Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity Master Clock

Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity Master Clock

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Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity High-Definition Master Clock

The most flexible, stable, best sounding, and easiest to use master clock from Antelope featuring 64-bit DSP and up to 384kHz audio streaming

Forget Neo, Trinity is “The One”—the Antelope Isochrone Trinity that is—actually the Antelope Trinity is three audio clocks in one (Threo?). Arcane movie references aside, the Antelope Isochrone Trinity is a high-definition, universal master clock featuring three independent 384kHz audio generators with Varispeed control, plus three HD generators and three SD generators as well (hmm, Nineo…)—all of which make the Antelope Isochrone Trinity a must-have for video post-production facilities as well as mastering and recording studios. Trinity will not only keep time, it will save you time: Imagine one pass with multiple frequencies and formats of virtually any choice, running in perfect synchronization—all in one box. Well, imagine no longer, because the Antelope Trinity makes all that and more a reality—and with the introduction of the Isochrone Trinity, Antelope’s Igor Levin has made his dream of making digital audio sound as natural as possible a reality as well.

Antelope Isochrone Trinity unique features:

  • Audio up to 384kHz resolution with Varispeed control
  • Nine completely independent generators
  • Triple display

Antelope Isochrone Trinity key features:

  • 4th Generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking employing 64-bit DSP offers a new level in detailed and focused sound
  • Oven-controlled crystal oscillator or atomic Input for supremely low jitter
  • Factory-calibrated to better than +/- 0.001 ppm accuracy
  • A wealth of rear panel connectivity for tremendous flexibility
  • Comprehensive audio “gearboxing” for anything in/anything out sample-rate conversion
  • Atomic Input for ultimate performance
  • 3 Independent and simultaneous audio generators up to 384kHz with varispeed control +/- 200 cents
  • 3 Independent and simultaneous HD generators, covering 16 formats
  • 3 Independent and simultaneous SD generators, simultaneously offering PAL and NTSC
  • Full Euro and USA Pull-ups / pull-downs for SD and HD video
  • USB connection via PC and Mac allow full remote control, loading/saving presets, and firmware upgrades
  • Dual redundant power supply with automatic switchover for added reliability

Antelope Isochrone Trinity unique features in depth:

Based on Antelope's Oven-Controlled Crystal Technology, Trinity has many unique features including three Independent Audio Generators up to 384kHz with Varispeed control; 3 Independent SD Generators, simultaneously offering PAL and NTSC; 3 Independent HD Generators with a choice of 16 formats; and the latest revision of Antelope's 4th generation, 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC). That's a mind-blowing nine Independent and simultaneous audio/video generators, all perfectly locked. The Trinity’s front-panel triple display shows the frequencies of the audio generators, varispeed values, source information, pull-ups/pull-downs, and other useful messages.

Temporarily lose sync from your source? Trinity will seamlessly freewheel until the signal returns and then re-lock using Antelope’s latest “Gentle Lock Technology.” Trinity also features the Antelope Jitter Management Module; Black Burst Generator; Atomic Input for connection to the 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock; and full Audio and Video gear-boxing with simultaneous 0.1% and 4% pull-ups/pull-downs.

To keep it all under control, Trinity’s triple display shows the frequencies of the audio generators, varispeed values, source information, pull-ups/pull-downs, and other useful messages. Plus for added ease of control, USB allows full remote control via PC and Mac, as well as firmware updates.

Inside The Box

Antelope Oven Control

The crystal oscillators in the Isochrone Trinity are housed in a temperature-controlled oven such as those used in military and satellite communications. This keeps the oscillator at a constant temperature, making the Isochrone Trinity 100x more stable than similar products.

64-bit DSP design

Antelope Isochrone Trinity is a new design that embodies the culmination of many years of Antelope’s clocking expertise. Providing an even tighter and more focused sound quality than ever before, Antelope’s 4th generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) with 64-bit processing is the reason why Trinity will make your converters sound better than ever. Created to deliver an extraordinary sound, AFC is a hybrid of advanced engineering and exhaustive listening tests that focus on the actual properties of acoustic sound, rather than just the application of mathematic formula to yield marketable specs.

