Sound Particles Air Plug-in
Sound Particles Air Plug-in

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Sound Particles Air Plug-in

Air is the perfect tool to simulate distance through high frequency attenuation. Use it on any DAW.

Air simulates the natural dampening that happens to higher frequencies from sounds as they travel through air, providing perfectly simulated frequency responses to dialogue or effects that you want to sound naturally distant.

Air Key Features

  • Several Locations - Air already includes temperature and humidity settings from different locations around the globe, from Antarctica to Death Valley, but you are always able to enter your one custom.
  • Perfect Result - Air is much more accurate than a simple low-pass filter, using scientifically measured frequency response values of air dampening.
  • Frequency Response - With Air, you can see the actual frequency response that is being applied to the sound.
  • Distance Attenuation - Control the volume over distance with the Distance Attenuation parameter.
  • World Units - Do you prefer “meters” or “feet”? “Mph" or "km/h"? Full integration with Imperial and Metric units, for an easy and more welcoming workflow for everyone.
  • Control Surfaces - Use control surfaces such as AVID S6 to edit the plug-ins' parameters.

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