MC Pro Control Surface

MC Pro Control Surface

The compact and ergonomic Avid Euphonix MC Pro control surface enables you to speed up your post or music editing and take deep hands-on control of Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Nuendo, and other EUCON-enabled applications. What’s more, the surface automatically detects your current application (when working with multiple apps) and resets all controls to match. Programmable SmartSwitches, you can perform complex tasks and keystrokes with a single button press.

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Multiple Control Levels

Multiple Control Levels

The MC Pro uses 4 powerful levels of control:

  • Keyboard and Trackball
  • Simple programmable keystroke commands and macros via the SmartSwitches
  • HUI and Mackie Control protocols for control of DAWs that don't directly support EUCON
  • High-speed networked control of EUCON aware applications such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Sequoia and Logic Pro.

Keyboard and Trackball

Sit at the MC Pro and you can instantly access your favorite applications using the full sized keyboard and trackball. You can change the supplied keyboard for one of your own choice and fit a mouse if you prefer this to a trackball. We can include a keyboard frame to house the latest flat apple keyboard as shown opposite.

The large smooth trackball includes a scroll ring and has 4 switches. It is situated on the right side surrounded by programmable SmartSwitches for fast access to common functions.

Keyboard and trackball are sent in the EUCON control data via Ethernet so there is no need for extra keyboard and mouse cables. They work with both Mac and PC workstations.



The MC Pro uses LCD display SmartSwitches to intelligently display switch functions.

The MC's LCD display SmartSwitches can be programmed to send everything from complex macros and simple keystroke commands, such as Ctrl-X, to complex macro commands and named so their function is obvious. Users can lay out keys in any order and with any function to build a surface that matches their way of working. Key mappings are saved to 'Application Sets', which automatically change as each different application is activated. Avid supplies default Application Sets for a number of programs but these can be modified by the user and saved. This means that the MC Pro speeds up operation of ANY workstation application including professional video editing and audio workstation applications that have hundreds of keystroke commands.

Keys can also be locked to a particular EUCON application even if it is buried in the background - for example transport controls for a EUCON media player.

The displays can be set to show any character set including Japanese so that operators can see functions in their native language.

There are three groups of SmartSwitches - the two Edit Controller sections each with 16 switches next to the trackballs, and the Soft Keys which include 24 switches above the keyboard. Dedicated bank switches can be found next to the SmartSwitch sections.

PT10 Integration

Upon the release of Pro Tools 10, Avid has added approximately 500 new key commands specifically designed to make the System 5MC and MC Pro the most powerful user interface ever!

  • 308 Pro Tools menu commands
  • 30 Automation commands
  • 73 Editing commands mapped to softkeys
  • 27 Transport commands
  • 23 Zoom commands
  • All commands found on an ICON soft Key
  • System functions like “Do to Selected”, “Do to All”, Escape & OK, Fader Motors Off, etc.
  • Over 2000 key commands premapped to Mac and PC apps
  • ”Heat” Knobset
  • Avid Satellite functions from softkeys
  • High resolution EQ graphs shown on 408 TFT monitor
  • Preview automation state from CM408 channel strips
  • Open Aux send panner window from surface
  • VCA tracks show members on channel strip
  • Introduction of instrument knob sets on surface
  • Introduction of Mic preamp control knobset on surface
  • Need more specifics? Download the “ProTools Eucon Guide” here



THE Avid XMON is the “studio hub” for the System 5MC and ICON range of products. With EUCON control, the XMON provides analog complete studio connectivity that is controlled from the System 5MC surface and makes the most out of your Pro Tools Workstation..

Features include:

  • Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 surround monitoring
  • Alternate Speaker switching
  • Talkback and cue sends
  • Stereo and surround inputs for other sources (ie CD, BluRay)



The EUCON open control protocol enables MC Pro to communicate at high speed with Pro Tools 10, Nuendo, Pyramix, Logic Pro, and many other software applications.

