Coleman Audio RED48 Summing Console
Coleman Audio RED48 Summing Console

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The Coleman Audio RED48 Summing Console

The Coleman RED48 summing console fills the void left by the mixing console you still wish you had. It brings back the analogue console sound that’s been missing in the mixes and adds essential control room functions so your studio is easier to navigate.

The RED48 consists of three sections: the control room monitor, the communications, and the mix buss.

The control room monitor section has three balanced stereo input sources and the mix buss to select from. A passive stepped attenuator to adjust the level for the control room monitors or alternate speakers and a remote dim switch for those important phone calls.

The communication section includes a talkback mic and level control which feeds the cue system, a separate slate output to designate tracks, remote switches for both these functions, and an extra remote jack for yet another remote talkback switch. The cue signal can be either a dedicated cue mix or the control room signal, for that quick overdub. The engineers headphone can select the control room signal or the cue signal, has it’s own level control, and also gets the talkback signal when the cue feed is selected.

The mixing section has 48 balanced analogue inputs summed down to left and right. The 48 inputs are hard left and hard right so they combine to 24 stereo inputs. When working I suggest bringing signals in as stereo inputs so the pan pots of the DAW will be active in your mix. All the level control, EQ and panning is done in the DAW, or if you have a patchbay, you can get in and out of any of your analogue gear on the way to the summing inputs. There is a balanced stereo insert making it easy to put a compressor or limiter across the entire mix. If the insert is not wired it is completely bypassed. When connected into your system it has a bypass switch making it easy to A/B the mix.

The remote for the RED 48 (see attachment) has a Penny and Giles stereo master fader along with function switches for slate, talkback, and dim.

The mix buss feeds a balanced analogue signal out to a pair of XLR connectors to burn a CD, or to be recorded back on the DAW. Since the mix output is always present on larger tracking dates it can be used as a second cue feed so the drummer can get a click track, the horn players can get more horns, or the vocalist can get plenty of “more me” in their headphones.

With all these functions in only 2 rack spaces the RED48 will save space in your control room, improve your work flow, and bring back that large frame console sound to your mixes.

Coleman Audio RED48 Features

  • Passive signal path for monitoring
  • Stepped attenuator tracks to .05db
  • Alternate speaker outputs
  • Talkback mic and remote switching available
  • Engineer headphone with TB signal
  • Sums 48 inputs to a stereo output
  • Stereo insert across mix buss
  • Sums 48 inputs to a stereo output
  • Remote with master fader and switching for Talkback Slate & Dim
Control Room Selector has three balanced input sources and the mix buss to chose from
Passive stepped attenuator for control room monitors
Alternate speaker select
48 summing inputs (24 stereo inputs)
Balanced stereo insert across the mix buss
Remote P&G stereo master fader
Remote switching for slate, talkback, and dim
Talkback mic with level control
Slate output for track designation
Cue feed to headphones can select a dedicated cue mix or the control room signal
Engineers headphone with a separate level control selects the cue feed or the control room signal

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