Peluso 22 47 Vacuum Tube Microphone

Peluso 22 47 Vacuum Tube Microphone

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Peluso 22 47 Vacuum Tube Microphone

The classic sound of the legendary Neumann U-47 for a fraction of the price

The Peluso 22 47 vacuum tube microphone is a large diaphragm condenser microphone styled after the legendary "Neumann U-47". The Peluso 22 47 is equipped with a glass triode tube, to match the original U-47 glass style tube, which was modified by 1970's German radio to conform to broadcast standards. This tube helps the 22 47 achieve its high gain and low noise floor. Professional engineers enjoy great success with the 22 47 for a wide range of applications, due to its smooth sound, high gain and low noise floor. The 22 47 is paired with the Peluso MX-56 power supply. The dual sided capsule in the 22 47 enable the power supply to feature 9 polar patterns in an array from omni-directional to cardioid to figure eight.

The 22 47 features our heavy-duty 8-pin screw on cable connector. The large diameter pins in the screw on connector give a tight and secure cable connection designed to perform for a lifetime of use.

Acoustically matched pairs available upon special request.

Microphone kit comes as a complete system including: 22 47 Microphone in a Wood Box, Power Supply, New-style 8-Pin Screw on Cable Assembly, and a Shock Mount all packed in a Flight Case. Peluso tubes are thoroughly tested and fully covered by our 3-year warranty.

Comparing the 22 47, 22 47 LE and 22 47 SE:

All of the microphones in Peluso's 22 47 line are styled after the vintage Neumann U-47. This legendary microphone, manufactured in the 1950s and 60s, was revered for its clear sound, smooth and warm mid range, balanced high end and great body. The U-47 was used extensively during the recordings of the Beatles music and has continued to be used in countless well-known recordings since. Neumann discontinued production of this model when Telefunken ceased production of its key component, the metal VF 14 tube. Peluso's 22 47 LE model is supplied with a German vintage tube from this era. Peluso have worked for years to acquire a supply of these rare tubes and are proud to offer a microphone with this true vintage tube. With their 22 47 SE model Peluso are able to offer the same sonic quality with an American style metal tube, which are available in larger quantities. This allows Peluso to provide the sonic qualities of a "47" microphone with a lower price. The only discernible difference in sound between these two models is a 2 dB quieter noise floor on the SE model. The Peluso 22 47 model is based on a modification to the original U-47 for German Radio broadcast standards in the 1970s incorporating a glass triode tube. Carefully selected components, thorough testing, and attention to detail all come together making these some of our most popular microphones.
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