Yamaha Nuage I/O Analog 8 / Digital 8 Audio Interface
Yamaha Nuage I/O Analog 8 / Digital 8 Audio Interface

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Yamaha Nuage I/O Nio500-A8D8

8-channel analog plus 8-channel AES/EBU I/O interface with audiophile-quality sound and 24-bit/192kHz resolution

If you’re looking for a system that gives you high-quality analog audio capture and dedicated effects returns via AES/EBU—the professional way to return effects to a DAW—the Yamaha Nuage Nio500-A8D8 interface gives you the best of both worlds in one audio interface. Nuage I/O Nio500-A8D8 offers eight channels analog I/O and 8 channels of AES/EBU digital I/O in one elegant solution. Designed with the highest quality components and Yamaha’s superior know-how, these meticulously designed units provide the kind of sound quality you’d expect for feature film postproduction. The Nuage I/O Nio500-A8D8 also features advanced DSP processing for stereo and surround monitoring, 24-bit/192 kHz operation, and JetPLL™ jitter-reduction technology for extremely low jitter and superior resolution. Available in three different configurations, up to eight Nuage I/O units can be or combined for a 128-channel system.

Yamaha Nuage I/O Nio500-A8D8 features:

  • Designed and constructed to bring out the full sonic potential of Nuendo DAW software
  • 8-channel analog ADA plus 8-channel AES/EBU digital I/O
  • Up to 24-bit/192 kHz hardware operation with extremely low jitter and outstanding AD/DA resolution
  • True Integrated Monitoring™ reduces monitoring latency to well below the perception threshold
  • True Integrated Monitoring works flawlessly with Nuendo Control Room monitoring features, a 32-port monitor bus cascade, and 16x16 monitor matrix
  • Up to eight Nuage I/O units can be cascaded and provide a maximum of 128 channels

Yamaha Nuage I/O Nio500-A8D8 features in depth

The front panel of the Nuage I/O Nio500-A8D8 has 16 meters for analog input and output, and 16 meters for AES/EBU input and output. It also has LED indicators for sample rate from 44.1 to 192kHz, clock sources, and sample rate conversion. On the rear panel are Ethernet connectors for Dante accelerator cards, word clock, cascade (for multiple Nuage I/O), and DB-25 connectors for eight channels of analog I/O and eight channels of AES/EBU I/O.

Along with the Nuage I/O Nio500-A8D8, two other 16-channel models with different I/O configurations are available, including the Nio500-A16 with 16 channels of analog I/O; and the Nio500-D16 with a combination of 16 channels of analog I/O. The Nuage I/O units connect to computers running Nuendo via the highly expandable Dante digital audio protocol, allowing multiple Nuage I/O units to be flexibly incorporated in a wide variety of system configurations.

Nuage I/O mastering-grade, audiophile sound quality

Yamaha’s decades of expertise in sculpturing sound, whether it’s applied to making their renowned concert grand pianos or digital recording gear, is the other essential component in the design of Nuage. The 24-bit/192kHz-hardware operation in the Nuage I/O units ensures that outstanding sonic detail and depth come through without compromise. The Nuage I/O units also feature advanced JetPLL™ jitter reduction technology for extremely low jitter and superior AD/DA resolution. The overall result is simply outstanding sound, no matter how complex the mix, or how much processing is applied.

Ultra-low latency via True Integrated Monitoring

Nothing is more frustrating or obstructive to artists and musicians trying to give their all than dealing with latency when trying to lay down tracks in the studio. Expressive performance, not to mention timing, goes out the window when even the slightest amount latency is perceptible during tracking. The Nuage I/O units make latency issues a problem of the past thanks to advanced audio interface DSP hardware and Yamaha’s trademarked True Integrated Monitoring, which reduces monitoring latency to well below the perception threshold of even the most sensitive performer. True Integrated Monitoring works flawlessly with the Nuendo Control Room monitoring, which features a 32-port bus cascade that enables 32 audio busses to be shared between up to eight Nuage I/O devices, plus a 16x16 monitor matrix that provides expandability and easy setup.

State-of-the-art surround DSP

In today’s postproduction environment, surround-processing capability is essential. Nuage systems incorporate state-of-the-art surround features, including speaker level/delay adjustments and bass management.

Ultra-low latency and solid reliability with high channel counts

The Dante Accelerator audio interface card is installed in the computer running the Nuendo DAW to provide extra low-latency audio transfer. The card itself has a latency of 150 microseconds. Dante can transmit 128 bi-directional channels of 24-bit/96kHz audio, providing a distinct performance advantage when communicating with Nuage I/O units. The Dante Accelerator card also features a secondary port that can be used to provide redundant connections for failsafe reliability.

Thanks to Dante, monitoring latency is near zero for performance-friendly monitoring while recording, even when multiple I/O units are used with cascaded monitor buses. The Nuage development team was adamant about designing near-zero latency into the system to allow artists to deliver their utmost in creativity and performance.

But latency doesn’t tell the whole Dante story. Because Nuage systems use Dante for system communication, connection between I/O unit and computer can be made via a single standard Ethernet cable. In more complex systems using multiple I/O units, standard network hubs and even existing architecture can be used to configure the network as required. Flexible connectivity also means that a Nuage network can be linked to a live sound console, or included in an audio-sharing installation.

Total studio environment

Nuage is a complete system comprising the Nuage Fader controller; Nuage Master section; Dante network card; a choice of three audio interfaces, including the Nio500-D16, Nio500-A16, and Nio500-A8D8; SyncStation; and Nuendo 6 software. If desired, Nuage Master and Fader controllers can be used individually. The largest Nuage system can have three Fader sections and one Master for a total of forty-eight physical faders.

Supercharge your Nuendo postproduction facility with Yamaha Nuage. Call or chat online with an RSPE representative to configure your perfect Nuage system.

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