AEA R84 Active Ribbon Microphone

AEA R84 Active Ribbon Microphone

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AEA R84 Passive Ribbon Microphone

The R84 series’ balanced and manageable proximity effect bolsters the low-end of vocals, drums, and brass, from just feet away.

The AEA R84 is one of the most flexible ribbon microphones in use today. Designed as a lighter, more compact, and lower cost version of the R44, this Swiss Army knife of ribbon mics fits a wide range of applications.

Though passive ribbon mics like the R84 have always been known for their incredible sound, they also come with certain requirements needed to reach their full sonic potential. This mainly involves using a very high-gain, high-impedance mic preamp — characteristics that many older and even modern preamps lack.

Passive ribbons generally have low output level and require preamps that supply a high level of gain. If the preamp you use doesn’t have enough gain, the mic signal may seem too soft or noisy. This can be apparent when recording quiet acoustic guitars or strings, especially at a distance or with long cable runs. In addition, if the preamp paired with a passive ribbon does not have a high enough impedance, it can negatively affect the low end, top end, and transient response of the microphone.

AEA R84 Mic Features:

  • Warm, smooth and detailed classic ribbon sound
  • Full and rich tonality with generous highs and lows
  • Sonically similar to the legendary R44 Series, with less proximity effect
  • Versatile in close-range or ambient applications
  • Active R84A version has 12dB level increase and is optimized for all preamps
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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