Neve 1073LB Mono Mic Preamp module

Neve 1073LB Mono Mic Preamp module

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Neve 1073LB Mic Pre Module 500 Series

A compact version of the classic 1073 mic preamp, the 1073LB Mic Pre rack module brings authentic Neve sound to the more affordable 500-series format

While the Neve 1073LB is a 500-series modular preamp, Neve is no stranger to modular design. The original Neve 10 series, which included the 1073, 1066, 1081, and 1084, were designed as input modules for the Neve 80-series consoles. First launched in 1970, the 1073 mic pre, noted for it’s big, punchy, larger-than-life sound, still remains the first-choice of leading producers and artists. And now, the Neve 1073LB 500-series module delivers the same unique Neve sound—found on some of the most famous recordings of the past 40 years—to the more affordable 500 series format. From rock to pop, hip-hop to rap, thrash to classical, the AMS Neve 1073LB Mic Pre Module complements any and all musical genres.

1073LB Mic Pre Module unique features:

  • Front combi-XLR connector with intelligent switching of phantom power
  • Audio Processing Insert design allows processing from adjacent Neve 500 modules, such as the 1073LB EQ and 2264A LB to be inserted into the 1073LB's pre-output stage

1073LB Mic Pre Module key features:

  • Classic transformer microphone preamp amp (Class A design)
  • Neve-designed, hand-wound transformers
  • Both Mic and Line inputs are transformer balanced and earth free
  • Gain knob with Signal Presence LED
  • +5/-20dB level Trim control with integrated phantom power on/off switch
  • Phase, impedance and front input selector switches
  • Microphone Input: Gain -80db to -20dB in 5dB steps
  • Line Input: Input impedance 4k ohms bridging, gain -20dB to +10dB in 5dB steps
  • Output is transformer balanced and earth free
  • Distortion: Not more than 0.07% from 50Hz to 10kHz at +20dBu output (80kHz bandwidth)
  • Freq Response: ±0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz, -3dB at 40kHz
  • Crafted in England by Neve engineers

Inside The Box

Built by Neve engineers to exacting specifications in a purpose-built facility in England, the 1073LB Mic Pre module retains the sonic characteristics of the original 1073 classic microphone pre-amplifier by using the same architecture, matching components, and original hand-wound transformers. In order to maintain the integrity of the original Neve 1073 design for the 500-series format, Neve divided the 1073 into two modules, the 1073LB, which is a preamp only, and the 1073LB EQ, which is the EQ section of the 1073. When combined, you get the full functionality and sound of the classic 1073, plus some very useful new features, such as a fine Trim control; switchable microphone input impedance; signal presence LED; and intelligent-protected switching of front XLR/TRS combi-jack input connector.

The 1073LB also features Neve's Audio Processing Insert* design, where processing from adjacent modules in the same lunchbox can be inserted into the 1073LB's pre-output stage. This means, for example, that a 1073LB EQ module can become a true insert, rather than simply forming the end of an audio chain. The 1073LB Mic Pre takes your 500-series Lunchbox to the next level.

* Note — The Neve 1073LB has two versions: Issue 1 and Issue 2. Setting up an older Issue 1 1073LB for insert processing requires opening the side panel and soldering a connecting cable. Issue 2 1073LB can be set to insert processing by setting a rear-panel DIP switch.

Outside The Box

Physically smaller than the old 10-series 1073, the 500-series 1073LB flies the classic Neve colors. The front panel controls include a two-color signal LED, which indicates input signal level. It lights green between -25dB and +26dB and red at +26dB or higher. Gain for line input ranges from -20dB to +10dB in 5dB steps, while the mic input gain runs from -20dB to -80dB for the mic input (with a center position
between the 50dB and 55dB steps). If the Gain control is set to a Mic Gain position with phantom power applied, and later switched to Line Gain setting, the phantom power will automatically be switched off. Phantom power is not available when the gain control is set to a Line Gain value.

There are three buttons on the front panel, which include Lo-Z, Phase, and FR I/P. The Lo-Z button (transformer-coupled stage) selects between 1200 ohm (Hi-Z) or 300 ohm (Lo-Z) input impedance. With this button pressed, the adjacent LED will light yellow and low impedance will be applied to the incoming mic signal. The Phase button inverts the phase of the signal. The third front-panel button, labeled
FR I/P, selects the input signal from the front connector of the unit to be used (Mic or Line) rather than the input on the rear of the Lunchbox unit. Its LED indicator will light green when the Front Input is selected. 
Selecting (or de-selecting) FR I/P will also turn off the phantom power if it is active at the time. Phantom power is turned on or off by pressing the Trim control.
The +48v LED, which is just below the green FR I/P LED, will light red to show when phantom power is in the circuit. And finally, the Trim control is a -20dB/+5dB pot with a 0dB center detent. Trim affects both the Mic and Line input. Its signal is fed into a transformer-balanced Class A output stage.

The rear panel of the 1073LB has two unique features, which are the INS Link (Insert link) connector and Switch Block. The Insert Link is used when a 1073LB Mic Pre module uses an adjacent AMS Neve module as a true audio insert across it (for example, the 1073LB EQ [Link]) and both modules are set to work in Insert mode. A cable that links the two modules together is supplied with the module you wish to use as the insert. The Switch Block (found on Issue 2 units only)
sets the module for insert use. While there are many imitators, there is only one Neve, and the 1073LB is one of the most cost-effective ways to add the classic, authentic Neve sound to your system. Plus, you can always add EQ later. And with new features, such as variable input impedance, and combi-XLR connector, Neve has delivered a preamp that raises the bar for the 500 Series format.

Who’s Using Neve:

Seriously? There are only two kinds of people in pro audio: Those who use Neve, and those who wish they could.

About AMS Neve

With a reputation for creating the world’s sweetest sounding and longest-lasting analog and digital consoles, the most discerning artists, producers, and facility owners regard AMS Neve products as number one for desirability on their equipment list, and have done for the past fifty years.

AMS Neve is a dedicated, engineering-led and privately owned company whose continuing mission is to provide the best possible sound, capability, and operational experience for the most creative people in the world—whether for film, recorded music, or TV and broadcast. All AMS Neve products are designed and built in England in a purpose-built, integrated facility.

Recognized by all the premier bodies in the various fields of music, TV, and film, Neve products and their designers have been honored by two Scientific and Engineering Academy Awards, an Emmy, and a Grammy, amongst many others.

AMS Neve has pioneered a very large number of groundbreaking techniques in the industry, including hard disk editing, digital console technology, digital audio for film, microprocessor-controlled effects units, and standards such as MADI. In the transient world of short product life cycles, AMS Neve’s products stand the test of time.

Put a Neve 1073LB into an empty slot in your compatible 500-series rack, connect your microphone or line level device, and inject the legendary Neve sound into your audio creations. For more information, call or chat with an RSPE representative today.

This product is also available as part of the RSPE Demo 4 Free & Rental Program, click here to see the rental product page.
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FeaturesClassic transformer microphone preamp amp (Class A design) Neve designed hand-wound transformers Both Mic and Line inputs are transformer balanced and earth free Gain knob with Signal Presence LED +5/-20dB level Trim control with integrated phantom powe
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