m)
  • Crossover frequency 2.1kHz

  • Audio input Rear panel mounted female XLR (pin 2 +ve)
  • Input sensitivity 1V/2V RMS or +2.2/+8.2dBu via switch (ref. bass full output)
  • Input sensitivity trim 0dB to -6dB (via rear panel pot)
  • Total input sensitivity range 1V/+2.2dBu to 4V/+14.2dBu
  • Input impedance 10kΩ per leg
  • LF amp max output power 200W continuous (1% THD)
  • HF amp max output power 50W continuous (1% THD)
  • THD LF amp 0.0006%/-104.4dB (100Hz, 1dB below rated power)
  • THD HF amp 0.0022%/-93.2dB (10kHz, 1dB below rated power)
  • Crossover filters 2nd order/ 12dB/oct critically damped with phase compensation
  • HF upper -3dB point 250kHz
  • S+N/N ratio - LF 112dBA (Max. gain, ref. 40V out, IEC ‘A’)
  • S+N/N ratio - HF 109dBA (Max. gain, ref. 20V out, IEC ‘A’)
  • Low frequency shelf cut/boost 80Hz, -2dB to +3dB in 1dB steps (via rear panel rotary switch)
  • Overload protection Active FET momentary gain reduction (inc. front panel mounted ‘limit’ LED)

Amplifier thermal trip circuit
  • Mains power requirements 115/230V, 50/60Hz (internally selectable by technician). 100V 50/60Hz factory set.
  • Max power consumption 381Watts/483VA
  • Accessories K&M 24120 Wall Mount (cabinet requires modification to accept ‘top-hat’ mount)
  • Weight 28kg/61.6lbs (per cabinet)

The ATC SCM Line
The SCM25/50/100/110 and 150 are a range of three way loudspeakers. All of the range, excluding the SCM25 are available as passive or active units, the SCM25 is only available as an active unit. Passive units have an SL suffix and active units an ASL suffix. Passive monitors are equipped with a “tri-wire” connection panel to enable separate amplification of the bass, mid and high frequency drivers. Active units have a built in three way Amplifier with frequency, gain and phase correction which has been individually optimized at the ATC manufacturing facility. Adjustment of input sensitivity and bass boost are available to the user via controls on the rear panel of the unit.

About ATC Loudspeakers

ATC was founded in London in 1974 by Australian emigre Bill Woodman, who still heads the company today. An enthusiastic pianist and engineer he was naturally drawn to loudspeaker design and after a period working at Goodmans, where many of the names that went on to found British loudspeaker companies began their careers, he struck out on his own.The premise on which ATC began is a simple one, and one that in many respects is still true today: hi-fi loudspeakers tend to be detailed and accurate but of limited dynamic range, while professional monitor speakers tend to express the opposite character. ATC products were designed from the outset to offer the best of both. It’s an easy concept to describe, but surprisingly difficult to engineer

Through ATC’s commitment to multi-channel mastering and its direct involvement with leading players in the professional audio industry including Sony Music and Telarc, ATC’s products are installed at some of the world’s most prestigious multi-channel studios and auditoria. Where ever the best is required you will find ATC.

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