Millennia STT-1 Origin Channel Strip

Millennia STT-1 Origin Channel Strip

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Millennia STT-1 Origin Channel Strip

Twin Topology Channel Strip Featuring HV-3 discrete hybrid solid state microphone preamplifier and M-2 vacuum tube microphone preamplifier, NSEQ four-band parametric EQ, selectable via vacuum tube -or- discrete solid state audio topology, and TCL opto-compressor/limiter/de-esser, selectable via vacuum tube, solid state, or non-amplifier topology.

The STT-1 Origin is a collection of Millennia's essential product line combined into one box. You might call it our "greatest hits" compilation. The STT-1 is a single channel (mono) processing chain with various signal path topologies (vacuum tubes, discrete transistors, audio transformer, transformerless) all selectable at various functions. The STT-1 offers an entirely discrete, entirely Class-A direct signal path from input to output. The signal path can be variously selected to use vacuum tubes or transistors, transformer or non-transformer coupling. The STT-1 also offers additional monolithic utility outputs. There are (yes, we counted) at least 134 different product combinations available in the STT-1 Origin — ranging from the most musically transparent, sonically accurate, and dynamically stable audio circuits, to sublime levels of vacuum tube and transformer 'euphony', and everything in between. The possibilities afforded the creative engineer, producer, and musician are virtually endless.

Millennia STT-1 Features:

  • Twin Mic Preamps — M-2B vacuum tube or HV-3 discrete solid state
  • Twin NSEQ-2 Mastering-Grade Parametric EQs — vacuum tube or discrete solid state
  • Three Opto Compressor/Limiter Paths — TCL vacuum tube, discrete solid state, passive
  • Twin Opto De-Esser Paths — vacuum tube or discrete solid state
  • Vacuum tube or discrete solid state line level paths
  • Input coupling with or without MIT-01 audio transformer
  • 1/4” vacuum tube DI input — route via tube or solid state gain path
  • Effortless, lifelike musical performance at all levels
  • Musically rich vacuum tubes available
  • Gold audio connectors, tube sockets, relays and switches
  • 3/8“ thick radius extruded aluminum face plate
  • Durable black mirror-gloss anodized finish
  • Mil spec 16 gauge cold-rolled steel chassis
  • Ultra-clean toroid power supply: internal sub-chassis
  • Hand machined aluminum knobs, illuminated IT&T pushbuttons
  • Mogami Neglex OFC audio wiring
  • Silver Teflon power wiring
  • True audio VU meter for output level or dynamics gain reduction

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