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Great River 32EQ
Great River 32EQ

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Great River Harrison 32EQ — 500-Series Equalizer

Great River and Harrison Consoles bring the renowned Harrison 32c console EQ to life in 500-series format

The product of collaboration between Great River Electronics and Harrison Consoles, the Harrison 32EQ is an exacting 500-series version of the Harrison 32 Series console EQ and filters. The unimpeachable pedigree of the Harrison 32 Series not only includes Bruce Swedien sitting in the captain’s chair shaping the sound of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, but numerous other platinum albums as well. To perfect the sound of the console EQ, Dave Harrison tapped Swedien to lend his ear in the selection of the output transformers of the 32c console. The Great River Harrison 32EQ 500-series module not only incorporates the original specifications of the 32c, but was built with support from the original designers at Harrison Consoles. The collaboration between Great River and Harrison guarantees that the 500-series Harrison 32EQ maintains the prized characteristics of the original 32c console EQ.

Great River 32EQ unique features:

  • The 32EQ has the full features of the 32-series console EQ
  • An Internal jumper provides selection of the "vintage" feedback design, or a non-feedback option

Great River 32EQ key features:

  • Low, Low-Mid, Hi-Mid, and High EQ bands with Gain and Frequency controls
  • Low- and High-band "peaking" switches
  • EQ in/out switch
  • Harrison's renowned High- and Low-pass filters with sweepable frequency
  • Filter in/out switch
  • Designed and built in the USA

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INSIDE THE BOX – Great River - Harrison 32EQ 500-series EQ module

The Great River/Harrison 32EQ is a proprietary, four-band parametric EQ whose lineage dates back to the highly respected Harrison consoles (Bruce Swedien’s favorite desk). Like the famed Harrison 32c console EQ, the EQ32 500-series module also includes the parametric, second-order high-pass and low-pass filters.

The design of the EQ32’s equalization stages allows full reciprocal operation of the boost/cut controls in both frequency and phase response. The 32EQ’s continuously variable frequency selection and boost or cut amount provides proper equalization for almost any desired effect.

The Great River Harrison EQ32 equalizer is a unity-gain design, delivering excellent noise and headroom performance.

OUTSIDE THE BOX — Great River - Harrison 32EQ 500-series EQ module

On the front panel of the 32EQ between the Harrison logo at the top and Great River logo at the bottom, are the following controls from the top down on the 32EQ:
  • High-frequency select
  • High-frequency shelf out, peak in
  • High-frequency boost/cut
  • High mid-frequency select
  • High mid-frequency boost/cut
  • Low mid-frequency select
  • Low mid-frequency boost/cut
  • Low frequency select
  • Low-frequency shelf out, peak in
  • Low frequency boost/cut
  • High-pass filter control
  • High- and low-pass enable, in
  • EQ selections enable, in
  • Low-pass filter control

The high-frequency band “HI” extends from 800Hz to 16kHz. The 32EQ’s two midrange bands (“MID”) are overlapping; one extends from 400Hz to 8kHz, while the other goes from 200Hz to 4kHz. The low range (“LO”) covers 40Hz to 800Hz. Additionally, the low and high ranges are selectable to be either shelving or peaking. The midranges are peaking. There is also an in/out switch for the four bands of boost/cut equalization.

The parametric high-pass and low-pass filters have 12dB per-octave cutoff characteristics. They are of an all-electronic design and contain no inductors. The high-pass filter has a range of 25Hz to 2.75kHz and the low-pass filter extends from 160Hz to 20kHz. Continuously variable HP and LP controls allow both subtle corrections as well as special effects. There is a separate “In” switch for the filters so that they can be inserted into the signal path independently of the equalizer.

Who’s using Great River

I am, and have been the drummer for the band Cinderella for 22 years and am now also a composer for TV and Film. I just wanted to let you know that I just picked up a 500NV and it is without a doubt, incredible. I called Troy at RSPE (where I bought it) and told him 10 thumbs up!!!! I started by plugging into the DI and just turned it up. Holy cow, that was all I needed to convince me. I A/B'ed with a couple of other top shelf pres in my lunchbox and there was no comparison. Vocals through it are ridiculous! I can't wait to track my 26" kick through it. Absolutely awesome piece of gear!

– Fred Coury

When shooting out various mic pre's to match with a pair of vintage U67's to record Jerry Douglas' dobro on the album, Glide, it was Great River mic pre's that WON!

– Bil VornDick (Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, Marty Robbins, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Mark O'Connor, Charlie Hade, Jesse Winchester)

Even though the combination of an MP-2NV with an EQ-2NV provides you with almost unlimited choices for sound shaping, each one is an amazing sound tool in itself. The MP-2NV is my go-to mic pre when I'm not sure which direction I want to go with a certain mic. It provides such a wide spectrum, that I can always count on it to get the best out of any mic. The EQ-2NV is simply one of THE most musical EQ's I have heard and is used on every session at my studio.

– Michael Wagener (Mötley Crüe, Overkill, Accept, Great White, Poison, Alice Cooper, Extreme, Megadeth, Janet Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken, Metallica, White Lion, Skid Row)

About Great River Electronics

Located on the banks of the Upper Mississippi River, Great River Electronics designs and builds handcrafted quality audio recording tools. All products undergo extensive research, development, and fine-tuning to meet and exceed the needs of audio professionals. Years of concurrent experience as an OEM manufacturer of industrial measurement and control systems for industries where safety, reliability, and quality control are critical are what give the Great River design-build team an edge. Carefully designed analog signal paths, many with digital controls, are the foundation of Great River audio recording designs.

Using a wide range of classically proven circuit styles, Great River continues to create a product line of audio recording tools that deliver a diverse tonal spectrum and solid sonic performance. From tracking to mastering, dual transformer-based preamps, sweet sounding EQs, and a hybrid-style summing system, all make consistent, concrete contributions to any recording studio.

Add the platinum hit-making sound of Harrison Console EQ to your 500 rack with a Great River EQ32 For more information, call or chat with an RSPE representative today.

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Low, Low-Mid, Hi-Mid, and High EQ bands with Gain and Frequency controls Low and High Band "peaking" switches EQ in/out switch Harrison's renowned High- and Low-pass filters with sweepable frequency Filter in/out switch An Internal jumper provides selection of the "vintage" feedback design, or a non-feedback option

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