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The number one choice for an Avid Pro Tools dealer in Los Angeles, CA

Avid Pro Tools is the industry standard recording, editing and production software. At RSPE audio get advice on what Pro Tools system to buy from our Avid Pro Tools specialists. We can advise on vPro Tools HDX, HD Native and Pro Tools software and hardware for your music or post production studio and make sure you get the right Pro Tools system to fit your needs. If you are looking for Pro Tools free then check out the Avid web site for Avid Pro Tools First.

The right choice for your Pro Tools support needs

We don’t just sell Pro Tools, we also install and offer support to producers and engineers - some of our customers are Grammy or Emmy winners, but even if you are new to Pro Tools you can be assured of the same high quality care and service that we give to all of our fantastic customers.

Get the right advice for your Avid Pro Tools upgrade questions

If you are unsure about a Pro Tools upgrade then check out our Pro Tools upgrade configurator tool to show you what deals and discounts you may be eligible for, this can help existing Pro Tools users understand what options are available to them as both perpetual and subscription packages.

Pro Tools S6 Control Surface

Avid S6 Control Surface

We can customize the Avid S6 control surface to meet your precise needs

Our exclusive Avid S6 Configurator lets you design and build a virtual Avid S6 M10 or Avid S6 M40 recording console/control surface with precisely the features and accessories your DAW or Pro Tools-based studio needs to optimize workflow.

Take Your Avid S6 Control Surface Test Drive Today

Plus, you can view all preconfigured stock Avid S6 M10 or S6 M40 console controllers. When you finish building your Avid S6 we can then talk you through the best way to install and finance it.

Pro Tools S3 and Pro Tools Dock

Avid S3 And Pro Tools Dock

Start with the Pro Tools iPad App, Add the Dock Then The Avid S3

Build your perfect control environment for Pro Tools with the powerful ecosystem of Avid S3 control surface, Avid Pro Tools Dock for iPad and the free Pro Tools app for iPad. The Avid Pro Tools | S3, Based on the award-winning S6, is a compact, EUCON-enabled, 16 Fader control surface. Its compact, ergonomic design offers a streamlined yet versatile mixing solution for the modern sound engineer. Like S6, S3 delivers intelligent control over every aspect of Pro Tools and other DAWs, but at a more affordable price. While its small form factor makes it ideal for space-confined or on-the-go music and post mixing, it packs enormous power and accelerated mixing efficiency for faster turnarounds, making it the perfect fit everywhere, from project studios to the largest, most demanding facilities.

Pro Tools Dock

Avid Pro Tools Dock is a compact, ergonomic, EUCON control surface for integrating Avid's free iPad app, Pro Tools | Control. The Dock is based on the advanced touchscreen workflows on the Master Touch Module of the award-winning Pro Tools | S6. Both systems demonstrate a philosophy that mixers need the best of physical faders, knobs, and switches in conjunction with touchscreen technology for things like fast navigation, metering, and on-screen plug-in control – a true hybrid approach. And, when the Dock is paired with Pro Tools | S3, you gain complimentary and enhanced functionality with the dedicated automation switches, transport controls, weighted aluminum jog wheel, color-coded Soft Key switches, and more. Mixing deadlines have met their match! Finally there’s the Avid Pro Tools Control App for iPad and it’s a free Pro Tools control application that gives you the ability to master you mix using your iPad.

PMC Spepakers Flagship Boutique at RSPE

PMC Loudspeakers Flagship Boutique

Explore and Demo PMC Loudspeakers in Active, Passive and Subwoofers.

The PMC Flagship boutique is a unique demonstration facility allowing customers to compare the full line of PMC Loudspeakers including active studio monitors, subwoofers, and PMC passive studio monitors in a variety of acoustic environments.

Listen to speakers in the ASC Attack Wall acoustic environment in the RSPE Showroom, or RSPE can schedule a PMC demonstration in your own studio. The PMC Showroom functions as an extension of the PMC Factory, providing the best knowledge, service and support that would normally only come factory-direct.

PMC Spepakers Flagship Boutique at RSPE

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