Microtech Gefell UM930 Twin Dual Condenser Microphone

Microtech Gefell UM930 Twin Dual Condenser Microphone

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Microtech Gefell UM 930 Twin Dual Condenser Microphone

The Microtech Gefell UM 930 microphone combines large diaphragm dual-capsules with the latest in semiconductor circuit design, creating a switchable pattern mic of the highest quality.

The Microtech Gefell The UM 930 Twin is a special version of the UM 930 multipattern FET condenser. Both mics feature twin large-diaphragm “M930” capsules; however the Twin provides a separate output (via 5-pin XLR) for each capsule. The front capsule is always a cardioid pattern while the back capsule has a selectable pattern allowing this microphone to record the same source with two pickup patterns, simultaneously.

The behavior of the pattern-selection switch for the rear capsule is unusual, in that for four of its five patterns, it causes the output of the “rear” channel to be a mix of the front and back capsules. For example, when set to Omni, the “rear” channel would output the in-phase combination of the front and rear capsules’ outputs. When set to Figure-8, the “rear” channel would output the out-of-phase combination of the two capsules. Hypercardioid and wide-cardioid patterns can be achieved by similar combinations of the two capsules’ outputs, although the level of the rear capsule’s output is lowered — implying the presence of some sort of mixing circuitry within the Twin.

For the fifth pickup pattern (Cardioid), the “rear” output will deliver only the output of the rear capsule. Curiously, this mode allows the engineer to produce any of the mic’s five pickup patterns in post-production — simply by combining the two capsules’ tracks at varying volumes and phase settings.

The mic is available in three finishes and three configurations. Finishes include satin nickel, dark bronze, and 24K gold.

Optional accessories include: foam windscreen, popscreen, elastic suspension mounts, solid mic holders, and cables.

UM 930 Top Features:

  • One microphone records two separate polar patterns simultaneously
  • Large diaphragm dual-capsule
  • Cardioid front pattern
  • Rear selected by switch ring: omni, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, fig-8
  • Continuous control of variable polar pattern from the mixing console or PC using separate signal outputs
  • Exceptional dynamic range
  • Equivalent noise level 7 dBA
  • Transformerless output
  • Elastic capsule suspension
  • Satin nickel / dark bronze finish

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Featureslarge diaphragm dual-capsule switchable: omni, wide cardioid, cardioid, hyper cardioid, figure 8 exceptional dynamic range equivalent noise level 7 dBA transformerless output elastic capsule suspension continuous control of variable polar patter
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