Steinberg Nuendo Syncstation for Yamaha Nuage
Steinberg Nuendo Syncstation for Yamaha Nuage

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Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation

A benchmark-setting hardware sync solution with Full Nuendo Integration, engineered for postproduction, music mixing and broadcast dubbing

Designed by film and broadcast industry legend Colin Broad, Nuendo SyncStation offers sample-accurate sync for video tape recorders, analog tape machines, house sync generators, and most importantly, between different DAWs—a handy thing to have when working with multiple DAWs in a system such as Yamaha's Nuage control surface/mixer. Designed for, but not limited to use with Steinberg's Nuendo software, Nuendo SyncStation supports an exhaustive list of standards and protocols. Rock-solid performance and true sample accuracy make the Nuendo SyncStation a one-of-its-kind synchronization solution.

Nuendo SyncStation unique features:

  • All important synchronization tasks available in one unit
  • The world’s first sample-accurate synchronizer in conjunction with VST System Link
  • Extremely accurate sync using traditionally less accurate standards, such as MTC
  • Designed and built by industry legend, Colin Broad

Nuendo SyncStation key features:

  • Dedicated to Nuendo with a deep integration that ends up in an outstanding operation from within Nuendo
  • Works with all DAWs (with some limitation), not just with Nuendo, even standalone operation is possible
  • Cross-platform support for Nuendo SyncStation together with Nuendo on Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation features in depth

Designed for, but not limited to operation with Steinberg's Nuendo Advanced Audio Production System, Nuendo SyncStation supports an exhaustive list of standards and protocols, including MTC; LTC; MMC; Sony 9-pin RS422; WordClock; VITC; Tri-level, Black Burst, and Varispeed operation, over a huge array of Pull-up/Pull-down settings. Neundo SyncStation also provides sample-accurate VST System Link via digital connections. Unlike any other sync solution, Nuendo SyncStation can provide extremely accurate sync using traditionally less-accurate standards, such as MTC, by referencing audio with sample-accuracy to each video frame.

VST System Link Integration

Steinberg’s VST System Link protocol allows SyncStation and your audio system to exchange positioning information on a sample basis. The connections for VST System Link communication can be made via digital formats including, AES/EBU, as well as coaxial and optical S/PDIF.

SyncStation—the bridge between old and new technologies

Sample-accurate synchronization between devices is essential, especially in current digital music and postproduction environments. And quite often, modern technology has to talk to older technologies. However, the results of those “conversations” have to be up to modern standards. Simple MTC and LTC (without additional word clock connection) are incapable of truly accurate sync. In fact, MTC can vary up to several milliseconds, but Nuendo SyncStation can align an audio sample with the leading edge of a video frame reference, thus integrating timecode, word clock, and video frame reference, so that accurate sync can be maintained between multiple audio devices. Plus, special situations, such as pull down in film postproduction, are made seamless when SyncStation handles video sync, timecode, and word clock.
  • Master/slave machine control is provided via two dedicated RS422 ports (In/Out) utilizing the Sony 9-pin protocol
  • Master/slave machine control with two dedicated MIDI ports utilizing the MMC standard
  • All timecode functionalities can be used in addition to machine control operation

Tape Machines—audio and video

Tape machines have special requirements when being synchronized to digital audio systems. To begin with, most analog tape transports and VTRs cannot be locked to the sample clock in order to maintain speed. Secondly, since mechanical tape machines cannot locate instantly to a given point, they require commands to be sent that will shuttle the tape to the desired position (i.e. FF, REW).

Using both MIDI Machine Control (MMC) and Sony 9-pin RS422 protocol, Nuendo SyncStation slaves Nuendo software to audio and videotape machines. This allows for easy locating of an entire system to a specific time code location. Plus, machine control can be used to arm tracks for recording and automating audio playback to VTRs using Nuendo’s punch features.

LTC (Longitudinal Time Code)

Nuendo SyncStation can read analog timecode (LTC) that has been recorded on a tape machine and use that to synchronize Nuendo as a slave to the tape transport to set position, speed, and phase. Nuendo SyncStation can also generate LTC.

GPIO (General Purpose In/Out)

Nuendo SyncStation’s GPIO interface allows control of external items, such as video streamers, record, “on-air” signals, lock indicator, and others. Also, it allows external switches to enter record or activate the online status of Nuendo SyncStation. Also, incoming GPI commands can be used to control specific functions in Nuendo. GPI input and output connects to external devices via DB-25 connector.

About Colin Broad

“For years, the film and broadcast community have relied on Colin Broad's expertise to solve a range of problems in the area of machine and system control. In fact, you would have to search hard to find a UK film dubbing theatre without at least one of his products, known to all and sundry as 'Broad Boxes'. They are also a common sight in dubbing theatres across the world. Because big film dubbing theatre requirements are so complex most of the previous products have tended to involve a degree of customization to suit individual requirements."

“In 1994 Colin Broad received an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award in the category of Sound for the design and development of EDL (Edit Decision Lister) which creates encoded timecode track and database during the initial transfer of the production sound ‘dailies’”

— Rob James, Studio Sound magazine

Who is Neundo SyncStation for?

SyncStation for DAW users

With Nuendo SyncStation, DAW users can interconnect and synchronize external audio/video systems and devices with the DAW of their choice. With Nuendo audio and post-production system, you’re able to easily control all the synchronizer’s functions from within Nuendo.

SyncStation for producers of video post

For movie postproduction tasks such as audio editing, Foley, voice recording, multi-channel mixing, and DVD authoring, Nuendo SyncStation’s vast I/O capabilities not only interconnect and sync multiple DAWs and peripherals, but also allow for machine control of the Nuendo system from mixing consoles.

SyncStation for music producers and mixers

Nuendo SyncStation supports Steinberg’s VST System Link, which allows you to seamlessly interconnect Nuendo with a Cubase system running VST instruments and external MIDI devices for editing and mixing. In addition, Nuendo SyncStation provides the master clock source for all your studio’s audio gear.

SyncStation for broadcast dubbing editors

Sound dubbing for broadcast requires a flexible solution; Nuendo SyncStation is capable of synchronizing multiple Nuendo and other DAWs to handle audio playback and surround mixing, along with machine control and track arming for dubbers. In this scenario, Nuendo SyncStation is the Virtual Master, generating timecode for all devices.

Why Nuendo SyncStation?

Whether you’re working in multiple DAWs or just Nuendo and need sample-accurate synchronization with external equipment of various ages and types, Nuendo SyncStation can tie it all together for you in one single-rackspace unit.

Nuendo SyncStation and Yamaha Nuage—a total studio environment

Yamaha Nuage is a complete system comprising the Nuage Fader controller; Nuage Master section; Dante network card; a choice of three audio interfaces, including the Nio500-D16, Nio500-A16, and Nio500-A8D8; SyncStation; and Nuendo 6 software. If desired, Nuage Master and Fader controllers can be used individually. The largest Nuage system can have three Fader sections and one Master for a total of forty-eight physical faders.

Supercharge your Nuage-based postproduction facility with Steinberg’s Nuendo SyncStation. Call or chat online with an RSPE representative to configure your perfect Nuage system.

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