Quested V3110 MkII 3-Way Active Studio Monitor (Single)

Quested V3110 MkII 3-Way Active Studio Monitor (Single)

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Quested V3110 MkII 3-Way Active Studio Monitor (Single)

Quested's most powerful active monitor, the V2108 is a 3-way midfield monitor that pushes 1000W of power!

The Quested V3110 MkII is a 3-Way active stuido monitor designed for use in near to midfield applications. The V3110 is Quested's most powerful active monitor and, because of its 1000 watts of class AB and class D amplification, it is one of the most powerful in its class. The three way design of the V3110 and the utilization of the soft dome mid and high frequency drivers along with the custom 10″ low frequency driver mean that the V3110 truly can deliver for the most demanding of material with a flat response down to 30Hz.

The successor to the VS3208, a favorite with the dance and remix fraternity, the V3110 has been able to improve on the low end performance whilst maintaining that precision of the VS3208. Producing a very linear response along with the capability of high SPL the V3110 is also a favorite of the scoring community. Delivering a dynamic and very natural sound stage with a response all the way down to the lower register of a church organ the V3110 is the flagship product of the powered monitors from Quested.

Quested V Series Studio Monitors

Chosen by both professionals and passionate producers of music, the Quested V Series sets a benchmark and encompasses the true standards of a studio monitor. Quested's no compromise approach to the development and evolution of the V Series means that the line continues to evolve and improve with updated transducer and amplification designs. V Series offers Quested’s quality and signature in a complete nearfield range that stays true to a heritage of solid engineering and bespoke class AB amplification. Silk soft dome high frequency drivers are matched to the various low frequency drive units available in the range (8”, 10"), to fulfill the most demanding of near field monitoring needs.

As with all Quested products, the V Series is hand built by a small dedicated team in England.

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