Grace Design m801mk2 High Fidelity Eight Channel Microphone Preamp

Grace Design m801mk2 High Fidelity Eight Channel Microphone Preamp

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Grace Design m801mk2 High Fidelity Eight Channel Microphone Preamp

Analog-only, 8-channel mic amp: built for those who demand the very best in audio performance and reliability.

The Grace m801mk2 eight channel mic pre features new amplifier circuitry further enhancing the top of the line features of the m801. m801mk2 significantly improves noise performance at low gains, increases low frequency bandwidth for improved phase response, improves RFI/EMI immunity for today's ever noisier world, and eliminates the external DC power supply. Oh, it also does all of this at a lower price than the previous version!

In 1994 Grace Design released the Model 801 microphone preamplifier, which set a new standard of sonic quality and reliability for microphone preamplifiers, providing much better performance than the built-in circuits in the recording consoles of the day. It featured independent circuit boards for each channel, gold contact rotary gain controls wired with precision metal film resistors, a musical sounding transimpedance (current feedback) gain stage, gold contact sealed relay signal switching, and there were NO electrolytic capacitors in the signal path. (Electrolytic capacitors sound bad, and contribute to the dreaded, hard edged ‘solid state sound’. Because of this omission, Grace preamps sound impressively musical and open.)

12 years later, Grace released the next generation of this preamplifier, renamed the m801,³ which refined the design features of the previous version, and added a fully differential signal path and Ribbon Mic mode, which optimized the signal path for low output ribbon microphones.

Now 20 years later, the next generation is here, now named the m801mk2. Newly designed amplifier circuitry adds to the features of the previous versions while significantly improving noise performance at low gains, increasing low frequency bandwidth for improved phase response, improving RFI/EMI immunity for today’s ever noisier world,⁴and eliminating the external DC power supply for a cleaner, simpler design.⁵

Today’s modern recording studio is invariably loaded with incredible sonic processing capability, making the opportunity to add great sounding color routine. But capturing the magic at the front end is still the job of skillfully designed analog hardware, for which there is no substitute. This makes our preamps more relevant than ever. If your source sounds great and your mic is plugged into the m801mk2, you’ll be rewarded with a recording of breathtaking depth and realism. If you choose to color it up from there, you’ll be starting with the best possible raw material you can get.

Grace m801mk2 Features:

  • Fully balanced, transformerless design
  • All new, higher-current outputs drive even longer cable runs
  • Ribbon mic mode switch on each channel
  • Fast, musical transimpedance amplifier architecture
  • Precision 24 position gold contact rotary switch gain controls
  • 48V phantom power, 20 dB pad and phase reverse
  • No electrolytic capacitors in the signal path
  • Sealed gold contact relays for all signal switching
  • All electrical and mechanical design elements maximized for absolute purist, audiophile performance
  • Large two color LED peak indicator
  • Regulated linear power supply with custom wound toroidal transformer
  • Highest quality metal film resistors used throughout
  • Five year transferable warranty on parts and labor

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