Meyer Sound Acheron Studio - Screen Channel Loudspeakers

Meyer Sound Acheron Studio - Screen Channel Loudspeakers

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Meyer Sound’s Acheron Studio - Screen Channel Loudspeakers

Meyer SoundAcheron’s cinema-optimized components are ideal for dub stages

Meyer Sound’s Acheron Studio is a robust Class AB/H amplification, correction filters, and driver-protection circuitry ensure consistent, rock-solid performance, and a self-powered design means installation is plug and play.
Today’s cinema technology offers unprecedented potential for sonic thrills, and a dynamic soundtrack is as important as the action onscreen. Whether you’re creating or playing back cinema sound, rely on the Meyer Sound Acheron system to meet the demands of the state-of-the-art film mix, so the audience hears everything from the softest whisper to room-rattling explosions, exactly as intended.
The Acheron Studio provides the truest translation of the mix from creation through delivery: Acheron’s cinema-optimized components are ideal for dub stages, production and post-production facilities, and theatres of any size. With four full-range models and a subwoofer, there’s a configuration that matches your cinema sound needs.

Acheron 80/100

Acheron 100 and 80 two-way, full-range speakers deliver precise coverage for cinema screen sound channels. Each model is based around Acheron’s signature horn design and 15-inch woofer: The 100 offers 100-degree horizontal coverage, for wider theatres and re-recording stages; while the 80 offers 80-degree horizontal coverage, for narrower theatres and dub stages. Models measure just 21 inches deep, making them ideal for tight behind-screen installs.

Acheron LF

Acheron LF pairs with Acheron 80 and 100 speakers to deliver extended low-frequency headroom and more punch in bigger rooms. Its double-15" cabinet houses the same low-frequency driver found in the Acheron 80 and 100, and pairs perfectly with either model to form a column that places all three in phase alignment.

Acheron Studio

The Acheron Studio is a compact version of the Acheron 80 geared toward smaller theatres, re-recording stages, and post-production facilities. It offers the same fidelity and performance as its larger Acheron siblings and features a convection-cooled amplifier for ultra-quiet operation in studio environments. Acheron Studio integrates seamlessly with Meyer Sound’s HMS family of surround loudspeakers and the Meyer Sound X-800C cinema subwoofer to create complete systems for smaller venues.

Acheron Features

  • High peak power output with ultralow distortion
  • Exceptional fidelity and extended highfrequency performance
  • Constant-Q horn yields uniform response throughout coverage area
  • Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy
  • Seamless integration with HMS-10 surround loudspeakers and X-800C subwoofer

Suggested Applications:

  • Sound design suites
  • Small theatres
  • Custom, private theatres
  • Re-recording stages
  • Mixing for postproduction facilities
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