Amphion Two15 Passive Nearfield Studio Monitor

Amphion Two15 Passive Nearfield Studio Monitor

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Amphion Two15 Passive Nearfield Studio Monitor (Single)

Near-field 2-way monitor with dual 5¼” LF/MF drivers and passive radiators to provide excellent resolution, imaging and sweet-spot width.

The Amphion Two15 is a passive nearfield monitor with exceptionally low levels of distortion, tonal balance, and neutrality–allowing you to spend more time creating and less time re-mixing. With Amphion Two15 studio monitors you do not need to check your mixes on various other systems anymore. Two15 loudspeakers ensure that your mixes sound identical outside the studio as they do in your own.

No matter if you are composing or mixing, Two15 deliver you the musical detail you need in order to make the right creative decision. These speakers are able to draw out the finest spatial details without masking the big picture. Two15 studio monitors present dynamic, frequency and transient content in extreme resolution. Two15 loudspeakers truthfully reproduce the material with all engineering nuances while retaining the musical emotions present and vivid. This allows for highly effective, fast and intuitive work, which still keeps the fun as a part of the process.

The dual LF/MF drivers of Two15 studio monitors work together in perfect phase alignment to reproduce a wide sonic range with exceptional accuracy. These high-end passive speakers employ custom-designed drivers, a high-density Corian waveguide, and a sealed enclosure with a passive radiator to deliver the natural, transparent, un-hyped sound you need to make critical mixing decisions.

Amphion Two15 Features

  • Two15s are celebrated for their exceptionally low levels of distortion, tonal balance, neutrality
  • Two15s remain, for many composers and producers, the creative tool-of-choice in the studio
  • For mix/mastering engineers requiring bass without hype and no room/desire for subwoofers
  • Handmade in Finland by Amphion

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