Amphion One12 Passive Nearfield Studio Monitor

Amphion One12 Passive Nearfield Studio Monitor

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Amphion One12 Passive Nearfield Studio Monitor (Single)

Ultra compact near-field monitor with excellent resolution, imaging and sweet-spot width in a small but powerful package

The Amphion One12 studio monitor is a compact 2-way passive studio monitor that utilizes a 1″ (25mm) titanium dome tweeter set in a Corian waveguide. The tweeter is meticulously aligned with a 4.5” (115mm) woofer, delivering surprisingly tight and even lows for speakers with such a small footprint. This approach, together with a very low crossover at 1600 Hz, ensures a rock-solid “phantom” center image, exceptional time and phase coherence, spectacular 3D soundstage and imaging, and an extremely wide and deep sweet spot.

These small One12 monitors provide an amazingly correct translation to much bigger mixing and mastering studio systems, home audio setups, or even large PA systems. Many other monitors fall apart at low listening volume, but the One12 sounds equally solid at any volume.

The One12 monitors are a perfect fit for home studios, small post-production edit bays, mobile trucks, or FOH where space is a precious commodity. Designed for any pro audio application, in the studio, or on-the-go, these extreme-nearfields take the room out of the equation and allow you to listen to the pure music – and not affected by the surrounding acoustics. One12 studio monitors are like a large pair of high-resolution headphones which are very comfortable to wear all day long but also allow sharing the experience with the whole production team.

Amphion One12 Features

  • First-class resolution, imaging, sweet spot width, and depth in a small but powerful package
  • Compact studio monitors that are created for low-volume performance and superb imaging
  • Translation at its best – from bedroom studios to commercial studios to PA monitoring
  • Handmade in Finland by Amphion

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