BAE 3LB 3 Module Desktop Rack With Power Supply

BAE 3LB 3 Module Desktop Rack With Power Supply

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BAE 3LB 500-Series Desktop Lunchbox

Handmade, 3-channel, portable 500-series lunchbox holds three 500 modules or one BAE 1073D

Though the term “lunchbox” has become a generic term to fit all 500-series power racks, the BAE 3LB is a lunchbox in the truest form—one that you can take with you to any tracking session anywhere in the world. Noted for handcrafting spot-on Neve reproductions, BAE (formerly Brent Averill, now British Audio Engineering) has been one of a very few to offer API/VPR Alliance-compatible 500-series racks and lunchboxes. BAE 500-series power racks are available in three formats: the BAE 3LB 3-space desktop lunchbox, BAE 6-space rack, and BAE 11-space rack. To ensure compatibility with a wide variety of 500 modules, BAE 500-series racks offer greater amperage rating to accommodate 500-series modules that stray outside the original VPR specs.

BAE 3LB 3-Space Desktop Lunchbox Features:

  • Strong steel chassis
  • Completely hand-wired point-to-point with Mogami cable and silver solder
  • XLR inputs and outputs
  • Overbuilt, 115/230 VAC PSU can be used globally
  • Hand-built in the USA

Don’t forget to check out RSPE’s Rack Revolution, a virtual 500-series rack builder that lets you custom-configure the perfect 500-series lunchbox for your studio, DAW, or mobile recording rig. RSPE carries every 500-series module imaginable, including mic preamps, compressor-limiters, equalizers, and 500 power racks.

Inside the Box

The BAE 3LB is a 3-Channel Desktop Lunchbox Rack that can house 3 individual modules or one BAE 1073D. Built into the 3LB, or should we say, overbuilt into the BAE 3LB is a robust PSU that can easily be converted between 115 and 230V for international usage. No PCB’s are harmed in the making of the BAE 3LB, or even used for that matter. Built by the BAE team in Los Angeles, CA, the BAE 3LB is completely hand-wired point-to-point with Mogami cable. Connections are made using highly conductive silver solder. 3LB easily fits in the BAE Lunchbox Case for safe and easy traveling.

Outside the Box

Whether you’re staying put, or going mobile with your 3LB 500-series desktop lunchbox, it’s good to know your precious 500 modules are safely housed in BAE’s solid, road-resistant all-steel chassis with a convenient, built-in carrying handle. Integrating your BAE 3LB 500 rack into any studio is as easy as it gets thanks to BAE’s use of high-quality, balanced XLR input and output connectors. You’re thinking, “Okay, my BAE 3LB can handle the road, but how do I protect it against the elements?” BAE can read your mind (obviously) and offers you a vintage-style road case to keep your 3LB warm and dry as you carry it to tracking sessions in deepest darkest New York or London (they don’t have weather in L.A.)

About BAE

Answering to a higher authority (maintaining the legacy of Mr. Rupert Neve), BAE puts nothing but the very best and their very best into every unit they build. Under the guidance of president/CEO Mark Loughman and Neve guru, Avedis Kifedjian, BAE uses the only highest quality components from the original suppliers, such as Carnhill (formerly St. Ives) and Jensen. All BAE products use discrete electronics and are completely hand-built and wired point-to point (no circuit boards). For more information about BAE, check out RSPE’s Designer’s Perspective feature and get a first-hand look at the inner workings of BAE.

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