Equipment Leasing

Competitive Leasing Programs for the Entertainment Industry

RSPE Audio Solutions works with our trusted leasing partner, Apex Leasing & Finance. We have worked with Ardy Barahman for years to provide competitive Lease, Purchase and Finance Solutions to our clients.

We work together with you and offer your company competitive programs for financing your equipment, software and supplies that can dramatically enhance your business revenue potential while providing you with 100% tax write off.

• Extended terms from 12 to 60 months with low fixed rates.
Shorter term loans and leases result in the payment of less interest and keep up to date with technology.

• Exceptional Reliability, Professional Service & Speed.
We have worked with Entertainment companies for over 15 years and understand the nature and importance of deadlines in Production and Post.

• Competitive financing terms with flexible options.
As a national lender with over 20 separate funding sources. Apex Leasing can get you financed even if you don’t have AAA credit and we compete with all major national lenders, even match rates in the rare occasion that we haven’t already provided your lowest option!

• No Cost, No Obligation Approval Process.
No application fee, we will secure a formal approval and provide detailed term sheets in writing before you are asked for any commitment.

• Single Point of contact for all the Client needs.
Ardy will personally oversee every step of your lease until you take delivery.

• Knowledge of the Equipment & Industry With over 25 years in the industry.
Apex Leasing understands the nature of the entertainment industry. We have understand the equipment and how it helps you to generate income or save money, crucial in getting your Credit request completed with the best terms and meet your deadlines.

Meet Ardy Barahman

Apex Leasing & Finance, Inc. | President

Ardy is an Honors Graduate in Economics & Finance from University College of the University of London in 1984. Specializing in equipment leasing for business since 1986. For years, Ardy has personally worked with RSPE Audio's clients to find the leasing or financing solution that's right for them.


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