Focal Solo6 Be Studio Monitor Speaker
Focal Solo6 Be Studio Monitor Speaker

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Focal Solo6 Be Studio Monitor Speaker (Single)

If you haven’t experienced Focal sound quality yet, your first close encounter with the Solo6 Be will come as something of a revelation. As a recording professional (or talented amateur), you have an ear for detail. But are your monitors supplying you with enough detail in order to make decisive critical adjustments of minutia, such as reverb decay and compression)? Or, are you getting just enough information to approximate the subtle effects you’re going for? There is a solution: the Focal Solo6 Be studio monitor. Thanks to Focal’s proprietary composite cone technology, inverted beryllium dome tweeter, and custom amplification, the Focal Solo6 Be gives you a transparent, microscopically accurate sonic picture, while still being pleasant to the ear.

Focal Solo6 Be Key Features:

  • 2-way (150W rms LF/ 100W rms HF studio monitor
  • Extended bass response, midrange neutrality, and mid-bass fullness
  • Lightning-fast and transparent high-frequency reproduction
  • Ultra wide frequency range (40Hz-40kHz)
  • Adjustable tweeter and woofer level controls (-3dB - +6dB)
  • Input sensitivity selection switch for –4dBu or –10dBV operation
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Electronically balanced XLR input
Though housed in an extremely attractive cabinet, it’s what’s inside the Focal Solo6 Be that truly counts. Focal Professional’s unceasing exploration of cutting edge technologies and new manufacturing techniques have yielded unprecedented advances in audio reproduction and sound quality. It is precisely these technologies that are responsible for the stunningly accurate sound reproduction of the Focal Solo6 Be, and its larger sibling, the dual-woofer Twin6 Be.

Focal Solo6 Be Unique Features:

  • Inverted dome tweeter
  • Beryllium cone (tweeter)
  • Focal "W" composite sandwich cone speaker
  • Custom-design BASH® technology amplification

What makes the Focal Solo6 Be sound so good?

A happy surprise from the moment you hear it, the Solo6 Be studio monitor’s compact size belies its full and extended bass response (40Hz at -3dB). However, if you work with bass-heavy music, sub-sonic bass, or explosive effects and need deep, thundering bass, the Focal Sub6 subwoofer is a perfect companion for the Solo6 Be.

The Solo Be’s 6.5", “W” composite sandwich mid-woofer (see below) combines midrange neutrality with mid-bass fullness, giving you precise control over low-frequency material—absolutely essential when you’re making records.

To smoothly extend bass response, the Solo6 Be has a large, front-mounted laminar port. The laminar port comprises a hollow structure with a larger opening at the outer port and a smaller inner throat opening, which transmits energy from the speaker to the port via smooth, even airflow, which both extends and increases low-frequency response without booming effects.

If you’re a globe- or studio-trotting engineer who prefers to work on familiar monitors, the Solo6 BE’s compact design and rear-panel user settings make it easy to carry and adjust according to the acoustics of any studio you may find yourself working in.

Inverted dome tweeter

Two of the most difficult things to hear in a mix are compression and reverb tails. Focal’s innovative inverted dome tweeter offers unparalleled dynamics, enabling very precise control of compression, while its outstanding spatial precision facilitates accurate assessment of reverb tails and stereo imaging.

It accomplishes this by mechanical coupling of voice coil and dome. The voice coil is fixed mid-height on the dome and uniformly moves the entire surface of the cone. The positive dome is only joined at its edge for a flexible surface. The inverted dome directly radiates into the air with maximum efficiency, which results in an extremely precise soundstage. The dome’s response curve is far more linear than that of any positive dome, thus providing better dispersion and very low directivity.

Beryllium cone

Long, fatigue-free mixing or mastering sessions require very low distortion in the high frequencies. To accomplish this, two years of Focal research produced the world’s first pure beryllium, inverted-dome tweeter. Capable of covering five full octaves (1kHz to 40kHz) due to its incredible rigidity, Beryllium appears to be the ultimate material for a tweeter dome.

