Triad-Orbit T1 - Short Tripod Microphone Stand
Triad-Orbit T1 - Short Tripod Microphone Stand

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Triad-Orbit T1 Short Tripod Microphone Stand

Precision-adjustable short microphone stand with articulating bass, knobless adjustments and quick-change couplers significantly reduces setup time

Once in a long while a new product comes along that takes the industry by storm—Triad Orbit has brought us several. Nominated for a TEC Award and winner of Prosound Network’s Par Excellence Award and Best In Show at NAMM, the Triad-Orbit T1 Short Tripod Microphone Stand is a quantum leap forward in mic stand technology—offering both precision mic placement and significant savings in setup time (which equals money regardless of which side of the glass you’re on). The Triad-Orbit T1 Short Tripod is a low-profile stand for miking drums and amps that features an articulating base with hands-free operation; quick-change coupler for attaching or removing mics or booms; and high quality clutches to secure shafts and bases. The Triad-Orbit T1 Short Mic Stand is machined to fine tolerances previously unheard of in the industry—with quality and durability to match.

Triad-Orbit T1 Short Tripod Microphone Stand unique features:

  • Articulating base provides fully adjustable attitude and footprint
  • Foot-actuated latch on each leg provides hands-free adjustability
  • Professional-grade clutches instead of knobs and thumbscrews to adjust and secure shafts and bases
  • Exclusive IO Quick-Change Coupler eliminates threading booms and mic clips

Triad-Orbit T1 Short Tripod Microphone Stand key features:

  • Perfect for low-profile mic placement on drums and amps
  • Reduces setup time by 25%
  • Comfort-coated, ergonomic clutch covers
  • Max. Footprint: 18-1/2"
  • Stand Height: 17-29-1/2"
  • Weight: 9-1/2 lb.

As anyone who’s ever placed a microphone knows, it takes a lot of effort to get the mic in the right place, especially when you have to fight the unwieldy mechanics of the stand. (That’s why jazz recording master Rudy Van Gelder would scream at anyone (including Herbie Hancock) who even breathed too close to one of his mics, let alone touch it. There’s nothing more frustrating than laboring to coax a mic into position while people are standing around tapping their feet (and not to music).

If you’ve ever set up a symphonic scoring session, the sheer number of mics and amount of finagling to get spot mics in place can cost quite a bit of money in session time, as well is impatient artists, who can easily lose the muse if they’re kept waiting around too long. The versatile design and smoothly operating, precision mechanics of Triad-Orbit stands can reduce your setup time by at least 25%. Most importantly, with Triad-Orbit stands, not only do your mics swivel into place easily and stay put, you also have a simple, foolproof way to hang expensive mics without accidents or errors that come with outdated mic stand technology.

Triad-Orbit T1 microphone stands solve the problems of mic placement with a number of innovations:

Triad-Orbit T1 articulating base

The Triad-Orbit T1’s proprietary articulating base provides the weight and stability of large-diameter cast iron bases and a fully adjustable attitude and footprint, thanks to its patent-pending ratcheting mechanism. Each leg of a Triad T1 base has four ratcheted positions that provide up to 65º of pitch. A foot-actuated latch on each leg provides hands-free adjustability. Adjusting the height of the articulating legs affects the floor clearance and footprint of Triad Stands. The Triad-Orbit articulating base is designed to accommodate “boom-less” front lines, uneven surfaces, and stacking for storage. The cutaway base allows the Triad T1 to be closely grouped in positions not possible with conventional stands.

Triad-Orbit T1 professional-grade clutch

Making sure your mic stand shaft and boom adjustments are tight is often an exercise in sore fingers tightening small knobs that are often insufficient to keep things in place. The Triad T1 uses professional-grade clutches instead of knobs and thumbscrews to adjust and secure shafts and bases. Coated, knurled metal clutch barrels provide a comfortable ergonomic grip that yields more torque for a tighter lock, so you don’t have to worry about drooping mics.

Triad-Orbit T1 Quick-Change Coupler

Swapping out mics and booms in an effort to get the sound you’re looking for is very time-consuming and poses a threat to the safety of your mics. Worse still, you don’t want clients thinking you’re wasting their time while the clock is ticking away dollars. Beyond that, artists lose patience and inspiration while you spend time spinning mic clips. The Triad-Orbit T1 short mic stand’s exclusive IO Quick-Change Coupler effortlessly captures booms and mics with ease and assurance. On-the-fly hardware swaps are now a reality, replacing the tedious task of threading booms and mic clips on and off.

If you’re an experienced engineer, just one encounter with a Triad-Orbit stand is all it takes to realize they are the solution to all the mic placement problems you thought you had to live with. And if you’re just starting out, why not start out right? Outfit your studio with Triad-Orbit T1 short, T2 standard, and T3 tall stands and watch your miking problems disappear into the past.

A new industry standard is born; Triad-Orbit T1 Short Microphone Stand is nothing less than a revelation in studio miking. Once you’ve used a Triad-Orbit stand, all the old familiar mic-placement problems will fade into a distant memory. For more information, call or chat with an RSPE representative today.

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