Antelope Audio Orion32 - 32-Channel AD/DA Converter & Master Clock
Antelope Audio Orion 32 AD/DA Convertor and Master Clock

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Antelope Orion32- 32-Channel AD/DA Converter & Master Clock

32 channels of Antelope’s mastering-grade conversion with 24-bit/192kHz resolution over USB for under $3000!

Antelope Audio has established itself over the years as one of the most respected names in digital clocking and conversion, but with the Orion 32 AD/DA Converter and Master Cock, they’ve propelled themselves into mythical status. Antelope’s Orion 32 AD/DA not only provides 32 channels of mastering-grade conversion over both MADI and USB, but also a four-output master clock from Antelope’s Isochrone series, featuring their proprietary, 4th-generation AFC (Acoustically Focused Clocking) and oven-controlled oscillator. For even more flexibility, the Antelope Orion 32 also gives you 16 channels of ADAT® optical I/O, 2-channel S/PDIF, and powerful software routing options. And while the Orion 32’s surprisingly low price makes it readily available to the small home studio, the stellar sound quality of Antelope conversion makes the Orion 32 a highly cost-effective, long-term investment for world-class recording, post-production, and mastering facilities.

Antelope Orion 32 AD/DA Converter & Master Clock unique features:

  • Up to 192kHz on 32 channels I/O via custom-built USB chip
  • Antelope’s renowned 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking with Atomic Clock input
  • Proprietary Oven-Controlled Oscillator for supreme clocking stability

Antelope Orion 32 AD/DA Converter & Master Clock key features:

  • Antelope Audio’s precise AD/DA conversion technology
  • Ultra low-latency monitoring (1ms to 6.5ms)
  • 32 channels of audio I/O via fiber optic MADI connectors
  • Eight D-Sub 25 connectors for analog I/O
  • 16 channels of ADAT I/O (4 connectors)
  • Extremely flexible routing and mixing options
  • Four word clock outputs; word clock and 10MHz Atomic Clock inputs
  • Five presets for fast and easy recall of most-used setups
  • 1U rack size with 20W power consumption and very low heat output
  • User-friendly desktop application available for both Windows and OS X

Antelope Orion 32 application advantages:

  • Mix outside the box with enough channels to experience the benefits of analog mixing without giving up multiple sends and returns for outboard effects
  • Stream 32 channels of AD simultaneously to USB and MADI ports for live sound mixing and monitoring
  • Studio recording with ultra low latency, plus enough channels and routing capability to use self-mixing headphone monitoring for musicians
  • 1U form factor and 32-channels of up to 24-bit/192kHz recording via USB makes for a powerful, portable, high-quality mobile rig, suitable for any type of musical performance from rock band to orchestral ensemble

Antelope Orion 32 AD/DA Converter & Master Clock unique features in depth

Low-latency, 32-channel USB streaming on Mac and PC

Apart from its elegant styling, the Orion 32’s most distinguishing feature is its ability to record and play back 32 simultaneous audio channels via USB at 24-bit/192kHz, or 32 channels at 96kHz via MADI. That’s right, 32 channels of 192k audio over a simple USB 2.0 connector . . . impossible you say? Not for Antelope. USB always had the capability for faster, more efficient data transfer, but its implementation was bandwidth limited and geared for the most common uses, which did not include the demands of high-resolution audio.

To remedy that situation, Antelope Audio put its considerable expertise to the task and came up with a custom-built USB chip, which also allows the Orion 32 to achieve extremely low latency levels even when streaming 32 simultaneous channels in and out. And it does it with complete stability, making Orion a home run for live and studio multi-track recording.

Along with USB, the Antelope Orion 32 is also equipped with optical MADI ports, which allow you to daisy chain two Orion 32s for 64 channels via one 64-channel MADI card. as opposed to having to buy a 128-channel MADI card to get the extra pair of ports to connect a second AD/DA interface. As such, the Orion 32 ramps up cost effectiveness on beyond having the highest channel count on the market.

Antelope clocking for increased sonic accuracy

In addition to being an extremely high-quality audio converter, Orion 32 is also an audio master clock worthy of world-class studios. Using the same clock technology found in Antelope’s highly respected Isochrone series; it has four word clock outputs, word clock input, and a 10Mhz input for Antelope’s Atomic Clock.

The Orion 32‑‘s clock features two innovative, proprietary technologies: Antelope’s 4th generation of 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and oven-controlled oscillator. (The added value of the Orion 32 just keeps increasing; with an Orion in your rack, you don’t need to invest in a separate digital clock.)

Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC)

What is AFC? No, it’s not acoustically fried chicken. Much like Bruce Swedien’s “Acusonic Recording,” AFC is not a secret black box, but rather an approach to clocking that goes beyond the use of mere numbers and formulae. To quote renowned audio researcher, Dr. Richard Heyser, "One of the worst-kept secrets in audio engineering is that what we hear does not always correlate with what we measure." A realization that Antelope’s founder and chief designer, Igor Levin is well aware of, Levin chose to approach clocking by focusing on the actual acoustic properties of audio (its sound) rather than numbers and specs that cannot predict performance (E.g., there is no standard specification for jitter, or universal standard to measure sound quality). Beyond that, Levin keeps his discoveries close to the vest, but the results are obvious to any engineer who’s put an Antelope clock in his recording chain.

Oven-Controlled Oscillator

The other Antelope digital clock innovation is its oven-controlled oscillator. For high-quality audio, the precision of the clock’s oscillator is extremely important. When exposed to temperature fluctuations, oscillator accuracy is compromised. By housing the clock in a shielded container, which Antelope calls an "oven," a constant temperature is maintained, thus preventing the aforementioned fluctuations, while maintaining high-precision accuracy. The result is a significant, audible improvement in detail, dynamics, and stereo imaging.

Both of these technologies have made Antelope Audio clocks an industry leader in recording, mastering, and post-production facilities around the world.

Antelope Orion32 Outside The Box

Orion 32 is packaged in a sleek, 1U enclosure with an eco-friendly power consumption of only 20 watts, which emits very low heating levels. The Orion 32’s front-panel controls include power, preset selectors, frequency up and down buttons (32kHZ-192kHz), and the Antelope button, a multi-function selector used in conjunction with preset buttons 1 thru 3 (reset, calibration, device info). Centered in the Orion 32’s front panel is a multi-function display that shows sample rate and volume meters. The metering is capable of displaying 64 channels at a time. It also has indicator lights for various clocking states including, internal oven clock, external Atomic Clock, and external lock for clocking via optical I/O.

The Orion 32’s rear panel plays host to several forms of I/O connectors including: MADI optical input and output; USB 2.0; 4 ADAT optical ports for compatibility with a large number of audio devices; 2-channel S/PDIF coaxial; and 8 D-Sub 25 I/O connectors in TASCAM configuration for analog I/O. Power is provided by standard IEC cable.

Antelope Orion32 Inside The Box

Low-latency USB on Mac and PC

Thanks to Antelope Audio’s custom-built USB chip, Orion 32 achieves extremely low latency levels even when simultaneously streaming 32 channels in and out. The latency performance varies between only 1 and 6.5 ms for different hardware and software configurations.

If you’re using a PC, the Orion 32 can stream 32 channels over USB 2.0 at up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution. However, due to bandwidth limitations imposed by Mac specifications, only 24 channels of 192kHz are available (only?!). Via MADI, the Orion 32 can stream 32 channels at 24-bit/96kHz, and 64 channels at 48kHz.

Exceptional routing and mixing flexibility

The Orion 32 is controlled via user-friendly desktop application that supports both Windows and OS X. All functions of the Orion, including meter display, clock source, sample rate, and routing are elegantly controlled via software. Routing is as simple as dragging and dropping on the display. Plus, it’s equipped with a zero-latency mixer and five preset buttons for fast and easy recall of often-used, custom I/O configurations. As mentioned earlier, Orion can route A/D across USB and MADI simultaneously.

For those who’ve been frustrated by the inability to adjust the headroom of their converters, The analog Inputs and outputs of the AD/DA converter can be finely trimmed by options available in the software’s drop-down menus. Settings range from 14dBu to 20dBu.

Antelope Orion 32 AD/DA Converter & Master Clock in summation

For studio owners who’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in digital consoles and recording systems, only to find your investment rendered obsolete by a significantly cheaper system with more features—before the high-dollar investment has paid for itself—you can take comfort in the knowledge that for a scant $2995, you can have stellar sound quality for years to come—an investment that will yield far more return than outlay.

For the small studio looking to compete with the big boys and girls, the Orion 32 can take you there without breaking the bank. All you need is a good computer, high-quality analog mixer or summing mixer, and an Antelope Orion 32, and you’ll have a core system capable of producing a sound that will rival that of any studio up and down the spectrum.

And while Orion 32’s surprisingly low price makes it readily available to the small home studio, the sound quality of the Antelope Orion 32 makes it a highly cost-effective, long-term solution for world-class recording, post-production, and mastering facilities.

Put simply, the Antelope Audio Orion 32 AD/DA Converter & Master Clock is every studio owner’s dream come true. Talk with an RSPE representative for more information.

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