ASC AttackWall

The ASC AttackWall is the perfect acoustic alternative to spending $100k on construction and special materials. You have your system, have started production and your mixes are taking shape, how your studio “sounds” and how your mixes translate become your next concern. If there were just someway to get the “world class” studio sound that you need but keep the costs reasonable... The AttackWall provides a world class mixing environment. It functions very differently than treating a room with “room acoustics”. The result is crystal clear imaging, clarity and an experience that can only be described as good as "on the sound stage". The result is saving time and money in both the mixing and the mastering of your project!

The system is completely modular, allowing you to “start small” and expand as the budget permits. AttackWall is portable and repeatable. You can take your system to the next session or your next studio. Each StudioTrap combines diffusion and trapping across the broad band of frequencies of voice and music. Placement and tuning is simple and intuitive with just a little bit of guidance from our technicians. RSPE Audio has 2 AttackWall systems, please contact one of our sales engineers to arrange for a demonstration.

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How Does The Attackwall Work?

Early Reflection Control

The AttackWall wraps around the workstation and engineer so neatly that very little sound escapes outside of the Wall. Broad-band early reflections are controlled by the StudioTraps' absorptive sides, creating a reflection free zone (RFZ) right at the mix position, regardless of the room size. The diffusive sides of all StudioTraps (the side with the silver button) should face away from the mix position to create a true RFZ.

Time-Delayed Ambient Backfill

The AttackWall absorbs image-smearing early reflections, but lets others escape to provide time-delayed backfill. Without an ambient tail to the energy-time-curve, a reflection-free recording studio would be exhausting to work in. The ambience is provided by the diffusive sides of the StudioTraps, which scatter sound at 500 Hz and higher.

Vertical Mode Control

Studio monitors are nested between MonitorStand Tops and Bases, which are specially built TubeTraps, designed for rapid absorption of expanding wavefronts and strength to support heavy speakers. The MonitorStands upset the vertical symmetry in the room. The lower trap aggressively absorbs bass before and after the floor bounce.  The upper trap also absorbs, but in addition, it vents bass into the low-pressure area outside the AttackWall, where the energy is dissipated and absorbed by nearby StudioTraps.

Wall Loaded Mains

The AttackWall loads bass just like the built-in mains found in a downtown studio. StudioTraps fit tight to the sides of the speaker to create a corner-loading short horn. This increases the efficiency of the speaker and projects the bass. With the absorptive side of the StudioTraps facing the mix position, there is no "horn coloration" added to the direct signal. The AttackWall setup results in a bass loading horn that is lined with treble range absorption.


Who Uses The ASC AttackWall

Kevin Olusola ASC Attack Wall

Kevin Olusola

"The AttackWall Changed my Life!"

Grammy-Winning beatboxer with Penatonix, musician, rapper, record producer, singer, and songwriter chose the Attack Wall acoustic system to recreate professional studio quality sound and great imaging and clarity in his home studio.

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Mick Guzauski ASC Attack Wall

Mick Guzauski

"I got an AttackWall with 14 Tube Traps and two MonitorTraps set up all around the front of the room, and the imaging is incredible! It’s actually better than my other studio was; really, really, nice imaging, smooth midrange and top... It is pretty amazing that just a regular, residential, eleven-by-thirteen bedroom is actually now a useful recording space."

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Pete Townshend ASC Attack Wall

Pete Townshend

"By sticking a couple of (Studio) Traps up here, there and everywhere, I can make almost any space sound like a studio. You can make an old garage sound like a studio using Tube Traps. When you are finished, you can take them out and use them for other things. They are so extraordinary, they do so much more then you would imagine, they do so much more than bass trapping! Working in a small room is what we all do these days." February, 2013, on tour with The Who.

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Calvin Harris ASC Attack Wall

Calvin Harris

After moving from England to his new house in the Hollywood Hills, Grammy Winning DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer Calvin Harris' management group called us to convert one of his rooms into a studio. The solution, the world-class acoustic environment created by the ASC AttackWall. The AttackWall provided the perfect, affordable solution. Allowing us to turn a small bedroom in to a useable studio space, eliminating the harsh sound reflections while not creating a space that sounded too "dead".

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Deadmau5 ASC Attack Wall


Grammy Nominated progressive-house music producer and performer Deadmau5's management group contacted us because he needed to work on his newest project from his home studio in the Hollywood Hills. They needed to make sure the album had a BIG sound, so we recommended the world-class acoustic environment of the ASC AttackWall. After months of working on the project, he moved his studio to a room at Capitol records. He loved working in his red ASC AttackWall so much that he took it with him to continue production.

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Morgan Page ASC Attack Wall

Morgan Page

Grammy-Nominated American progressive and electro house DJ and music producer Morgan Page uses ASC Studio Traps in his studio to control the room acoustics, specifically reflections from the wall behind his listening position.

