Mutec REF10 SE120 Reference Master Clock

Mutec REF10 SE120 Reference Master Clock

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Mutec REF10 SE120 Reference Master Clock

The Ultimate • Audiophile 10MHz reference master clock generator with ultimately-low phase noise of -120 dBc measured at 1 Hz offset from the carrier frequency of 10 MHz.

The Mutec The REF10 SE120 Reference Master Clock is a special version of the successful audiophile reference clock generator REF10 that Mutec have further enhanced in terms of signal performance. The exceptional quality of the original REF10 has been confirmed many times since its launch in 2017 – in numerous reviews from specialized magazines and through enthusiastic user feedback. A clock generator from MUTEC significantly increases the quality of digital music playback, even and especially with demanding high‑end systems and studio installations. Because it provides the foundation for perfect signal processing in a digital audio chain: the extremely low‑noise reference clock.

The "tuning" variant REF10 SE120 outperforms the original model REF10 in this regard considerably. A clearly measurable advantage is the result of a special feature of the REF10 SE120: its much more elaborately manufactured and selected oven‑controlled quartz oscillator (OCXO). This oscillator is selected according to the strictest standards in test procedures lasting many hours with the help of exceptionally precise and expensive measuring technology. The use of such an outstanding oscillator is responsible for the fact that the REF10 SE120 from MUTEC currently delivers - to our knowledge - the lowest phase noise, respectively jitter values in the industry. This outstanding technical performance has a noticeable impact on the sonic result. Precision, transparency, spatiality and dynamics of the musical presentation reach an unprecedented level and will inspire you!

Like the proven REF10, the optimized REF10 SE120 is extremely flexible. Because of its versatile connectivity this MUTEC clock generator can be successfully integrated in a wide variety of configurations while maintaining an easy way of operation. If you want to maximize the sound potential of your compatible DA converter, music server or audio re‑clocker in every respect, you need the REF10 SE120 from MUTEC!

Mutec REF120 SE120 key features:

  • 10 MHz reference master clock generator with ultimately low phase noise of ‑120 dBc at 1 Hz
  • Improves and enhances compatible DACs, audio re‑clockers, music servers and master clocks
  • Engineered around an elaborately manufactured and selected OCXO made in Germany with outstanding low noise
  • Generates a very high slew‑rate square wave signal for superior lock precision
  • Provides simultaneous reference outputs with 50 Ω and 75 Ω impedance for maximum compatibility with audio components by other manufacturers
  • Eight galvanically isolated, individually switchable BNC clock outputs
  • Sub‑Hz optimized, lowest noise power supply for every circuit section
  • Integrated highest quality international linear power supply
  • Highly efficient power line filtering
  • Intuitive user interface with noble appearance
  • Rack‑mountable for studio use with optional mounting brackets (2 RU)

Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock Applications

  • Ultimate audiophile performance enhancement for compatible DACs, master clocks and re‑clockers by any other brand
  • Ultra‑low noise high stability clock reference for the entire digital audio chain at home or in the studio
  • Ideal high‑end upgrade for MUTEC’s own MC‑3+, MC‑3+USB, and iClock/iClock dp master clocks
  • Stabilization of existing audio video clock generators

The Story of the REF 10

Currently available digital converters, master clocks, and audio re-clockers perform acceptably when reproducing or processing digital audio. Even so, MUTEC felt that existing solutions fall short of delivering the full potential of audio productions. In Mutec's commitment to advancing the state of the art and science they set out to investigate the possibilities to further enhance the performance of digital audio systems. To do so, Mutec recruited one of Germany’s most renowned RF engineers to join their R&D team. Together they developed a master clock generator with a technical performance beyond what was thought could be possible. The effects of the technical performance were then verified by a group of experience audiophile beta testers to ensure that the high-end performance translates to best-in-class sound.

The final result of Mutec's extensive efforts is the REF 10: a superior 10 MHz reference master clock and Mutec's first Empyreal Class product combining uncompromising engineering with the beauty of simplicity and the utmost clock precision.

Debunking the "Atomic" Myth

Mutec's research has shown that the high clock stability of so-called "atomic clocks" based on a rubidium or cesium oscillator is limited to the long-term time domain. This long-term stability refers to the amount the absolute clock frequency (10 MHz, or 10 million cycles per second, in this case) drifts over time. While this long-term stability may be useful for some telecommunications applications, it is essentially irrelevant for digital audio purposes. Ultimately, it is the timing from one sample to another as a digital audio stream is transferred from one device to another that needs to be as precise as possible for best sound quality. Fluctuations in short-term stability are measured as jitter or phase-noise and are central to the audiophile performance of any digital audio device.

In contrast to these "atomic clocks" then, the REF 10 is engineered around MUTEC's handcrafted, oven-controlled oscillator (OCXO) made in Germany, featuring highest clock stability in the time domain relevant for audiophile digital audio performance.

Exceptional Design

A well laid-out main power supply constitutes the basis for exceptional high-end products. To meet this requirement, Mutec specifically designed for the REF 10 a dual linear power supply based on a German made toroidal transformer. It provides a dedicated transformer winding for the sensitive OCXO that is completely isolated form the surrounding circuit. Networks of lowest-ESR (equivalent series resistance) capacitors made by Panasonic ensure best interference suppression for the supply voltages. Hereafter, sub-Hz optimized, lowest-noise voltage sources arranged in multiple stages independently supply every part of the circuit to avoid mutual interference. However, for the heart of the REF 10, MUTEC’s handcrafted OCXO, they had to go even further. They developed a dedicated power source of such incredibly low noise that even Mutec's engineers themselves were amazed by the noise figures and the resulting oscillator performance they ultimately achieved. Consequently, Mutec then developed unique ultra-low noise clock distribution and amplification circuits, which successfully transfer the oscillator’s reference signal to the REF 10’s eight outputs with virtually no losses.

A Perfect Clock. Empyreal Sound

MUTEC’s Empyreal Class is a commitment to HiFi in its most sophisticated form. This series combines uncompromising engineering with the beauty of simplicity and utmost precision. Apart from exceptional sound performance these products feature a streamlined interface with fewer parameters and user-friendly operation. Just like any Empyreal Class product, the REF 10 is an investment in highest audio quality "Made in Germany" - an aspiration reflected by an extended manufacturer-guaranteed warranty of three years.

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