RSPE Audio Showroom / Demo Facility

The ability to hear the product that you are considering is probably the most important part of any equipment decision. If you are in the Los Angeles area, coming to our showroom may be the best way to test out new gear before making your purchase.


The ASC Attack Wall system provides the ultimate listening environment and allows you to hear the speakers without the architechtural influences associated with just about any room. After outfitting numerous professional recording studios with ASC’s AttackWall environment, we just couldn’t stand it any longer, we had to have our own systems to enable our customers to really HEAR the products that they are considering in the best possible acoustic environment.


We warmly inviite you to come and hear your next speakers in our showroom. Bring a Pro Tools mix or your favorite medium and make your decision in the perfect and relaxing environment. Call us for an appointment or stop by, we’ll save an espresso for you! Want to find out more about the ASC Attack Wall System, read more...


Hearing is Believing

Whether you are in Los Angeles or anywhere across the country, you may just need to ‘check it out’. Our clients have access to a wide variety of the latest and hottest gear. Give us a call, make a friend, we’ll do our best to get you what you need so that you can take it back to your studio!

"We've all been chasing room acoustics forever. Most of us have resorted to using near field speaker systems to compensate for the effect of the room. Regardless, it seems that the room always comes into play and we just can't figure out whether it’s the speakers or the room that’s impacting the mix. I’ve been using Tube Traps and the Attack Wall Environment for years. It consistently allows me to mix with the same, incredible accuracy wherever I go or whatever I mix.

The Attack Wall Environment has solved a huge problem in what we hear…. I am supremely confident in the translation of every mix!"

Gary Lux
Amanda Ply, Janet Jackson, Colbie Caillat, Keith Urban, Usher, Frank Sinatra, Sting

"To put it simply, the ASC Attack Wall delivers all the music, and none of the room. RSPE Audio's demonstration room was completely transformed after the installation of the Attack Wall and the results are simply astonishing! We have listened to our SM9 Studio monitor in the best rooms in the US and we haven't encountered a better environment to experience our flagship speaker."


Simon Cote
Focal Professional
North American Sales Manager // Pro Audio


Want to demo a particular piece of gear or compare multiple speaker models? We're here to help.