EUCON provides you with high-speed network access to any function in a software application which has a EUCON driver. For example, every control on the MC Pro can be used for high-speed intelligent access to any function in Pro Tools 10. MIDI is fine for basic control but lacks the speed and complexity necessary to control applications such as workstations or video editors at a professional level.

EUCON is bi-directional enabling MC Pro to receive high-speed data such as metering and processing status graphics from the EUCON software running on the workstation for display on the MC Pro surface—the controller becomes an integrated part of the DAW user interface. The Jog/Shuttle wheel can also be used for trim head/tail, fade head/tail, position, zoom, slip, and move. EUCON allows the MC Pro to intelligently place tracks on the surface and to control plug-ins on the channel strips and eight assignable knobs.

HUI & Mackie Control Over Ethernet

HUI & Mackie Control Over Ethernet

If you are not running the latest version of Pro Tools, the Avid MC Pro supports the HUI & Mackie command protocol allowing control of applications such as Digital Performer, & Final Cut Pro. MC Pro supports the HUI & Mackie command protocols to allow control of applications such as Live, Record, Reason, and more. Commands are sent via Ethernet and appear from a virtual MIDI port in the DAW.

HUI & Mackie Control allows for fader level and touch sense, pan, aux send control, solo, plug-in selection and parameter control, record arm, and automation from the channel strips and from the faders and 8 soft knobs on the MC Pro.

Any DAW commands that are assigned to keystrokes can easily be programmed into the 56 LCD SmartSwitches, including transport controls, which extends MC Pro’s control even further. The edit wheel can be used for jog and shuttle as well as for zooming and selection in the editor. The MC Pro will also receive MTC and display it on the touchscreen.

The Touchscreen

The Touchscreen

A high-resolution (1024x768) touchscreen is situated just above the keyboard for file management and for programming the various functions of the MC Pro.

Areas of the screen are reserved for permanent display of filenames, transport state, Soft Knob designations, fader labels and the main menu. Each section of the MC Pro includes a 'setup' button which brings up a setup screen for that section of the surface.

The MC Pro screen has the following screens:

  • File management
  • Track selection and management
  • Flip functions for swapping faders and knobs when used in the System 5-MC
  • Pan - includes a touchscreen surround panner
  • Automation setup for fader, knob and switch automation control
  • Soft Key setup for assigning function to the SmartSwitches
  • Lock menu for locking sections of the MC Pro to a particular function
  • System setup and preferences
  • Setup for Monitoring

Edit Control banks, Soft Key banks, Knob Sets and Application Sets can all be named, stored, recalled, renamed, and deleted.

Faders or Joysticks

Faders or Joysticks and Workstation Selection Switches

High quality faders, joysticks and workstation select switches are situated in the upper right corner of the MC Pro.

Two options are available for the upper right hand area of the MC Pro. The stand-alone version is usually fitted with 4 faders. The MC Pro supplied in a System 5-MC includes a pair of joysticks.

The faders are the same high quality professional long-throMackie Control or high-resolution control of track levels in EUCON applications. The metering LEDS to the left of the faders can show audio levels from EUCON aware applications. On, solo and record keys operate on the selected tracks. Page keys, nudge keys and 'Layouts' are available via the touch screen for setting the faders to control different sections of a DAW console or for assigning any combination of tracks to the faders. 6 Strip Control buttons associated with the faders facilitie selecting tracks to faders.

The Joysticks can send out HUI or Mackie Control data as well as operate intelligently with EUCON aware applications for surround panning.

To the right are a set of keys that can be used when the MC Pro is controlling multiple workstations using an external switch which is available separately.


The MC Pro Soft Rotary Control

The MC Pro Soft Rotary Control Section - Plug-Ins

8 touch sensitive rotary knobs with LED display rings are available for control of EQ, Dynamics and any other plug-in that requires multiple knobs.

These can be programmed to send out HUI or Mackie Control data but are more effective when used with EUCON aware applications as they can be set to intelligently pick up functions such as EQ, dynamics, aux sends, or plug-ins.

