Demo 4 Free


The most popular (and some of the more obscure) 500 series modules are available from RSPE Audio with this program. When you are just not quite sure which 500 Series Module is for you, RSPE Audio gives you the ability to take it into your studio for a week and make sure that it is the sound that you are looking for! We have most popular 500 Series Modules available for you to try (or rent) and the best part is that if you buy any module from us, the rent is free!*.

* Details are in the "Fine Print" link at the left.


  Rental Rate NET Cost with Purchase
Modules up to $995.00 $75 for 5 days $0.00
Modules up to $1,500.00 $100 for 5 days $0.00
Modules up to $2,500.00 $150 for 5 days $0.00


  Rental Rate NET Cost with Purchase
Aphex 500 USB Coming Soon! $0.00
(includes USB, headphone and standard analog connections)
BAE $85.00 for 5 days $0.00
(6 Space 500 Series "LunchBox" w Power Supply)

What's Available?

To see all of the units currently available in the program, click here

The products that we have in this program may change based on popularity of a product but you will always find the hottest gear from these manufacturers:

How It Works


Your card is charged for the value of the module shown for purchase on our website plus a one week rental and freight to you. If you decide to continue to evaluate or rent the product for the second week, a second week of rental is charged to your card. Included with your demo product (or products) is a UPS Call Tag so that all you have to do is drop off the return at your local UPS Store when you are finished listening to a module. Upon the return of the product, it is inspected and the value of the module is then credited back to your card. When you purchase your new module, the rental charge is deducted from your invoice and you only pay the difference. If you decide not to make a purchase within 10 calendar days from the return, the rental charge and freight to you are the only charge left on your card (we pay your return freight).

  • You pay rental rate for duration of rental
  • Your card is charged for the full price of the module
  • You pay for UPS shipping to you
  • We refund rental fee if you purchase within 10 days
  • We pay for UPS shipping of rental unit back to us
  • We pay for UPS shipping for new, purchased unit to you
  • No obligation to buy
  • Lowest price guaranteed

Scenario 1: Demo 4 Free (purchase within 10 days)

Cost of Unit $995.00
Rental Cost for 5 Days $75.00
Cost of UPS to You $15.00
Sales Tax, if Applicable %
Your Card is charged $1,085.00 + tax
Order a New Unit for Purchase $0.00
UPS New Unit to You $0.00
Credit Back Rental -$75.00
Net Cost Of Purchase $1,010.00 + tax (Cost of Unit + Rental Shipping)

Scenario 2: Rent Without Purchase

Cost of Unit $995.00
Rental Cost for 5 Days $75.00
Cost of UPS to You $15.00
Sales Tax, if Applicable %
Your Card is charged $1,085.00 + tax
Return Demo -$995.00
Net Cost Of Rental $90.00 + tax (Rental Cost + Shipping)

To see all of the units available in the program, click here
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our sales team at (818) 509-5876

The Fine Print


The best part about this program is that if you purchase the module that you have rented, your rental charge is deducted from your purchase price (subject to the 2 week maximum rental period)! Your purchase from RSPE Audio must be made within 10 calendar days from your rental return. When renting on this program, the advertised price of the product is charged in full to your card and subsequently refunded (minus the rental charge and freight) upon the return of the product to RSPE.

Your rental period begins on the day that delivery is first attempted. A signature is required so be sure to have someone at your address to accept the package. 


Once you have reserved your Demo 4 Free module, you are next in line to get your demo or demos shipped to you. You will get a call from one of our team to let you know that the order is on it's way to you.

RSPE ships product on this program via UPS Ground to you (unless other arrangements are made in writing with us). If you have deadlines, reserve your demo early as availability, shipping and transit times are only an estimate.

Included with the package that arrives to you is a UPS prepaid tag that only requires you to drop it off at a UPS Store (be sure to get a receipt).To return the module, you must ship it back to RSPE in it's original shipping carton. Your return tracking number must show that you have returned the product on or before the 7th day after your initial receipt (this allows you a couple of days to get it to UPS). If you lose or damage the product, you are responsible for the full replacement value shown on our website at the time of the rental or repair, subject to our discretion. If you return the product after the 2 day grace period, you agree to pay $20.00 per day additional rental until valid tracking information is provided. The maximum amount of rental that can be credited toward a single purchase is 1 week's rental per module.

All modules are carefully photographed and the condition documented before leaving RSPE and any scratches or damage are subject to a $100.00 minimum charge to recondition the product if returned in other than original condition (please treat them like they are your own :-).

When you fasten the 500 series module, you MUST use the screws and rubber grommets that are included with your shipment. Failure to use the grommets will likely result in scratches and a repair charge to replace the front panel may be incurred at our sole discretion. Only 1 rental credit of up to 2 weeks rental can be used toward the purchase of a single product. Products available on the “Demo 4 Free” program are subject to availablity. All Demo 4 Free and rental equipment remains the sole property of RSPE Audio Solutions, Inc. Products in this program are for demonstration purposes and RSPE assumes no liability that may arise from the use or failure of this equipment or damage to equipment incurred from improper or accidental misuse. Rentals are only available in the lower 48 states. 


Cancellations must be made by contacting us by telephone or email. If you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, there are no charges incurred, cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will result in a $20.00, 1 day rental charge to your card.

Reserve yours today at 855-832-1032!