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SSL XLogic G Series Compressor
SSL XLogic G Series Compressor

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Solid State Logic (SSL) XLogic G Series Compressor — Stereo Bus Compressor

Classic SSL G-Series compressor updated with SSL’s ultra transparent SuperAnalogue™ circuitry

The SSL G Series console compressor has provided the audio glue for more mixes than nearly any other stereo bus compressor in recording history. Combining the classic design elements of the SL 4000 G Series center console compressor with SSL’s ultra-transparent SuperAnalogue circuitry introduced on the SL 9000J console, the 1U rackmount SSL XLogic G Series Compressor provides the dual benefits of a universally acclaimed classic compressor and spectacular audio performance. If you’ve been looking for a way to add size, power, and punch to your mixes without artifacts or compromising sonic integrity, clear a space on your 2-bus for the XLogic G Series Compressor by Solid State Logic.

Solid State Logic XLogic G-Series Compressor unique features:

  • Legendary SSL G Series stereo bus compressor
  • Ultra transparent DC-coupled SuperAnalogue topology
  • Auto fade with rate control automatic linear fade in/out control
  • Remote connector for remote operation of the auto fade function

Solid State Logic XLogic G-Series Compressor key features:

  • Gain reduction meter as fitted to the classic SSL console range
  • External side chain source select
  • Balanced XLR I/O
  • Universal power supply
  • Hardwire bypass

RSPE Audio Solutions’ Virtual SSL Bus Compressor, created in collaboration with Solid State Logic, gives you the opportunity to A/B the SSL G-Series Bus Compressor while adding punch to drums and “gluing a mix,” which it has done on countless hit records for decades.

INSIDE THE BOX — SSL XLogic G Series Compressor

SuperAnalogue design philosophy

First featured in the SL 9000J console, the SuperAnalogue technology found in the XLogic G Series Compressor is a design philosophy that incorporates DC-coupled circuitry implemented in modern surface-mount technology. SSL SuperAnalogue processors have extraordinarily transparent audio path with flat, ultra-wide frequency response, extremely low distortion, and an almost immeasurable noise floor. SuperAnalogue provides a bandwidth greater than 192kHz recorders and a dynamic range well beyond that of 24-bit A-D converters. SuperAnalogue circuits are designed to be the fastest-acting, most tonally accurate audio circuits available. Perhaps the most unique capability of SuperAnalogue processors is the ability to null two units just shy of 100%—something that is very difficult to achieve with analog circuitry. The same technology, circuit design, and components from SSL analog consoles have been the foundation of the XL 9000K, AWS 900+, and Duality recording consoles, and are used in the XLogic outboard processor range.

Origins of the G Series Stereo Bus Compressor

Solid State Logic’s SL 4000 console was a landmark in recording desks, since it was the first console to incorporate dynamics processing in every channel and a master compressor in the console center section. Thanks to the console’s ability to patch into the SL 4000's center compressor and control its sidechain from an internal sub-mix, engineers used found its unique compression characteristics to be amazingly useful on instruments such as piano and drums, and most particularly for its mix finalizing capabilities. The G Series center console compressor became an indispensible studio tool, but since it was only available on SSL consoles, demand arose by engineers and producers for a rackmount version. SSL responded and a legendary piece of outboard gear was born.

The XLogic G Series Compressor is the latest version of the SL 4000 center console compressor, using the same classic twin VCA design as its console counterpart. Combined with improved input and output circuitry, this new unit provides improved audio performance, while retaining the dynamics characteristics that have provided numerous hit mixes for the world's best audio engineers.

The SL 4000 G console

The Solid State Logic SL 4000 G Series is the world's most successful studio production console. Used by top mixers such as Michael Brauer and the Lord Alge brothers, its reputation is built upon SSL's design excellence, advanced electronic engineering and a sound quality that has produced hundreds of best selling recordings. A key element in the sound of many of these recordings is punch and drive of the mixes created by the classic G-Series center section compressor.

OUTSIDE THE BOX — SSL XLogic G Series Compressor

A model of elegant simplicity, the front panel of the XLogic G Series Compressor has the following controls and settings:

Gain reduction meter: featuring the same design and look of the center section compressor on the classic SSL analog consoles, the meter of the Xlogic G Series Compressor is calibrated from 0 – 20dB in 4dB intervals.

Threshold: Sets operating point for the compressor’s knee and is continuously variable from -15dB to +15dB.

Attack: Six switchable settings: 0.1ms, 0.3ms, 1ms, 10ms, and 30ms.

Ratio: Three switchable ranges 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1.

Release: Release has five settings, 0.1s, 0.3s, 0.6s, 1.2s, and Auto. If auto is selected, release is dependent on the duration of the signal peak.

Make-up: Make-up gain is continuously variable from -5dB - +15dB.

Compressor In: A bypass button that switches the compressor in circuit and out. Bypass is hardwired to the G Series compressor’s output.

External Sidechain: This button selects the rear-panel “Key Input” as the sidechain source for the compressor. Sidechain opens up the possibility to use the unit as a ducker for audio-follow applications or with and external EQ as a de-esser.

Auto Fade: provides an automatic fadeout set by the rate control. When the switch is released, the stereo signal automatically fades up over the set time.

Rate: Used in conjunction with Auto Fade, the Rate control sets auto fade duration variable from 1 to 60 seconds

Rear-panel connectors:

XLogic G Series Compressor rear panel has a Remote 9-pin D-Sub connector that allows connection of external meter and auto fade switch; Key Input, an external XLR sidechain connector; and left- and right-channel XLRM and XLRF connectors. The G Series Compressor also has a universal power supply (110V, 120V, 230V, 240V) with IEC connector for global use.

An essential mixing tool that never goes out of style, an SSL XLogic G Series Compressor belongs on your mix bus. For more information, call or chat with your RSPE representative today.

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