Why did Focal strive for a frequency response up to 40kHz if the human ear can only hear up to 20kHz? Extensive research has shown that if you extend frequency response well beyond the range of human hearing, phase shift is significantly reduced in the audible spectrum. This reduced phase shift greatly improves the reproduction of high-frequency information, which yields greater realism and localization in-band. Instruments maintain their spatial integrity yet blend better harmonically.

Since the linearity of a speaker’s response curve is mainly a function of three often opposing parameters: lightness, rigidity, and damping, it follows that a material that combines these three parameters in a positive manner must be found—and find it Focal did. Only one material does the trick: beryllium. Beryllium is seven times more rigid than titanium or aluminum, both of which are well known for their rigidity. However, beryllium offers sound-wave propagation that’s three times faster than titanium, and two-and-one-half times faster than aluminum. This capacity to reproduce high frequencies with unmatched speed and transparency yields an unprecedented price/performance ratio. Additionally, Focal’s TB872 beryllium tweeter delivers outstanding dynamic response, thanks to its amazing magnetic field strength (2.1 teslas).

This decisive advance in tweeter technology has put Focal Professional monitors in the enviable position of dominating the field of new high-resolution audio formats.

Focal “W” composite sandwich cone

Like the beryllium tweeter, the “W” composite sandwich cone optimizes the speaker’s frequency response curve, thanks to total control of the three aforementioned contradictory characteristics: lightness, rigidity, and damping. Focal has been developing composite sandwich technology for more than 15 years, and finally perfected it with the “W” (Glass/Foam/Glass) composite sandwich cone. The “W” cone provides precision optimization of its frequency response by fine-tuning mass, rigidity, and damping characteristic. The balance between these three fundamental parameters forms the basis of Focal speakers’ outstanding sound quality and neutrality.

Custom-designed amplification

Designing an amplifier to be integrated inside a speaker cabinet requires a very different set of rules than those for a traditional amp. Unfortunately, speaker-size and cooling issues are, more often than not, at odds with the quality and power requirements for a sonically transparent speaker. For a best-of-both-worlds solution, Focal engineers used BASH® (Bridged Amplifier Switching Hybrid) amplification technology to develop the bass/mid-range amplification circuit for all SM6-series professional monitors. The resulting amplifier combines the best of class AB style circuits (for exceptional quality) with a high-power class D-type yield. BASH offers extreme amounts of power without the wasted heat and energy of traditional amplifier designs, which is crucial when housing a 150W RMS circuit in such a small space. For handling the high end, a pure class AB circuit is more than sufficient to power the less-demanding high-frequency tweeter, which yields extremely wide bandwidth and exceptional sonic accuracy.

Who’s using Focal Professional Monitors:

Numerous professionals are using Focal monitors for music production, video post, and mastering. Among them are RSPE friends including, musician-producer Dweezil Zappa; renowned Hollywood sound-recording mixer Ron Bartlett ( A Good Day to Die Hard, Life of Pi, Prometheus, This Means War, We Bought a Zoo, Pearl Jam Twenty, and many more), and premier Hollywood mixer, Gary Lux (The Jacksons, Frank Sinatra, Rob Thomas, Janet Jackson, Usher, Sting, Norah Jones, Keith Urban, and Rod Stewart). Dweezil, Ron, and Gary share their views on Focal monitors: VIDEOS

About Focal Professional

Since 1979, Focal-JMlab has been a world leader in high-end acoustic loudspeakers. While maintaining production in France for over 30 years, Focal has never deviated from its core values of innovation, tradition, and designs reflecting “luxury "à la française.” Focal strives to be the world's best in everything they create, and their award-winning lines of professional studio monitors reflect that philosophy.
“Focal: the Spirit of Sound.”

A compact monitor with a big expensive sound, order a Focal Solo6 Be from RSPE and hear what you’ve been missing.

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