Yamaha Nuage Master
Yamaha Nuage Master

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Yamaha Nuage Master Control Surface

Comprehensive control surface master section with touch screen, jog wheel, and user-assignable controls

The brains of the outfit, Nuage Master puts all things Nuendo within easy reach. With form and function built from the ground up for the demands of postproduction mixing and editing, Nuage Master is the culmination of countless years of experience from both Yamaha digital systems engineers and post-pro professionals. The Yamaha Nuage Master control surface gives you what you need, where you need it, and doesn’t try to be all things to all engineers by taking up valuable console real estate with arcane features you’ll never use. The “Seargent Friday” of digital control surfaces, Yamaha Nuage Master gives you “just the facts” you need to get the job done effortlessly and elegantly.

Yamaha Nuage Master features:

  • Everything needed for fast, efficient Nuendo editing within easy reach
  • Responsive touch-screen display plus eight touch-sensitive multi-function knobs provide direct control of EQ, dynamics, plug-in effects, and other parameters
  • Precision-machined, high-resolution jog wheel contributes to effortless editing and transport control
  • User-assignable section with controls that can be customized to allow direct access to workflow-specific functions and parameters
  • Comprehensive control sections including numeric keypad, user-assignable controls, monitor source selection, control room, automation, transport, editing, communication, and general control
  • One Nuage Master unit can be used with from one to three Nuage Fader units, according to the number of physical fader channels required

Multi-function touch-screen display and knobs

To give you ergonomically efficient control of Nuendo, the Nuage Master control surface features a built-in, highly responsive, multi-function touch screen that displays pages for editing parameters in various sections, or pages for editing channel parameters, such as EQ, dynamics, effect sends, inserts, and plug-ins, etc. To the left of the touch screen are talkback mic and DAW select buttons. On the right are six touch-sensitive controls including, Setup, Track List, Channel, Plug-in, Dynamics, and EQ selection. Below Nuage Master’s touch-screen display are eight touch-sensitive, multi-function rotary knobs that control EQ, dynamics, plug-in parameters, and more.

When used with one or more Nuage Fader units, the display also shows selected fader unit parameters, plus the multi-function knobs work in the same way as those on the fader units, which provides consistent operation with any combination of components.

High-precision jog wheel

Nuage’s precision jog wheel is machined from solid, high-quality stainless steel. Its weight and feel makes critical editing moves easy, and long editing sessions far more comfortable than standard jog wheels. With a resolution of 1,024 steps per rotation, Nuage’s jog wheel provides unmatched accuracy for controlling forward and reverse playback at up to 8x speed; scrubbing; object and range selection; zoom; fades; and more.

User-assignable section

To accommodate an ever-changing workflow dictated by unique circumstance arising from a given project, or the individual needs and work habits of the engineer, the Nuage Master unit features a User-Assignable Section located above the numeric keypad. The controls of the User-Assignable section can be customized to provide direct access to the functions and parameters needed for the task at hand. For example, functions that need to be performed repeatedly, such as importing audio files, can be assigned for single button-press access.

Comprehensive, easy-access control layout

Strategically located just above the jog wheel are several control sections including transport, which can be accessed in conjunction with the jog wheel with a minimum of hand movement. Other sections, along with the user-assignable section mentioned above are monitor source and cue sections, a numeric keypad, automation functions, communication section, and a control room section that gives you direct access to Nuendo Control Room monitoring features. Of special note, along with downmix control, the Control Room Section remains in communication with Nuendo control room regardless of which DAW is selected. There is also a Modifier section that offers buttons used the same way as shift, Ctrl/Command, and Alt/Option found on computer keyboards. The Nuage Master’s General Control section is for file saving, undo, and cursor movement (up, down, left/right).

Additionally, the Nuage Master front panel features two 1/4" headphone outputs with level control. The rear panel has an RS-232C port for connection to KVM switches to select between multiple DAW applications. When using the DAW Select Section with KVM switches configured in the Nuage Workgroup Manager, the display content, active keyboard, and active mouse will change accordingly. Also on the rear panel are Ethernet port, +4dBu talkback output jack (XLR) that routes signal from the top panel talkback mic, and two XLR (L/R) headphone inputs that route signal to the front-panel 1/4" headphone output jacks.

Combine Master with up to three Nuage Fader units

For applications that are all editing with little or no mixing, a Nuage Master unit and appropriate I/O may very well be all you need. However, when mixing multiple sources/channels are the order of the day, one Nuage Master unit can be used with up to three Nuage Fader units for a full 48-fader system.

Workspace units for additional efficiency and functionality

Nuage Workspace units are blank sections in which you can install other studio gear, such as keyboard, surround panner, 19" rack mount devices, and other custom extras. Two Nuage Workspace units are available: a large model that is the same size as the Nuage fader unit, and a small model that can be added to a Nuage Master unit to match the width of a standard 24" monitor display. The large workspace has a drawer for a keyboard or storage.

Total studio environment

Nuage is a complete system comprising the Nuage Fader controller; Nuage Master section; Dante network card; a choice of three audio interfaces, including the Nio500-D16, Nio500-A16, and Nio500-A8D8; SyncStation; and Nuendo 6 software. If desired, Nuage Master and Fader controllers can be used individually. The largest Nuage system can have three Fader sections and one Master for a total of forty-eight physical faders.

Supercharge your Nuendo postproduction facility with Yamaha Nuage. Call or chat online with an RSPE representative to configure your perfect Nuage system.

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