Meyer Sound Bluehorn System-Full Bandwidth Monitoring

Meyer Sound Bluehorn System-Full Bandwidth Monitoring

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Meyer Sound Bluehorn System-Full Bandwidth Monitoring

Meyer Sound BlueHorn Is A Breakthrough In Full-Bandwidth, Phase-Accurate Monitoring

Meyer Sound’s BlueHorn System unveils a new level of nuance in your mix: The Bluehorn System perfectly preserves phase relationships, faithfully reproducing every timbral detail and three-dimensional ambiance. Response is neutral and transparent, at any output level.

When reproducing complex sounds, pattern relationships matter just as much as amplitude and frequency. Perfectly linear acoustical output requires phase re-alignment of the input signal. But thanks to the laws of physics, even the most accurate acoustic systems have introduced phase anomalies—until now.

Powerful, full-bandwidth monitoring with zero phase shift was once just a theoretical notion. But after six years of extensive research, we’re setting a new benchmark for accuracy in studio monitors: a system that marries acoustic precision and digital modeling to offer completely flat amplitude and phase response across the entire audible frequency spectrum. No tradeoffs, no compromises—just the sound you recorded, exactly as you recorded it.

Measurement traces reveal Bluehorn System’s flat frequency response and unprecedented phase linearity across the audible bandwidth.

Restoring Phase Through DSP

Powerful digital processing is at the heart of The Bluehorn System: Proprietary phase-correcting algorithms model system behavior and restore original relationships, while introducing minimal latency.

Building on Proven Components

Configured as a three-way system, The Bluehorn System incorporates the latest driver, processing, and amplifier technologies from Meyer Sound’s Cinema Series and LEO Family of line array loudspeakers and Galileo GALAXY processors.

Acoustically Optimized

The Bluehorn System is designed with acoustic transparency in mind: Advanced driver mechanics and alignment technology, along with precision tuning, minimize phase anomalies that can color your sound. It all adds up to unprecedented accuracy and detail, like you’ve never heard before.

Meyer Sound Bluehorn System Features

  • Patented digital signal processing algorithms provide full-bandwidth (25 Hz to 22 kHz) phase correction
  • Linear frequency response from 25Hz to 22kHz
  • Replicates the input signal precisely in every dimension: frequency, amplitude, and time relationships between frequencies
  • Consistent and accurate system results—no guess work, because the dedicated Bluehorn 816 processing unit includes all the active correction filters to drive the system.
  • Overall system latency of < 50ms. Notably fast for the amount of processing needed for phase correction down to 25Hz
  • Highly advanced DSP module with proprietary phase-correction algorithms
  • Three-dimensional acoustic ambience well beyond conventional monitoring systems
  • Designed for high-resolution monitoring in mid-sized rooms for music recording, cinema post-production, and mastering
  • Three-way system incorporates the latest driver, processing, and amplifier technologies from Meyer Sound’s Cinema Series, LEO Family line-array loudspeakers, and Galileo GALAXY processors
  • Built for critical monitoring in medium-sized rooms

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