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Jon Castelli ASC Attack Wall

Jon Castelli

"The attack wall let's me have the sonic precision and tightness I've been looking for, and have not found in any room. It allows me to work in my open loft space, rather than the common commercial studio, which most writer/producers and artists I work with prefer."

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Stuart White ASC Attack Wall

Stuart White

"You kind of hear a detail with the Attack Wall that you don't get in other situations... I'm hearing subtleties in the delays, panning and imaging. Some studios are like that, some aren't, but with the Attack Wall it's like that every time." - Stuart White (Jay-Z, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys)

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Ranchworks Unlimited ASC Attack Wall

Ranchworks Unlimited

Ranchworks Unlimited was working with limited space when needing to create two separate mix bays in one room. They employed two AttackWall systems to not only create separate mix environments, but also allow them to remove tubes from one AttackWall system to create a temporary vocal booth for voice-overs and overdubs.

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Paula Fairfield ASC Attack Wall

Paula Fairfield

What do you do to make an AttackWall even better? Emmy nominated sound designer Paula Fairfield (Game of Thrones, The River, Lost, Sin City) decided to answer that by incorporating a Dolby ATMOS system. This is something all of us at RSPE and ASC were excited about. With the help of Art Noxon's expertise, we were able to design and install the custom AttackWall with a specific TubeTrap system for the overhead speakers. The AttackWall provided the perfect, affordable solution to turn a small room in to a useable studio space, eliminating harsh sound reflections, and creating the perfect sound environment and imaging to effectively mix in ATMOS.

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Warren Brown ASC Attack Wall

Warren Brown

Film and Television Music Mixer: Start Trek, Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, Almost Human

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Bruce Swedien ASC Attack Wall

Bruce Swedien

"As I listened I was absolutely amazed to hear, and in my mind's eye, to see, microphone positions in the stereo panorama that I hadn't seen in decades -
I had maybe never heard these mixes as well as with the AttackWall. I was absolutely knocked out, just floored. I ordered an ATTACK Wall right there, and it's been a part of my studio world ever since."

Bruce Swedien
Five time Grammy Award Winning Engineer
Worked with Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez,
LL Cool J, Quincy Jones, and more.

Dave Kutch ASC Attack Wall

Dave Kutch

"ASC Tube Traps are a stroke of acoustic genius that has been overlooked, with the exception of an elite few, for many, many years. I too have been guilty of this gross oversight myself. Until recently. I've felt the common Mastering Studio design has been overdue for an overhaul for many years now. After a couple of years of research I've chosen the AttackWall to become a part of that overhaul for me permanently. I am no longer fighting the "room sound" by increasing the volume to overpower it. I can now work at a modest volume and hear everything in vivid detail.

Dave Kutch
The Mastering Palace
Worked with Justin Bieber, John Legend, The Roots, Karmin, Little Wayne, Natasha Bedingfield, Alicia Keys, and more.

Jonathan Wales ASC Attack Wall

Jonathan Wales

Re-recording mixer and CEO of Sonic Magic Studios, has mixed over 200 films including: Memento, Saw and Meet the Parents.

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Gary Lux ASC Attack Wall

Gary Lux

"We've all been chasing room acoustics forever. Most of us have resorted to using near field speaker systems to compensate for the effect of the room. Regardless, it seems that the room always comes into play and we just can't figure out whether it's the speakers or the room that's impacting the mix. I've been using Tube Traps and the AttackWall Environment for years. It consistently allows me to mix with the same, incredible accuracy wherever I go or whatever I mix.

The AttackWall Environment has solved a huge problem in what we hear... I am supremely confident in the translation of every mix!"

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Focal Professional ASC Attack Wall

Simon Coté

"To put it simply, the ASC AttackWall delivers all the music, and none of the room. RSPE Audio's demonstration room was completely transformed after the installation of the AttackWall and the results are simply astonishing! We have listened to our new SM9 Studio monitor in the best rooms in the US and we haven't encountered a better environment to experience our new flagship speaker.

Very often, bass traps help you obtain a flatter response but take so much energy from the speakers that it feels lifeless. With the AttackWall, the bass response was controlled, yet punchy and we have a ton of headroom to crank the levels. Fantastique!"
Simon Cote
Focal Professional, North American Sales Manager // Pro Audio

Brian Vibberts ASC Attack Wall

Brian Vibberts

A four-time Grammy winner, Brian "Dr. Vibb" Vibberts has participated in the making of albums with a total of 250 Grammy Nominations and 65 Grammy Award Winners.

“I use an Attack Wall in my mixing room, which is OUTSTANDING! I love it."

"For recording, I always use the Quick Sound Field setup, whether I am at a smaller studio or I am at Ocean Way Recording! I have used it for recording vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, horns, acoustic bass, choir, percussion, and more.”

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