ASC AttackWall Starter Kit

ASC AttackWall Starter Kit

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The easiest way to get started with the ASC AttackWall and acoustically treat your space. The ASC AttackWall Starter Kit features 2 MonitorStacks and 4 StudioTraps to eliminate early reflections and greatly improve the imaging and clarity of your studio monitors.

The ASC AttackWall Starter Kit is a great way to get started and hear marked improvement in you acoustic environment. It will greatly enhance your stereo sound field and provide a significant improvement with vertical mode reduction. Add another box of 8 Studio Traps and bring your studio into Phase 1 Attack Wall status! The Attack Wall provides a world class mixing environment. It functions very differently than treating a room with “room acoustics”. The system is completely modular, allowing you to “start small” and expand as the budget permits. Attack Wall is portable and repeatable. You can take your system to the next session or your next studio.


ASC AttackWall Starter Kit Features

  • Includes (4) 9" StudioTraps with Stands
  • Includes (2) 13" MonitorStacks - 2 BasePlates, 2 Stands and 2 Tops
  • Any Room, Any Studio, Perfect Repeatability
  • Portable and Convenient World Class Control Room
  • Infinite Setup Possibilities from 2.0 to 5.2
  • Use the Same StudioTraps for Gobo Recording
  • Soffit Loaded Monitor Effect, Just Like a Downtown Studio
  • Engineered for Performance by Art Noxon and Sam Lynn


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Attackwall World Class Studio Acoustics 


The Repeatable Mixing Environment

The AttackWall is made up of Studio Traps and Monitor Traps, versatile acoustic tools created by ASC for the recording studio. The front half of the Studio Trap is treble range reflective and the back side is treble range absorptive. The entire surface of the Traps is bass range absorptive. Studio Traps are adjustable in height and are usually set up midway between the floor and ceiling, but they can be raised or lowered for different listening positions or line of sight requirements.


Portable and Powerful

By wrapping Studio Traps tightly around the sides and back of the console, and more loosely locating them behind the engineer, the AttackWall control booth is formed. Wider AttackWalls are formed around big consoles with midfield monitors, while narrower AttackWalls are used for smaller consoles with nearfield monitors. The AttackWall can also accommodate studios that use computer screens. In the treble range, the AttackWall eliminates undesirable early reflections while creating a desirable time delayed diffusive back fill, typical of the LEDE type studio. In the bass range, the drivers become wall loaded and decoupled from the room modes. The AttackWall satisfies all the requirements necessary for a professional control room. Engineers love the level of detail they can get with the AttackWall. They hear sound that couldn’t be heard before, even in some of the world’s biggest studios.


Record Anywhere, with Big Studio Results

The AttackWall loads bass just like the built-in main found in a downtown studio. StudioTraps fit tight to the sides of the speaker to create a corner-loading short horn. This increases the efficiency of the speaker and projects the bass. With the absorptive side of the StudioTraps facing inward there is no “horn coloration” added to the direct signal. The AttackWall setup results in a bass loading horn that is lined with treble range absorption. This type of horn loading is designed to be strong in the horizontal plane but weak in the vertical direction. The horn is vented above and below AttackWall just before the expanding bass wave hits the floor or ceiling. This gives a soft bounce effect as the bass wave wraps around the Wall and expands into the rest of the room.


The AttackWall System Components


Used all over the world, ASC StudioTraps are based on the famous ASC TubeTrap, and are a powerful and versatile tool for the recording industry. These Traps not only absorb sound energy, but create diffusion to give the room a more defined and natural sound. The front half of the StudioTrap cylinder is treble reflective to give a bright, diffusive backscatter for recording with enhanced presence. The back half is treble absorptive for the traditional dry recording.



Developed as a corner loaded bass trap and voiced with a treble range diffusor panel. The TubeTrap has unique acoustic properties that are perfect for the studio environment. Used in mixing rooms, control rooms, live rooms, foley rooms, informed industry professionals insist on this product by name.



Tired of floor-ceiling reflections and vertical resonant modes wreaking havoc with your monitor response? Now you can achieve the broadband acoustic improvement offered by ASC TubeTraps in your MonitorStands. This is a specially adapted set of TubeTraps designed just for monitors. The MonitorStand has no built-in reflectors, unless they are specifically requested. Each Stand is custom sized to fit your studio requirements, and can be ordered with top and bottom, or just bottom configurations.


Experience the perfect acoustic clarity and imaging the ASC AttackWall can offer. Call or chat with an RSPE representative for more in-depth information, or assistance configuring an AttackWall for your studio.

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FeaturesThis configuration comes with: (4) StudioTraps, (2) MonitorStand Baseplates, (2) 13" MonitorStand Bases, (2) 13" MonitorStand Tops
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