SE Electronics X1 R Ribbon Microphone
SE Electronics X1 R Ribbon Microphone

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SE Electronics X1 R Ribbon Microphone

X1 Series Passive Ribbon Microphone with Clip

The SE Electronics X1 R ribbon microphone is a high performance passive ribbon suited to a variety of recording applications including guitar cabs, overhead drums, brass, woodwind, strings, commercial broadcast and voice-over. X1 R is a vintage-modern hybrid that provides all the inherent smoothness of a hand-crafted ribbon mic, but with more versatility, durability, and ease of use than the delicate ribbons of yesteryear.

This state of the art ribbon element enclosed by top-grade Neodymium magnets boasts some of sE's latest ribbon microphone technologies. sE have combined theirr traditional ribbon technology with some of the mechanical elements of the VR1/VR2 microphone HF (High Frequency) extension technology to bring you a classic sounding ribbon mic with a gentle HF lift.

The X1 R doesn't quite offer the full-frequency response performance of the VR1, VR2, or the widely acclaimed Rupert Neve Signature Series RNR1 - but its hybrid old and new ribbon technology gives you all the natural beauty of the ribbon sound, but with more versatility and ease of use than the majority of ribbons on today's market.

The X1 R comes standard with a mic clip that will securely attach it to any mic stand, but fits the Isolation Pack if a shockmount solution is desired.

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