Neve 1073OPX 8-Channel Mic/Line Preamp

Neve 1073OPX 8-Channel Mic/Line Preamp

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Neve 1073OPX 8-Channel Mic/Line Preamp

Eight Legendary 1073® remote-controlled Preamps with Marinair® Transformers in a 2U rack, can be outfitted with Optional Digital Card to provide a USB and Dante AD/DA interface.

The Neve 1073OPX continues the 1073® pedigree, packing eight legendary preamps into a 2U rack unit. The 1073OPX is an eight-channel Microphone, Line,and Instrument preamplifier featuring Marinair® transformer-coupled microphone preamplifiers. Housed in a 2 unit 19" rackmount enclosure with an optional digital interface, the 1073OPX is the ideal preamp for any studio setup, allowing engineers, producers, and artists to expand their recording capabilities and access the legendary Neve sound once only achievable at the world’s premier studios.

The 1073OPX DI Input is a transformer-less Class-A design offering +30 to +60dB of gain with front-mounted dual concentric inputs for instrument connection.

This fully digitally controlled preamplifier has Total Recall™ capability via the proprietary 1073OPX remote control software. All of the 1073OPX settings and controls can be adjusted directly from the front panel or remotely byusing the Neve® Remote-Control software installed onto a connected MAC or PC computer. This provides a simple and elegant solution for users of DAW, Broadcast, or Live sound reinforcement systems.

Up to eight 1073OPX units can be connected to the remote-control computer, giving up to 64Mic Preamplifiers, Line Level,or DI inputs, all controlled from a single point. The unit always powers up with all settings, levels and states as they were at power-down.

The optional Digital Card enables the device to be used as a Dante enabled Audio-over-IP preamplifier with both Primary and Secondary network capability. The optional digital I/O card comes with Neve’s industry-revered mastering-grade converters with up to 192kHz/24-Bit A/D conversion over USB connection for use as a Primary Audio Interface to any connected DAW-enabled computer.

A unique feature of the 1073OPX is its analogue and digital monitor return path. This feature allows the device to be used as an analogue monitoring system feeding studio loudspeakers, cue mix systems as a primary audio interface with complete I/O for any MAC/PC DAW enabled computer. The 1073OPX’s analogue and digital monitor signal path allows use as a complete standalone I/O interface or as a live room remote preamp with a full, latency-free monitoring cue mix signal path.

Neve 1073OPX Features

  • 8 Channels of remote-controlled 1073 Mic/Line/Instrument Preamplifiers.
  • Exclusive Neve® Marinair® transformers on Microphone input.
  • Class-A transformer-less DI input
  • Remote control software can control up to 8 1073® OPX racks at a time (64 preamps!)
  • Automatic Total Recall™ of all settings.
  • Front Mic/Line combi input
  • Rear Mic/Line D-Type connection
  • 80Hz High pass filter
  • -25dB pad
  • Phase flip
  • Smart Phantom Power control
  • Hi/Lo Impedance selector from 300Ω to 1.3KΩ
  • Separate stereo monitor path with Independent level control
  • Latency-free monitoring of all signal sources
  • Eight front D.I inputs for instrument tracking
  • Front mounted Headphone output
  • Digital Option containing:
  • USB connection for use as standalone primary audio interface/core audio device.
  • Dante Primary and Secondary connection for Audio-over-IP application.
  • Word Clock Sync In/Out
  • electable Headroom from +18, +24, +26dB

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