Triad-Orbit M1 - Long Stem Hanging Microphone Adapter
Triad-Orbit M1 - Long Stem Hanging Microphone Adapter

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Triad-OrbitMicro M1 Long-Stem Orbital Hanging Mic Adaptor

Miniature-sized orbital microphone boom for LDC mics with spherical range of motion for exacting mic placement made easy

 The Micro M1 Long-Stem Hanging Orbital Mic Adaptor is one of those products recording professionals been waiting for. Often with overheads and hanging vocal mics, you have to make several interrelated stand adjustments to get to the one you want, including moving the entire stand to get to the position you want (until you settle for close enough). Not so with the Micro M1 Long-Stem Hanging Orbital Mic Adaptor. The Micro M1 Long-Stem Orbital Hanging Mic Adaptor features several technologies to facilitate mic placement, including a long-stem ball swivel that provides boom clearance for large-diaphragm mics with spider shockmounts; Triad-Orbit Micro M1’s patent-pending Glide Path™ housing, which allows both full orbital rotation and a conventional straight-line trajectory for on-axis use; plus Orbit IO quick-change hardware for hot-swapping mics in the heat of battle.

Micro M1 Long-Stem Orbital Hanging Mic Adaptor unique features:

  • Miniature version of Orbit O-series orbital booms
  • Long-stem lets spider shockmounts clear boom
  • Ball swivel mechanism provides enhanced range of motion
  • IO-equipped for quick-change compatibility with Triad stands and Orbit booms
  • Glide Path ball-swivel housing allows spherical and straight-line movement for on- and off-axis mic placement

Micro M1 Orbital Mic Adaptors are miniature versions of Orbit O-series orbital booms, exhibiting the same enhanced range of motion, thanks to their unique ball-swivel mechanism.

Using Orbit Micro Adaptors in conjunction with Orbit O1 and Orbit 02 booms exponentially increase the accuracy and versatility of any microphone stand. The Micro M1 Orbital Mic Adaptor features a long-stem mounting arm to accommodate studio microphones ranging from small-diaphragm pencil condensers to large diaphragm tube condensers.

Micro M1 Orbital Mic Adaptors are Triad-Orbit IO-equipped, giving them quick-change compatibility with Triad Mic Stands, Orbit Booms and IO-R (retrofit) adapters. With Triad-Orbit IO technology, rapid mic changes between recording sessions, takes, and live sets are a snap, thanks to the integrated quick-change platform of Triad-Orbit Advanced Mic Stand Systems. A combination of Orbit O1 and O2 Booms plus the Micro M1 Orbital Adaptor is the essential formula in achieving surgically precise, phase-coherent mic placement.

If you’re an experienced engineer, just one encounter with Triad-Orbit-Micro mic stand technology is all it takes to realize they are the solution to all the mic placement problems you thought you had to live with. And if you’re just starting out, why not start out right? Outfit your Triad-Orbit T1 short, T2 standard, and T3 tall mic stands and O1 Single-Arm and O2 Dual-Arm Orbital Booms with Micro M1 adapters and watch your miking problems become a distant memory.

Triad Orbit Micro M1 Orbital Mic Adaptors used in conjunction with Orbit Booms make solve all the problems associated with achieving phase-coherent mic placement. For more information, call or chat online with an RSPE representative.

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