API 505-DI 500 Series Direct Input Module

API 505-DI 500 Series Direct Input Module

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API 505-DI Direct Input— 500-Series Module

The distinct API sound of the console-based 205L now in the affordable, 500 series format

Designed after the console-based API 205L, the 505-DI Direct Input Module is specifically designed for guitar, bass or keyboard direct input while minimizing any loading effect on Hi-Z instrument pickups. Additionally, the 505-DI's Gain Control is used to normalize an instrument's input level, up to a +4 dBu output level. API's unique TONE control reduces potential low end "mud" in the signal, while turning on the BRIGHT switch adds additional clarity if desired. The various combinations of TONE and BRIGHT controls can eliminate the need for any EQ on the instrument while recording, keeping the signal path short and pure.

This minimal signal path eliminates the need to use a standard direct box, which many times still requires a mic input, equalizer, and a fader to get the signal to a recordable level. The 505-DI is capable of boosting any instrument to a hefty line level without additional amplifiers. Use of the 100K / 400K LOAD switch allows the tone of the pickup to be altered slightly, alternately brightening or darkening the high frequency content. When inserting an instrument with an internal preamp or a line level instrument such as a sampler or a keyboard, the 505-DI offers a 20 dB PAD switch to drop the level without loading, thereby retaining the integrity of the incoming signal.

API 505-DI Direct Input key features

  • Wide Range Gain Control with 55dB of gain
  • Front Panel Hi-Z Input
  • Front Panel Thru routing
  • TONE Control helps customize your sound
  • BRIGHT Switch boosts clarity and presence
  • 10 segment LED VU meter for monitoring output level
  • Peak Output LED Indicator
  • 20 dB pad switch, applies to mic/line/instrument
  • 100K / 400K Switchable Load
  • Traditional API fully discrete circuit design
  • Uses the famous API 2520 and 2510 Op-Amps

API 2520 Op Amp—key to the API sound

API’s 2520 Op Amp found in the 505-DI is given most of the credit for the API sound. Designed by API engineers, the 2520 is a high-gain, wide-band, direct-coupled amplifier specifically designed for audio applications. The circuit derives its characteristics mainly from the performance of its passive elements, being connected into a feedback loop, which provides predictable, stable performance. Furthermore, the discrete 10-transistor amplifier is encapsulated in a thermally conductive epoxy that protects against thermal shock, vibration, and humidity, assuring long life and reliable performance.

In total, the elegant simplicity of 2520 discrete operational amplifier provides the core of the API sound.

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API Audio's VPR Alliance

The VPR Alliance is a program of standardization and consistency guidelines for approved manufacturers wishing to design products for API's 500-series rack format. The program provides complete design specifications for manufacturers interested in producing third-party modules that physically fit and electronically conform to API's rack specifications.

The creation of the VPR Alliance was encouraged by the overwhelming popularity of API's 500-series racks, including the 10-space 500V and the six-space lunchbox®, which led to a proliferation of third party modules that fit the API format. Typically installed into API racks, these third party modules had raised issues of warranty and interaction with API-manufactured modules in the same rack.

Because of the variables related to those third party modules, API had previously been forced to declare that inserting any third-party modules into a 500V or lunchbox voided the warranty on that rack. Through the VPR Alliance, API is now able to eliminate confusion as to which third-party products definitively do and do not void the API warranty. The VPR Alliance is a straightforward resolution that saves the company time and money while promoting goodwill to API customers.

API’s customers benefit from the VPR Alliance with the knowledge of exactly which products are approved for placement in API racks; customers have a wider range of module choices for their racks that have been tested by API staff for specification compliance.

An Abbreviated History of API

It all began with a dream. It was 1968. The company: Automated Processes Inc., formed by men with a vision. Best known for their now legendary "2520 amplifier", this unique amp has been and will continue to be the heart of all API discrete products. It continues to provide reliability and sonic purity unmatched by the competition. The resulting console met the needs of the music, commercial and broadcast industry.

API became the leading audio broadcast console manufacturer for radio and television networks and high profile stations. In addition, recording studios, large and small, began using API...and receiving rave reviews from engineers and producers. There are over 700 API consoles across the nation and around the world, including the three major networks. Over thirty years later, many of these consoles are still in daily use in some of the most prestigious recording and broadcast facilities in the world because, to date, there are few, if any consoles of equal sound quality at a cost-effective price.

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FeaturesMic Preamp with 65 dB of gain Front and Back Panel Mic Input Access Line/Instrument Preamp with 50 dB of gain Front Panel Line/Instrument Input LED VU meter for monitoring output level 20 dB pad switch, applies to mic/line/instrument 48v Phantom switchabl
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