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PMC Flagship Boutique at RSPE Audio Solutions opens new Dolby Atmos Music Nearfield Mix Room

With the explosion of Atmos streaming content across the biggest platforms on the internet, RSPE Audio has commissioned their own Dolby Atmos Music room featuring a high resolution PMC Nearfield monitoring system. This mix environment was constructed and tuned to provide a “real world” Atmos studio, bringing Dolby Atmos Music creation to a wider audience of discerning professionals.

The 9.1.4 PMC nearfield monitoring system exceeds the rigorous standards for Dolby Atmos Music, and provides the same sonic characteristics and clarity as the larger PMC Dolby Atmos Music systems found in Capitol Studios, UMG’s East Iris Studios, Becker Mastering, Valhalla Studios, Dolby NY and PMC’s own London and Los Angeles Atmos studios, to name but a few.

With so many content creators and record labels now expressing interest in mixing new music or remixing their catalogs in Dolby Atmos, many are wondering where to start. This new mix room seeks to provide a place for artists, producers, and mixers to experience Dolby Atmos Music for themselves. The production system features a Pro Tools HDX system, Avid MTRX Studio, and Avid S1 control surface.

With the ever increasing demand for music to be mixed in Dolby Atmos, you need to know where to start. Book yourself a private session at RSPE Audio and listen to the quality of mix production in a Dolby tuned and approved PMC Nearfield system.
PMC x Dolby Atmos Showroom at RSPE Audio
PMC x Dolby Atmos Showroom at RSPE Audio

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