Jitter specifications

As Antelope says so eloquently, “Jitter specs? We no need no stinkin’ jitter specs.” Okay, they don’t say it exactly like that, but close enough. Thanks to Antelope’s unique technologies, including the above mentioned oven control and AFC, Antelope clocking devices far outperform and improve sound quality beyond what any jitter specifications may suggest. After all, there is no standard specification for jitter, nor is there a universal standard for sound quality. However, we all posses remarkably accurate audio test devices that far exceed the capability of any electronic measuring equipment: our ears. And Antelope uses theirs ahead of all other test and measurement equipment.

Latest generation gearboxing

Put anything in-get anything out. In Gearboxing Mode, the Isochrone Trinity always generates an output clock at the set sample rate regardless of the incoming reference frequency. This output clock is still phase-locked to the reference input, but the sample rates need not match. For example, you can set the sample rate knob at 48kHz while applying a 44.1 kHz reference. Trinity then "gearboxes" the 44.1kHz input into a 48kHz output. This ability to lock to one sample rate and generate another is very useful for sample rate conversion, especially since Gearboxing Mode dramatically improves the sound quality of sample rate conversions. Gear boxing can also be turned off in the occasion of non-standard sources. Also used on the Antelope OCX-V, this feature has been upgraded to accommodate all formats available on the Trinity.

Varispeed and sample rates

With the Isochrone Trinity, it is now possible to adjust varispeed ±200 cents, or you can adjust by percentages if you prefer. The sample rates have also been upgraded and range from 32kHz to 384kHz. Varispeed along with standard pull-ups/pull-downs means that you can dial in virtually any sample rate.

Atomic Clock

The Isochrone Trinity can be locked to the most accurate clock on earth; the atomic clock. With the power of the atomic clock at your disposal, your studio can now achieve perfect stability. Only Isochrone clocks are capable of locking to this unprecedented technology

Cutting-edge video

Now that high-definition video is the standard, Antelope has included not one, but three HD generators in Trinity. Whether you are locking to, or generating video, HD, PAL, and NTSC are all available simultaneously, while Trinity maintains perfect sync. Each HD channel has two outputs. However, it’s possible to set all three HD generators to the same format, thus providing six physical outputs. Versatile indeed!

User-friendly interface

With all of Trinity’s features and functions, one might assume that it’s pretty unwieldy to keep track of them. Well, no. Antelope prides itself on providing elegant operating simplicity to complement their product’s sleek styling and stellar sound. The Isochrone Trinity has no nested menus and requires no unnecessary button pushing—just a clean design that enables professionals to get the job done without requiring clearance from LAX to fly the box.

Clocking is a critical task and should never be confusing. With straightforward controls dedicated to specific tasks, warning lights for critical errors, extensive termination diagnostics, and a highly visible triple-frequency display, you can monitor the status of the Isochrone Trinity at a glance.

USB control

In keeping with ease of operation, Antelope engineers felt that remote control via USB would be the icing on the cake. The connection is full-speed USB 2.0, allowing complete control via PC or Mac as well as firmware updates.

Outside The Box

Along with the Isochrone Trinity’s precision triple-frequency display, the front panel has AC/DC power indicators; source, sample rate, and HD select encoder knobs; edit indicator; audio channel edit, Varispeed, split mode, HD pull-down, and SD select, buttons; Info button; USA pull-up/pull-down (±0.1%); European pull-up/pull-down (±4%); dimmer knob; status LEDs; and power switch.

The rear panel has AC and DC power sockets; two word clock inputs, 14 word clock outputs, and two 256x word clock outputs (for Pro Tools interfaces); AES/EBU I/O; atomic input; video input; HD and SD video outputs (six and four respectively); S/PDIFI/O; and USB. (We did say it was versatile.)

Antelope Isochrone Trinity in summation:

Thanks to its incredible flexibility, the Antelope Isochrone Trinity can be the supreme clocking commander of any world-class facility, whether it’s video post-production, recording studio, or mastering studio. But its uses don’t stop there. You can take Isochrone Trinity on the road for live sound reinforcement where digital consoles and effects processors have become the rule. With an Isochrone Trinity, digital consoles will sound punchy and full; with bigger mixes reaching the in-ear monitors and FOH speakers. Plus, your digital processing gear will seem more powerful and precise. And of course, there’s the advantage that comes with all Antelope clocking systems: vastly improved staging, transparency, imaging, separation, and depth of stereo field.

We guarantee you’ll fall in love with Trinity . . . no, not that Trinity, Neo, the Antelope Isochrone Trinity universal, high-definition master clock. Plug one into your digital matrix and experience the best that Antelope Audio clocking has to offer. For more information, call RSPE or chat online with an RSPE representative.

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