EAR Yoshino 660 Tube Compressor / Limiter

EAR Yoshino 660 Tube Compressor / Limiter

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EAR Yoshino 660 Tube Compressor / Limiter

A high-quality, hand-built tube compressor-limiter that can add thickness and clarity to your tracks.

The EAR Yoshino 660 valve limiter / compressor is inspired by the classic Fairchild Limiter-Compressor but with significant improvements in signal handling and stability. It is designed to limit or compress the signal with the least possible interference below the threshold, with a much more satisfactory operation at high signal levels.

The selection of attack and release times is similar to other limiters / compressors, but it is the characteristics of this unit around the knee of the attack envelope / release that contribute to its excellent performance. The audio circuit complies with the principles of EAR in terms of simplicity and subjective "transparency", with low distortion at all normal signal levels. The start of the limitation is soft enough not to draw attention to itself, although in fact the unit will react very quickly to overload conditions when required.

The build quality is second to none. Massive handwound output transformers, carefully matched vacuum tubes and all wiring is handwired point-to-point, using only the highest quality wire.

EAR 660 Sepcifications

  • Impedance input and output: 600 nominal, balanced and floating ohm.
  • Gain (maximum): 20dB
  • Input and output level normal operation: + 4dBm
  • output level Up (distortion 1%): + 16dBm linear
  • Attack Time: 0.2 to 0.8ms Variable
  • Time Release: 0.3 to 5s Variable
  • Time Release (Classical music setting): up to 25s for high sustained levels.
  • Compression Ratio: 1: 1 to 10: 1 adjustable

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