Penteo Surround - Penteo 16 Pro
Penteo 16 Pro

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Penteo Surround - Penteo 16 Pro

Award Winning All-In-One stereo to surround + 16-Channel Upmix/Downmix Plugin, with support for Dolby Atmos & other immersive formats.

Penteo 16 Pro provides the most comprehensive set of 5.1, 7.1, and up to 16 channel Immersive audio upmixing tools for professional sound design & re-recording mixers when running on Avid’s Pro Tools. Using Penteo’s award winning algorithm, Penteo 16 Pro delivers the highest quality surround sound that is fully immersive with wide & discrete channel separation, while retaining the low frequency “slam” and front channel “punch.” Penteo delivers a clean upmix with no unwanted sonic artifacts because it doesn't introduce any phasing as part of the upmix process. Penteo 16 Pro also contains built in presets and DAW automation to speed sound design workflows.

Perfect Upmix
Penteo’s unique phaseless process produces the highest quality multichannel upmix with up to 16 discrete output channels.

Perfect Downmix
Since Penteo is phaseless, every upmix downmixes back to the original stereo or surround, 100% ITU, every time for any source

Penteo 16 Pro key features:

  • All Upmix Formats Supported
    • Stereo or Surround up to 16 channels
    • 20 new Immersive upmix formats (5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos up to 9.1.6, Auro 3D up to 13.1, DTSX and up to 3rd order Ambisonics)
    • New 6.0 and 3.0 Triangle Surround formats
  • Penteo Modes Do the Heavy Work
    • Modes speed mixing workflows
    • Increase mix creativity
    • New Modes: Upper, Center, DropVox, BOOST
  • Switch Formats On-The-Fly
    • Switch between any format from the plugin
    • Time saver: no more plugin re-initiation
    • Self-detects up- or downmix mode
  • Automatic Ambisonics Encoding
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Order Ambisonics
    • AmbiX and FuMa formats
    • Unique controls, specialized Visualizer
  • Penteo Visualizer: See your Sound
    • 360 view of Surround or Immersive soundfield
    • Simultaneous 2D / 3D spatial viewsNew Modes: Dual-2D and Bi-Color
  • Integrated Surround Downmixer
    • Perfect 7.1/5.1 downmix compatibility
    • Downmix to 5.1, Quad, LCR or Stereo
    • Monitor warns when downmix is not 100% ITU

The Penteo Difference: Only Penteo provides a perfect upmix and perfect stereo foldback from a single file. Call or chat online with an RSPE representative for a demonstration or to learn more.

Penteo 16 Pro Walkthrough

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