Left and right keys are available to page within a single processor. Knobset assignments for plug-ins or other processors can be saved. 8 knobs can be set to operate on 1 channel/track or 4 each on 2 channels/tracks.

The SmartSwitch LCD displays can show knob function. Switches are available for automation and other knob related functions.

The 9th knob situated to the left is an assignable control that automatically picks up the current active control in the application. For example, if you move the pointer over a pan control in a EUCON aware software application, that knob will act as a pan control. The knob can be locked on a particular function.

Application Sets and SmartSwitches

Application Sets and SmartSwitches

One of the most exciting aspects of the MC Pro surface is its ability to switch automatically between applications - all controls on the surface switch to match whichever application is made active on the workstation.

And MC Pro automatically detects not only the application but also if it is a EUCON application, such as Pro Tools 10 or Nuendo, or a Mackie Control application such as Live, and sets the control mode accordingly. The setup of the MC Pro surface is saved to an Application Set.

The MC Pro ships with a number of built-in default Application Sets for popular applications. Users can copy default Application Sets and modify them to their way of working. When a user logs in, the MC Pro can access all the available Application Sets for that user.

Remember that the user can build Application Sets for any application, from Excel, Word, Internet Explorer, Entourage through to the most sophisticated applications such as Pro Tools, Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and so on.

EUCON aware applications also have Application Sets but these contain a higher level of control layouts and mapping to match the higher level of EUCON communication. With EUCON applications, lists of the application's functions are available for mapping to the SmartSwitches. With non-EUCON applications, functions are accessed by programming keyboard shortcuts.

The System 5-MC - Integrated DAW Controller

The System 5-MC - Integrated DAW Controller

The System 5-MC audio mixing controller includes 8 or more System 5 channel strips and an MC Pro in a center section for workstation control, monitoring and channel setup and assign.

The System 5-MC tightly integrates with Mac OSX or PC workstations via the high-speed EUCON control protocol. Add whatever hardware I/O your DAW supports.

The MC Pro in the center of the System 5-MC has exactly the same powerful control features found in the stand-alone version but is also able to manage setup of the channel strip assignments, layouts and strip functions such as automation. The MC Pro in the System 5-MC is fitted with a pair of joystick panners in place of the 4 faders.



Hardware and Specifications

Hardware and Specifications

MC Pro Hardware Features:

  • Touch Screen VGA Output (1024x768)
  • Keyboard and Mouse Serial Inputs
  • USB 1.1
  • 100 MB Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Connector: EtherCon RJ45
  • 1/4" Stereo headphone in (back) pass through to out (front)
  • 1/4" footswitch programmable from touchscreen
  • Serial & VGA service ports
  • Integral phantom powered electret talkback microphone
  • 65 programmable SmartSwitches
  • Backlight brightness controls


  • Internal MC Pro Hard drive
  • USB port on the MC Pro for external USB drives
  • Files can be stored on the host workstation

Overall Size:

  • 37.5" (952.5mm) wide, 20.7" (526mm) deep, 3.6" (91.5mm) high - 36" (914.5mm) wide without endcaps


  • 40 lbs (18.2 kg)


  • External Table Top 150 Watt PSU with On/OFF Switch
  • DC Outputs: +5V @ 15 Amps, +12 V @ 8 Amps
  • Input: 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Typical Power Consumption 80 Watts
  • AC Input Connector: IEC with On/OFF Switch
  • DC Output Connector: 12 Pin Locking Circular
  • Environmental
  • Ambient Temperature Operating: +5°C to +35°C
  • Non-operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C
  • Operating Altitude: -100 to 10,000 ft.(-30 to 3,048 m)
  • Relative Humidity: 20% to 85%, non-condensing

Recommended Height:

  • MC Pro should be positioned so the user's forearms are horizontal when fingers rest on the keyboard.

MC Pro System Diagram

MC Pro System Diagram

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