Universal Audio UAD-2 QUAD Core PCIe DSP Accelerator
Universal Audio UAD-2 Desktop QUAD Core

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Universal Audio UAD-2 PCIe QUAD Core

A quad-core PCIe card for desktop systems that augments computer processing power and dramatically improves sonic quality of computer-based music production

Offering the world’s most authentic analog hardware emulations and award-winning plug-ins for Mac and PC, the UAD-2 QUAD is powered by Universal Audio’s quad-core DSP Accelerator hardware, featuring four SHARC processors. The “Core” in UAD-2 QUAD Core refers to the included UA Analog Classics bundle of powered plug-ins, which deliver the rich, analog sound quality of vintage studio gear, including the great classics made by Universal Audio’s Bill Putnam Sr. The UAD-2 QUAD Core was designed for professional users, but also makes an excellent upgrade in mixing capability for the project studio. Thanks to UA’s decades as an industry leader in analog equipment, as well as the commanding lead they’ve taken in digital emulations, UAD-2 QUAD Core offers sound quality that is near impossible to achieve with native systems—and the three-dimensional sound to in-the-box mixes that was previously only available from analog outboard equipment.

Universal Audio UAD-2 PCIe QUAD Core unique features:

  • QUAD Core includes UA’s “Analog Classics” bundle featuring Legacy editions of LA-2A Classic Audio Leveler, 1176LN / 1176SE Classic Limiting Amplifiers, Pultec EQP-1A, Pultec Pro, and RealVerb Pro
  • Access over 90 plug-ins from Ampex, Lexicon, Roland, Studer, Neve, Manley, SSL, EMT, Empirical Labs, MXR and more (sold separately)
  • QUAD PCIe card with 4 SHARC processors

Universal Audio UAD-2 PCIe QUAD Core key features:

  • Run UAD Powered Plug-Ins on Mac and PC towers and PCIe expansion chassis
  • Includes DSP Accelerator Card (PCIe format), plus a choice of Core, Custom, or Ultimate 2 UAD plug-in packages
  • Available in SOLO, DUO, QUAD, and OCTO models w/ 1, 2, 4, or 8 SHARC processors
  • Gives native systems a DSP boost for running larger mixes, with rich, sonically complex plug-ins
  • Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live, Digital Performer and more
  • Combine with other UAD-2 devices, including additional UAD-2 PCIe card(s), UAD-2 Satellite (FireWire), and Apollo audio interface
  • VST, AU, RTAS support; Mac OS X Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion and Windows 7 compatible

Inside The Box

Universal Audio’s UAD-2 DSP Accelerator cards offer a high-performance solution for running UAD plug-ins on Mac and PC towers, plus select PCIe and Thunderbolt expansion chassis. These packages contain a user-installable PCIe card with a choice of four different processing levels: SOLO, DUO, QUAD, and OCTO. Each of the UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Cards come with the “Analog Classics” plug-in bundle, which supports VST, AU, and RTAS, as well as Pro Tools 11 AAX—giving you vintage tone and character, right out of the box.

The actual plug-in processing is offloaded to the UAD-2 QUAD PCIe card hardware via Analog Devices SHARC processors. The UAD-2 frees up your computer for other functions, such as mixing audio, running samplers, or soft synths. The end result is that you can add substantial power to your studio and run more professional mixes on your system.

What separates UAD plug-ins from the rest is physical modeling of classic audio hardware. Universal Audio’s engineers, which comprise some of the world’s leading DSP authorities, including PhD-level scientists from Stanford, MIT, and Cambridge, essentially “rebuild” vintage analog gear in the digital world, component by component. That’s how UAD-2 plug-ins replicate the exact and sometimes quirky, non-linear behavior of analog hardware—bringing its rich, three-dimensional sound and euphonic character “in the box.”

Physical modeling is a much more difficult and time-consuming process than the signal modeling approach used by many other “emulation” plug-ins. UA’s meticulous approach means that UAD-2 plug-ins not only sound like the original vintage hardware; they behave like the original devices, at even the most extreme settings.

Apart from the pure science of physical modeling, the quality and accuracy of UAD Powered Plug-Ins can also be attributed to the relationships Universal Audio maintains with its partners. UA goes right to the source of the hardware, whether it’s Roland, Neve, Manley, Studer, SSL, Lexicon, Empirical Labs, EMT, Trident, etc. Using original manufacturer’s schematics and “golden” units, UA engineers work closely with the original designers throughout the development process, ensuring that UAD plug-in emulations are as close to their analog counterparts as possible. Perhaps the greatest advantage of the UAD-2 DSP Accelerator cards is the ability to add new plug-ins as your needs or desires dictate, or as new ones are developed—and when it comes to customer feedback, UA does take requests. The UAD-2 library now features over 90 plug-ins, co-developed with the biggest brands in audio, including Studer, Ampex, Lexicon, Eve, Manley, Roland, SSL and more. These exclusive plug-ins can be purchased alongside UAD-2 DSP Accelerator hardware as part of the “Custom” and “Ultimate 2” packages, or you can buy UAD plug-ins à la carte from UA’s online store.

Outside The Box

The UAD-2 powered plug-ins are powered by dedicated, user installable, hardware DSP accelerators, in either PCIe format or FireWire 400/800 format.

Universal Audio’s PCIe / ExpressCard UAD-2 DSP Accelerators are equally compatible with both Mac and PC. UAD-2 plug-ins can be used in any VST, AU, or RTAS compatible audio software on Mac and PC—including Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Live, Digital Performer, GarageBand, Sonar, and Bias to name a few. If you’re running a desktop tower with available PCIe slots as your primary system, then the UA PCIe-based UAD-2 DSP Accelerator card is your best option.

If you require more processing power, you can combine up to four UAD-2 DSP Accelerators within the same system, depending on your available PCIe ports and bandwidth. Running more UAD-2 PICe cards will let you run more simultaneous UAD Powered Plug-Ins.

From serious home recordists to multi-platinum mix engineers; UAD Powered Plug-Ins have been winning over audio professionals for more than 10 years. And with an ever-growing range of powered plug-ins including rare compressors and equalizers, vintage reverb processors and tape machines, and channel strips from world-class consoles, UAD-2 Powered Plug-Ins inject three-dimensional “outside-the-box” analog sound to your inside-the-box mixes.

Super-charge your Mac or PC tower with UAD-2 QUAD Accelerator card and Core bundle of UAD powered plug-in’s world-class analog-style sound. To see which UA DSP Accelerator is right for your system, call or chat with an RSPE representative today.

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