Apogee Symphony I/O Module - 8 Mic Pre Amp

Apogee Symphony I/O Module - 8 Mic Pre Amp

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Apogee 8 Mic Preamp I/O Module

Apogess’s 8-channel mic preamp with 4 instrument DIs and 8 inserts gives you a complete front end for your DAW

Apogee 8 Mic Preamp I/O expansion module

Apogee’s TEC award-winning 8 Mic Preamp Module turns Symphony I/O into an all-in-one audio interface with 8 world-class microphone preamps and 8 channels of premium AD/DA conversion. Used by such notable engineers as Joe Barresi, an 8 Mic Preamp in your Symphony I/O gives you supremely professional solution for studio or mobile recording.

8-Channel Mic Preamp Module Key Features:

  • 8 digitally controlled microphone preamps
  • 4 Hi-Z instrument inputs
  • 8 software assignable inserts
  • 85dB gain
  • Upgrades functionality of existing Symphony I/O line inputs
  • Creates a direct connection between the Mic Preamp Module and Analog I/O Module by inserting a mic preamp stage before the line inputs
  • Ultra low noise
  • Completely controllable via Maestro software
  • Selectable +48V phantom power, Soft Limit, and phase invert

Apogee Symphony I/O expansion modules

Apogee Symphony I/O modules are studio owner’s answer to the age old question, “Why can’t they make this unit with the I/O that I need?” We’ve all been there; you’ve found the perfect unit for your studio – it’s got the sound, the mojo, the company legacy—everything it takes to bring a new level of functionality and sonic excellence to your studio. You’re ready to pull the trigger . . . then you see the back panel. The I/O is wrong for your setup. Disappointed!

With Apogee’s Symphony base units and configurable I/O Modules, now you can be part of the design team, instead of hoping that they got it right for you. The Apogee Symphony chassis has two I/O slots, enabling you to select your base configuration from one of five I/O modules, plus the ability to expand I/O to suit your current and future I/O needs. Apogee Symphony I/O offers six I/O Modules and an 8-channel mic preamp module to choose from. You can select base configurations with everything you need upfront, or expand later to suit the ever-changing course of you studio’s capabilities.

Apogee 8 Mic Preamp I/O Module


4 Hi-Z 1/4" instrument inputs capable of handling high-output instruments


8 balanced, software-assignable analog inserts
Send and return 1-8 on two DSUB 25-pin connectors

Apogee Symphony I/O Modules:

1. 2x6 Analog I/O + 8x8 Optical + AES I/O Module
2. 8x8 Analog I/O + 8x8 AES/Optical I/O Mk II
3. 16x16 Analog I/O Mk II
4. 16 Analog in + 16 Optical out
5. 8 Mic Preamp – 8-channel microphone preamp

Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II Base configurations:

1. Symphony I/O 2x6 Mk II
2. Symphony I/O 8x8 Mk II
3. Symphony I/O 16x16 Mk II
4. Symphony I/O 8x8 + 8MP Mk II

Add 8 world-class mic preamps to your Symphony I/O for an all-in-one DAW solution—for more details, chat with an RSPE representative.

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