LaChapell Audio 583S MKII 500-series Tube Mic Preamp

LaChapell Audio 583S MKII 500-series Tube Mic Preamp

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LaChapell Audio 583S MKII 500-series Tube Mic Preamp

The world’s first 500 series vacuum tube preamplifier featuring TrueTube 250V Power to supply the needed 250V fot proper headroom and harmonics that characterize that classic tube sound.

The LaChapell Audio 583S mk2 is the latest example of the legendary 583 vacuum tube preamplifier for the 500 series format. The 583s was the first ever tube mic preamp for the 500 series. It is extremely versatile, allowing a wide range of sonic options from clean to harmonically rich. It’s great for use on almost any source with almost any mic.

Every component on the LaChapell 583S MK2 was carefully selected for sonic perfection from the Cinemag input transformer to the Jensen output transformer.

With dual drive knobs to separately drive the input and output, the 583S provides total flexibility to explore a broad sonic palette enhancing its versatility for all of your recordings. Leaning on the input stage, the 583S MK2 delivers vintage style tube warmth. The more you drive the input, the more harmonics are introduced. Backing off on the input but increasing the output results in gorgeous clean tones with some weight provided by the Cinemag and Jensens transformers.

An essential 500 series module for the modern professional and project recording studio!

LaChapell 583S Features:

  • First 500 series tube preamp
  • Only 500 series tube preamp with TrueTube™ voltage
  • Cinemag and Jensen transformers
  • Hi-Z input on front panel
  • Dual gain knobs for extreme flexibility and control

Power Supply

The 583S mk2, was built to meet API/VPR certification requirements. Using multiple internal DC/DC converters, the 583’s 12AX7 tube enjoys proper power for both plate (250 volts) and filament (12 volts). Unlike some other tube preamps for the 500 series, we do not starve the tube of voltages in any way. And, since this all occurs within the 583 module, there is no worry of harming your 500 series power supply. The 583S mk2 is also built to be a “good neighbor” to your other 500 series modules. With the exception of the tube access opening, the 583s has an enclosed chassis, which helps direct cooling and prevents any unwanted interference.


The 583s mk2 features the CineMag CMMI-10 microphone input transformer and Jensen’s best line output transformer; the JT-11. Typical preamplifier features are available as well including 48v, a 20 dB pad and polarity reverse. The mk2 also sports an auto-switching, transformer-less Hi-Z input for instruments.


In operation, the user has individual control over the input and output gain stages via 41-position potentiometers. This, like its 992 older brother, provides total flexibility to explore the 583s’ broad sonic pallet; enhancing its versatility for all of your recordings. The new mk2 also includes a convenient handle for easy insertion and removal.

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