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Focal CMS 40 Compact Studio Monitor

The most compact monitor of the Focal Professional monitor range

Despite its diminutive size and affordability, the Focal CMS 40 compact studio monitor offers a big, expensive sound—making it an obvious first choice for the small home studio or post-production edit suite. But that’s not all the CMS 40 can do. With sound quality that can hold its own in any studio’s A-Room, the CMS 40 makes a superb single point-source speaker for discerning engineers who understand the benefits of balancing a mix in true mono. And why try to mix past an inferior monitor, when the extended frequency range of Focal’s CMS 40 will yield an accurate picture throughout the audible spectrum? Plus, you can use a pair of CMS 40s to check mix translation to smaller systems with supreme confidence.

Focal CMS 40 Compact Studio Monitor Key Features:
  • Ultra-realistic voicing
  • Small size and extended bass frequency (down to 60Hz) ensures versatility
  • Acoustically transparent cabinet allows accurate listening even in proximity to reverberating surfaces
  • Low-distortion (0.01% THD) 25W rms LF amplifier provides transparency and power in mid-bass register
  • 25W rms HF amp with a 9V/ms slew rate reproduces minutest details
  • Low- and high-frequency shelving EQ for optimum acoustic integration
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Mounting points offer numerous studio integration possibilities
Focal CMS 40 Compact Studio Monitor Unique Features:
  • Inverted-dome tweeter for width, depth, and soundstage accuracy
  • Aluminum/magnesium alloy dramatically reduces HF distortion
  • Proprietary Polyglass cone driver; neutral sound, no coloration
Focal CMS 40 Design and build
The 2-way Focal CMS 40 features a wide-bandwidth design with a linear response from 60Hz to 28kHz, ensuring both a tight and present bass and superior spatial imaging. (If you require deeper bass, simply add the powered Focal CMS SUB, which is ideally matched to the CMS 40 monitors.) The CMS 40 has two matched amplifiers onboard powering a 4" LF driver and an aluminum/magnesium alloy, inverted-dome tweeter. The LF amplifier provides 25W rms with 0.01% THD for sonic transparency and power in the mid-bass region. The high-frequency amplifier also provides 25W rms. Its 9V/ms slew rate enables reproduction of the minutest transient details.

For easy integration into any studio, the CMS 40 has switchable input sensitivity, allowing it to operate at +4dBu via XLR input or –10dBV via RCA input. The CMS 40’s aluminum cabinet has been optimized for maximum rigidity and damping, making it acoustically transparent—hence its ability to be placed in less than advantageous spaces (too close to a wall or corner) while suffering no ill effects.

To aid in countering the effects of room modes, the CMS 40 has both low- and high-frequency EQ. Low frequencies are adjustable from 0-450Hz (±2dB) and high frequencies from 4.5kHz to 20kHz (±2dB). The CMS 40 also has a volume control ranging from –66dB to 0dB. In keeping with ease of studio integration and optimal placement, the Focal CMS 40 comes with decoupling table stand, two height-adjustable spikes, phase-optimization plug (tweeter), two removable grilles (tweeter and woofer), and four rubber feet. It also has mounting points compatible with K&M® and Omnimount® mounting kits, offering numerous integration possibilities (desktop, meter bridge, stand, ceiling, wall, etc.).

The Focal CMS 40 compact studio monitor is an excellent choice for home studio, post-production, and mix translation, but that’s not all; connect a pair to your Internet computer and give yourself an accurate means to evaluate audio examples of equipment you may wish to buy for your studio, or simply use your new CMS 40s to truly enjoy listening to music.

What makes Focal CMS 40s sound so good?
It’s been said that if you’re not manufacturing your own LF and HF drivers, then you’re simply in the packing industry, not speaker manufacture. Focal Professional employs several proprietary and patented technologies to ensure world-class performance in each of its monitor lines.

Inverted dome tweeter
Two of the most difficult things to hear in a mix are compression and reverb tails. Focal’s innovative inverted dome tweeter offers unparalleled dynamics, enabling very precise control of compression, while its outstanding spatial precision facilitates accurate assessment of reverb tails and stereo imaging.

It accomplishes this by mechanical coupling of voice coil and dome. The voice coil is fixed mid-height on the dome and uniformly moves the entire surface of the cone. The positive dome is only joined at its edge for a flexible surface. The inverted dome directly radiates into the air with maximum efficiency, which results in an extremely precise soundstage. The dome’s response curve is far more linear than that of any positive dome, thus providing better dispersion and very low directivity.

Aluminum/magnesium tweeter
Combining the excellent damping qualities of magnesium with the superior rigidity of aluminum, this unique marriage of metals offers several advantages. To begin with, it greatly reduces distortion, which combats ear fatigue in long mixing sessions. The impulse response of this alloy is incredibly fast with a very short reset time. Those factors combined with excellent damping capability, enabling a frequency response beyond 28kHz (-3dB).

The tweeter’s ultra-wide and linear frequency response provides greater phase coherency in the audible range, thus producing a more realistic sound; extremely wide soundstage; balanced, neutral sound reproduction; and dynamic, detailed high frequencies. Focal’s aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter combines perfectly with their proprietary Polyglass woofer in perfect tonal synergy.

Focal’s patented Polyglass cone
Focal Professional’s exclusive Polyglass technology comprises molten glass microballs applied to a cellulose pulp cone. This unique process combines the excellent damping quality of paper with the rigidity of glass. Polyglass’ rigidity index exceeds that of single-skin Kevlar®, and approximately ten times superior to that of polypropylene.

The superior mass/rigidity/damping ratio of Polyglass results in outstanding linearity in frequency response. This linearity provides greatly increased definition in the midrange, resulting in transparent, uncolored sound.

Who’s using Focal Professional Monitors:
Numerous professionals are using Focal monitors for music production, video post, and mastering. Among them are RSPE friends including, musician-producer Dweezil Zappa; renowned Hollywood sound-recording mixer Ron Bartlett (A Good Day to Die Hard, Life of Pi, Prometheus, This Means War, We Bought a Zoo, Pearl Jam Twenty, and many more), and premier Hollywood mixer, Gary Lux (The Jacksons, Frank Sinatra, Rob Thomas, Janet Jackson, Usher, Sting, Norah Jones, Keith Urban, and Rod Stewart). Dweezil, Ron, and Gary share their views on Focal monitors: VIDEOS

About Focal Professional
Since 1979, Focal-JMlab has been a world leader in high-end acoustic loudspeakers. While maintaining production in France for over 30 years, Focal has never deviated from its core values of innovation, tradition, and designs reflecting “luxury "à la française.” Focal strives to be the world's best in everything they create, and their award-winning lines of professional studio monitors reflect that philosophy.
“Focal: the Spirit of Sound.”

Focal Professional CMS 40 studio monitors are the professional’s choice for compact, yet highly accurate monitoring.

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