Pro Tools 2022.9 Now Available

Avid has released the new Pro Tools 2022.9 upgrade , which features the long-awaited ARA 2 Melodyne support, Aux I/O, and Pro Tools Intro–a new free version of Pro Tools for beginners & hobbyists. The Pro Tools 2022.9 will be available to all current Pro Tools customers on an active subscription or perpetual Software Updates + Support Plan.

Let's dive into all the new Pro Tools features:

Work with Melodyne directly in Pro Tools via ARA 2

Avid had prevuiously announced that ARA 2 integration was coming to Pro Tools, and with 2022.9 they delivered! With ARA 2 (Audio Random Access) integration, you can now work with Celemony Melodyne directly within the Pro Tools Edit window. Alter pitch, vibrato, volume, sibilants, note length, timing, and more without having to send audio out to the plugin and back into Pro Tools, enabling you to experiment and perfect vocal and instrument parts significantly faster and easier.

Melodyne can be applied to entire tracks at once or simply used in a clip-by-clip manner. It can serve as an alternative elastic audio plugin on analyzed or edited clips when working with Tick based audio. No matter how you interact with it, the Melodyne user interface is now conveniently docked in the Pro Tools Edit window, and new commands have been added to the Track and Clip menus along with respective contextual menus.

ARA 2 Integration Features:

  • Easily manipulate pitch and time across any content without having to roundtrip audio
  • Quickly fix pitchy vocals—or completely revoice or harmonize vocals—while maintaining the quality of your recording
  • Experiment with extreme vocal effects in real time or even transpose entire tracks
  • Edit individual notes played by polyphonic instruments, such as piano and guitar chords,  when you upgrade from the included Melodyne essential

Get greater routing flexibility with Aux I/O

Expand your routing capabilities with Aux I/O, enabling you to send audio to and from Pro Tools and other apps. Collaborate and review mixes easily by playing Pro Tools audio over Zoom or other conferencing service. Route channels to and from the Dolby Atmos Renderer while simultaneously using Pro Tools | HDX processing. Even record and monitor audio in Pro Tools from other apps. The possibilities are endless.

Make music for free with Pro Tools Intro

Avid has once again introduced a free version of Pro Tools for beginners and hobbyists. Create beats, record performances, and have fun making music with the same tools the pros use to create your favorite songs and albums—for free. Ideal for hobbyists and those new to producing music with a DAW (digital audio workstation), the all-new Pro Tools Intro provides all the essential audio and MIDI tools you need, plus 36 core effect and instrument plugins, to create any type of music easily and sound incredible.  

Pro Tools Intro Features:

  • Stereo Only
  • 8 Mono or Stereo Audio Tracks
  • 8 Instrument Tracks
  • 8 MIDI Tracks
  • 4 Aux Tracks or Routing Folders
  • No VCAs
  • No Video Tracks
  • 1 Master Fader
  • 4 Simultaneous Recording Inputs
  • 2000 Basic Folders
  • Clip FX - Playback Only
  • Third Party Hardware Support (Core Audio, ASIO, WASAPI)
  • ARA2 Support for Melodyne, but no bundled version of Melodyne. If you have a copy it will integrate
  • Bundle of 35 Core effect plugins
  • Xpand! 2 virtual instrument Plugin

More Features & Enhancements

  • SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition is now also included with all Pro Tools Studio annual subscriptions, as well as with all Pro Tools Studio perpetual licenses with an active support plan (SoundFlow was previously only included with Pro Tools Flex annual subscriptions and Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual licenses with an active support plan)
  • Timecode Overlay X/Y settings for fine-tuning the Timecode Overlay position in the Video window
  • Increased marker count from 999 to 32,000
  • Quantize Toolbar controls in Edit and MIDI Editor windows
  • Bug Fixes and more

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