JBL LSR6312SP Powered Studio Subwoofer System

JBL LSR6312SP Powered Studio Subwoofer System

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JBL LSR6312SP Powered Studio Subwoofer System

The LSR6312SP powered subwoofer is based on a 12" woofer with JBL's patented Differential Drive® and 250 Watts of power. THX® pm3 Approved. METAlliance® Certified.

Mix in Any Room

If control rooms had no walls, mixing would be a pleasure. Unfortunately, problems in the room dramatically color what you hear at the mix position. Walls and corners can affect response. And standing waves at the mix position can lead you to misjudge bass content. As a result, a speaker which measures flat in an anechoic chamber may “tell you a different story” in the room. The new JBL LSR6300 series goes beyond “accurate” all the way to “stunning” by incorporating features which reduce the effect of problems in the room. We start with patented JBL transducer and network technologies that provide ultra-flat response and exceptional dynamic capability. Then we incorporate features which help to overcome the contributions of the room. So even if you work in a small home studio, you’ll have clear sound at the mix position. Of course, all models are THX® pm3™ approved for use in the most demanding production environments. With the new JBL LSR6300 series, mixing is a pleasure.

Five Building Blocks To Clear Sound

It takes more than an accurate speaker system to have accurate response at the mix position. The key to accuracy is tackling the effect of boundaries, standing waves and reflections. In developing the LSR6300 series, JBL examined each problem in the environment and created the perfect solution. Even if you work in a small control room, an LSR6300 system will provide smooth accurate response at the mixer’s chair.

LSR (Linear Spatial Reference Technology)

Linear Spatial Reference Technology ensures that our speakers sound flat at the mix position. The exact geometry of the wave guide, the interaction of the woofer and tweeter, and the network are designed to provide an accurate listening window of +/- 30 degree horizontal, +/- 15 degree vertical. As a result, the reflected sound which reaches the mix position is smooth and accurate.

RMC™ (Room Mode Correction)

The LSR6328P and LSR6312SP Subwoofer are equipped with RMC – JBL’s ingenious method of zeroing-out bass problems at the mix position caused by room modes. A built-in 1/10th octave parametric equalizer allows you to correct problems below 100 Hz. The RMC Calibration Kit gives you everything you need to identify problematic room modes and tune your system. The LSR6325P-1 and LSR6332 enjoy the benefits of RMC when used in a system with the LSR6312SP Subwoofer.

Built-in Boundary Compensation

With the advent of multi-channel production, trying to find a place for more speakers, and space limitations, may demand the positioning of the speaker be compromised. JBL’s powered models include boundary compensation switches that can be used to offset the increase in bass-response, which occurs when the speaker is placed near a wall, in a corner or on a work surface. Simply set the switch which corresponds to your condition and flat response is restored.

Mounting Option

Since wall mounting gives more options for speaker placement, each speaker in the LSR line is ready to mount. Enclosures are reinforced and mounting points are provided for use with readily available, industry-standard mounting brackets. Mounting hardware specs are available at www.jblpro.com/LSR


If you move your LSR6328P speakers from one environment to another, you’ll appreciate its comfortable integrated handles, which allow you to easily position the loudspeaker and optimize its performance.

LSR6300 Line

The JBL LSR6300 professional loudspeakers supply the accuracy and performance needed in demanding music, post audio and broadcast applications. Each model provides ultra-flat response, extraordinary-SPL capability, and technology to optimize performance in any size production environment. All models are shielded, ready for mounting and THX® pm3™ approved.

The JBL Tradition Continues

JBL Professional is the leader in loudspeaker technology since 1946. The JBL Professional campus in Northridge, California is home to the science and resources which fuel JBL excellence. JBL is one of only a handful of U.S loudspeaker companies which manufactures transducer components in-house. The use of in-house designed and produced components ensures product consistency and long-term reliability. JBL holds patents on unique speaker technologies, many of which are applied in the LSR line. We have invested heavily in the tools to measure and evaluate product in development. These tools allow us to discover opportunities for better performance, cost savings, and ensure that every product which hits the market meets our exacting criteria. The anechoic chamber is an essential tool for performance measurement. Without it, all you can do is predict. While anechoic chambers are very expensive and some manufacturers have none of their own, JBL has many anechoic chambers on its campus. Since position in the room influences the perception of the speaker, critical A/B comparison evaluations require that every speaker being judged is positioned in exactly the same spot in the room. Since no solution exists which allows rapid swapping of pairs of speakers, JBL manufactured the only known Speaker Shuffler, a computer-operated device capable of physically swapping pairs of speakers in the space of 3 seconds. JBL’s technical staff is second-to-none. Our engineers are respected by their peers in the industry and have won technical awards and honors from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and from the Audio Engineering Society for designs which have advanced the professional audio industry. Because JBL Professional systems are first call in cinema applications, and used by the world’s top dubbing stages, you can be sure the program created using the new LSR6300 systems will translate perfectly to the screen.

Differential Drive® Technology

The LSR6300 line incorporates the single most significant advance in monitor history: JBL’s patented Differential Drive Technology.* Providing unparalleled performance, the woofer permanently dispels the notion that better linearity, higher power handling and greater dynamic accuracy are somehow unobtainable. JBL’s Differential Drive uses two drive coils with twice the thermal surface area of traditional speakers. As a result, LSR systems provide higher peak output with less power compression. This reduces spectral shift that causes monitors to sound different when driven at different power levels, a long-standing obstacle in monitoring technology. By reducing the negative thermal-related effects, LSR monitors sound the same at low, medium and high levels.

Composite High Frequency Device

Using patented technology, the 1” magnetically shielded dome high frequency device incorporates titanium and composite materials to improve transient response and reduce distortion. The result: By reducing distortion in the lower operating range where the human ear is most sensitive, listener fatigue is dramatically reduced.

C500G Midrange Transducer

The midrange is a 2” neodymium motor with a 5-inch woven Kevlar™ cone. The powerful motor structure was chosen to support the low crossover point to the woofer. In order to achieve the goal of accurate spatial response, the crossover points are located at 250 Hz and 2.2 kHz. These transition points match the directivity characteristics of the three transducers for optimum spatial response. The result: Absolute pinpoint accuracy.

Elliptical Oblate Speroidal (EOS) Waveguide

Designed for a targeted listening window of +/- 30 degrees horizontally and +/- 15 degrees vertically, the EOS provides smooth response through the entire listening window within 1.5 dB of the on-axis response. The result: The listener, even far off-axis, can hear an accurate representation of the on-axis response.

Dynamic Braking

LSR6300 low frequency transducers* are equipped with an electromagnetic braking coil that reduces the effects of extreme excursion with high transient material. This causes more linear compliance resulting in lower distortion, more accurate reproduction and increased reliability.

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FeaturesMulti-format powered subwoofer for Dolby Prologic, AC-3, DTS and other surround formats. RMC™ Room Mode Correction provides electronic control of response peaks due to room modes. RMC Calibration Kit included. 250 W continuous output power a
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