D16 Group Total Bundle
D16 Group Total Bundle

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D16 Group Total Bundle

The Total Bundle from D16 Group gathers all the D16 plug-ins ever made.

The bundle features vintage Roland's classic emulations, SilverLines effects, Sigmund and Repeater quality delay units as well as their flagship syntesizer; the LuSH-101 polyphonic synthesizer.

D16 Total Bundle includes:


D16's Toraverb2, space modulated reverb, concept algorithm reverb. It allows the user to create practically ANY type of reverb.


D16's Tekturon is a tap-delay effect with 16 independent high quality delay lines, where the taps are arranged in a sequence of taps equally delayed from each other, whereby working with the plug-in strongly resembles using a step sequencer.


The D16 Repeater is a vintage modeled delay which adds space, depth, and excitement to your music. A dual delay powerhouse that features 23 unique authentically modeled devices.


The D16 PunchBOX is a virtual instrument designed for creating high-quality kick drum sounds including vast and exquisite factory content delivered by industry-standard sound designers Sounds of Revolution and CFA-Sound.


D16's LuSH-101, multimbral polyphonic synthesizer, which basic simplicity combined with its multi1layer architecture turns it into an easy-to-use but extremely powerful instrument that can be programmed and tweaked quickly, almost effortlessly leveraging its maximum potential.


The D16 Nepheton emulates the famous 808 drum machine. All the nuances and details of the instruments sounds are captured perfectly. The instruments models are equipped with additional controls giving you possibility to tweak the sound much better.


The D16 Decimort2 is a premium grade bit crusher with complex and advanced signal processing algorithms within Decimort simulate the behavior of the whole sampling path which exists in every AD/DA converter.


D16's Drumzaon emulates the famous 909 drum machine. All the instruments are synthesized in exactly the same way as the original. All the nuances and detail of the original are captured perfectly. In addition, all Drumazon instruments have enhanced controls.


The D16 Devastor2 is a remarkable Multiband Distortion Unit. It is an enhanced version of the distortion unit from our famous Phoscyon synthesizer.


D16's Sigmund is far from just another delay: it consists of four discrete delay units, each with its own, independent set of parameters offering an incredible degree of sound-shaping freedom.


D16's Syntorus has a chorus effecting unit with a double delay line. It's capable of emulating almost every classic unit available.


The D16 Redoptor is a vintage tube distortion with an exact emulation of a tube's circuits.

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