LaChapell Audio 503 - 500 Series EQ

LaChapell Audio 503 - 500 Series EQ

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LaChapell Audio 503 - 500 Series EQ

Highly musical transformerless equalizer for the 500-series format

After numerous customer requests, LaChapell Audio now offers the EQ section of the 583e 500-series preamp as a separate module. Not content to simply separate the 583e EQ section out into a single 500-series EQ module, LaChapell made some improvements that make the Model 503 a standalone EQ powerhouse that deserves a spot in the frame right next to your vintage EQs. When it comes to EQ design of the LaChapell 503, the amount of thought and dedication that went into shaping its tonal characteristics become readily apparent. The Model 503’s specifications are intentionally designed to please the ear. And while LaChapell’s design philosophy may preclude the notion of EQ design that one size fits all, you will find the LaChapell Model 503 to be one of the sweetest and most musical equalizers around—you'll look for reasons to use it on everything.

LaChapell Model 503 unique features:

  • Transformerless design provides low distortion signature and minimal phase deviation

LaChapell Model 503 key features:

  • 3-band EQ with overall trim control
  • Cut/Boost range increased to +/- 12dB
  • Low pass filter at 5kHz and 10kHz
  • High pass filter at 50Hz and 150Hz
  • ±6dB overall trim gain stage

INSIDE THE BOX — LaChapell Model 503 EQ
The Model 503, like its counterpart found on the 583e, offers very low distortion signature and minimal phase deviation; it is an extremely clear and transparent EQ design. No matter how much boost or cut you apply to any frequency band, it’s impossible to make the Model 503 sound bad. Also based on user feedback, LaChapell increased boost and cut from ±8dB on the 583e to ±12dB on the Model 503 EQ. LaChapell also added some capabilities to the Model 503 not found on the 583e, including a low-pass filter at 5kHz and 10kHz; a high-pass filter at 50Hz and 150Hz; plus a ±6dB overall trim gain stage. Perhaps the greatest feature of Model 503 is its ability to make anything it touches sound better—as though you found the perfect piece of air for your mics every time. The LaChapell Model 503 EQ is one of those rare studio tools that not only makes an engineer’s job easier, but also gives you wizard status in the eyes and ears of your happy clients.

OUTSIDE THE BOX — LaChapell Model 503 EQs

With LaChapell’s signature elegance and boat-anchor build quality, the stylish oxblood front panel of the Model 503 EQ has a ±6dB overall trim control to make gain staging easy. The trim control also has a center detent at 0dB to bring you back to unity gain. The Model 503 has three EQ bands: Low frequency ranges from 30Hz to 400Hz; Midrange from 325Hz to 5kHz; and High frequency ranging from 2.2kHz to 20kHz. While the frequencies do overlap, boosting 5kHZ on the mid band sounds different than boosting 5kHz in the high band—adding to the musicality and versatility of this deceptively simple design.

Each frequency band on the Model 503 EQ has a gain control that is differently colored (white) than the frequency select knobs (black), which makes it easy to find the right knob for adjustment. The Model 503 also has 3-position switches for high-pass and low-pass filters. For the high-pass filter, the bottom position selects 50Hz; mid position is off, and top position selects 150Hz. The low-pass filter operates the same way, switching between 5kHz and 10kHz. The EQ In/Out switch is a translucent plastic with red and green LEDs that indicate power (red) initially and then turns green when the EQ is switched into the circuit.

LaChapell Model 503 EQ controls:

  • LF: 30Hz - 400Hz; Cut/Boost ±12dB
  • Mid: 325Hz – 5kHz; Cut/Boost ±12dB
  • HF: 2.2kHz – 20kHz; Cut/Boost ±12dB
  • Low pass filter at 5kHz and 10kHz
  • High pass filter at 50Hz and 150Hz
  • ± 6dB overall trim gain stage

About LaChapell Audio

Scott LaChapell manufactures a purposely limited range of handcrafted products, such that each model will fit your recording studio like a fine leather glove. LaChapell has designed a line of mic preamps that will give your recording the rich sonic characteristics that can only be coaxed out of a tube circuit. These all-tube designs feature a gain structure that allow you to obtain a sound ranging from pristine and transparent to warm vintage, with just a twist of an input and output knob. What makes the LaChapell tone so unique and musical (from a technical and philosophical point of view)?

Aside from the obligatory obsession that you will find from most "boutique" builders when it comes to component selection, you will undoubtedly appreciate the fact that you can also request a Telefunken or Amprex tube as a way to get even more flexibility from his products.

Add to that what is probably the coolest lighted LED toggle switches that you can find on any piece of outboard equipment and of interesting note, LaChapell rack mount gear uses hand-wound transformers to create a power supply that has a true 250V DC rail, which provides the best possible performance from tube circuits.

If you’re one of the many professional engineers who requested the EQ section of the LaChapell 583e to be offered as a separate 500-series EQ module, or simply want one of the most musically useful EQs ever built, your wishes have been answered with the LaChapell Model 503 EQ. For more information, call or chat with an RSPE representative today.

Don’t forget to check out RSPE’s Rack Revolution, a virtual 500-series rack builder that lets you custom-configure the perfect 500-series lunchbox for your studio, DAW, or mobile recording rig. RSPE carries every 500-series module imaginable, including mic preamps, compressor-limiters, equalizers, and 500 power racks.

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