Avid Releases Pro Tools 11!

The new Avid Pro Tools 11 software release provides the long anticipated 64 bit capability for increased memory space for amazing virtual instrument and effects capacity as well as new and optimized host computer processing for AAX. Other significant enhancements included offline track bouncing (up to 150X faster than real time!) and a new integrated Avid Video engine that takes away all of the issues associated with QuickTime.

The Avid Video Engine plays and edits HD video with the same core soft are engine as Avid Media Composer. Avid continues to support the top 3rd party HD video options including AJA and BlackMagic Designs. Pro Tools 11's Avid Video engine now plays most popular video codecs without transcoding. Supported codecs include Avid HD DNX & MXF, QT, P2, XDCAM, MPEG (Pro Tools HD only) and more. The new Avid Video Engine continues to support Avid and 3rd party video I/O, such as:

  • Avid: Mojo DX & Nitris DX Support 
  • AJA*: Kona3G, Kona3, KonaLHi, KonaLHe Plus, ioExpress, ioXT, Ttap 
  • Blackmagic Design*: All products  

Pro Tools 11 doesn't leave you behind, either! You have compatibility with sessions as far back as v5.1! Included with your purchase is both Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 11 licenses to allow your transition as plug-ins are ported to the new 64 bit platform. New and more powerful metering that addresses the new broadcast standards as well as Satellite Link and Video Satellite LE are now included with Pro Tools 11. Some of the notable automation features include new VCA groups and support for mixing Dolby ATMOS as well as automating on input or while recording audio.

*AJA and Blackmagic are responsible for their own testing – all device support is TBD pending testing

Pro Tools 11: The new standard for audio production.

Pro Tools 11: Built for Speed and Performance

With a new 64-Bit architecture enabling more processing power and system performance, offline bounce, professional metering, mixing enhancements and integrated HD video editing and playback, the most powerful audio workstation just got more powerful.

Concise positioning statements:

While some competing audio production applications try to position themselves as professional, Avid continues to demonstrate its commitment with the launch of Pro Tools 11, listening to customer feedback to create software solutions that enable customers in the professional music and audio production market. Unlike competing music and audio workstations that have a limited workflows, scope, hardware integration and scalability, Pro Tools is an end-to-end (complete) solution capable of taking you from conception to completion of the most demanding music and post audio productions add Pro tools 9,10 positioning statement for customers upgrading.

64-Bit Re-Architecture and engine improvements

  • Uses more processors than previous versions and results in more host plug-ins and better system performance/stability.
  • Allows for use of expanded RAM system configurations. Bigger sessions with thousands of clips/files and better system performance and stability as well as bigger VI sampler sizes.
  • Allows for the system to dynamically adjust latency on a track-by-track basis.
  • Offers “dynamic processing” allocation. On a track by track basis, the improved engine can borrow processing back from plug-ins that are not currently being used in the sections where there is no audio.

Offline Bounce To Disk

Based on the ‘density and complexity’ of the session, allows bouncing a mix up to 150 times faster than real-time.

Unified Media Engine

  • UME is derived from the engine core of Avid Media Composer.
  • Playback and basic editing of HD Video on the timeline. Formats include Avid DNx compressions, QuickTime Formats, other AMA formats like P2 and XDCAM.

Satellite Link and Video Satellite LE Now Included

A former paid option, Satellite Link allows users to link multiple Pro Tools HD systems together.

Workspace Browser Improvements

With the 64 bit re-architecture, the workspace browser offers greatly optimized indexing, searching,relinking and field recorder performance.

Metering and Mixing Enhancements

Based on professional customer feedback – Pro Tools 11 offers 12 different metering types in both scales and ballistics. (Peak, Digital PPM, VU, BBC, Nordic, RMS, K-12, K-14, K20, A-Linear, EBU & DIN).

Co-Install of Pro Tools 10 & Pro Tools 11

Allows for users to install both versions on the same drive/partition. No rebooting the CPU and changing start-up drives to try Pro Tools 11.